To All of Those Who Reviewed, Favorite'd, and Followed my Story:

I would like to apologize to all of you. Since November of last year, I have been going through a lot of things. (If you would like those reasons, they are on my profile page). But last month, in April it was the most devastating for me.

I work at a library putting up books. (Yes, they actually hire people to put up books.) There were several openings that I applied for. The first one was a full-time Library Assistant job. I didn't get it based on the fact someone else who had seniority at my work place got it instead. Then my bosses (I actually have two) took my application and gave it to another branch in another city. I didn't get that one either. (I really didn't want it either. They sent it over without my permission.) Then another position opened and I applied for that. This time my boss (the Head boss) didn't even give me an interview and told me over the phone that they chose someone else. I was devastated. I was pissed off. I was bitter, angry, mad, irked, and all around not happy with my workplace. Do you want to know what's worse? This all happened in one week.

Also on April 30th, I was sick. My stomach ached terribly, I had severe nausea, I felt hot, and I felt sick. I went to a doctor's office (every month I have to go and get labs done for my diet) and they had to draw blood from me. (Also remember I was nauseated.) I was paler than a ghost and the nurse had little sympathy for my cries (she casually gave me the trash can….really?) because it made me just want to throw up even worse. This office didn't have an appointment until 3:15 pm with the doctor. It was 11:00 am. I just told my mom to take me to the ER and she did. After four and half hours of X-rays, CT scans, forcefully getting urine from me, and drawing more blood from me, they found out three things. I had the 24 hour Stomach Bug, I had constipation, and an ovarian cyst that was 4 inches big. No, that was not a fun day at the ER.

But the most upsetting thing happened to me on April 7th, 2014. I lost my cat, Lucky to kidney failure. To make matters worse, he was only three years old and I had to put him down to sleep. He was so young. I noticed he was throwing up a lot and would puke up nothing. My mother and I took him to the vet. I remember that morning. I had him in my arms and I was so happy but I came home later with a box. I was heartbroken and numb for several days. Even to this day, I cry about it. It hurts. Some people will not understand my pain but all I can tell you was…it was like losing a child. I lost my baby. He wasn't some animal, some pet, or some cat to me. He was my baby boy that I was supposed to take care of. But, I know that I will see him again and that is what matters most.

In good news, I am starting back up. I have outlines for chapters four, five, and even six. Even ideas for future chapters. Just…give me time and patience.

Like I said before, thanks for all the reviews, favorites, and follows. They help me want to continue. They give me power to write on. So please review, it does help.

With pleasure,

Hyre Sanctum

P.S. If you would like to get the full story of my cat, Lucky go to my Tumblr or Deviantart account. They are under the name, HyreSanctum. (Also the links are on my profile towards the bottom of my page.)

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