eremika prompt: fight. Sorry for layout, had to upload on iPod touch. Was a pain. I ship these two so hard .

He always knew she was a fighter. Back then,hands had gripped the handle tightly,eyes set in grim determination as she disposed of the vermin with one smooth strike. Even after, when he had given her a home-later to have it torn from their clutches-she swore to keep on was an oath, a promise. And she never was one to back down. That was why, when Mikasa returned from the barracks,Eren instantly knew what had happened. Still, the teen asked her what happened,keen on hearing her side of the story.

"These girls were talking about you," she replied evenly, a mixture of awe and incredulity swirling in the others orbs. He moved his hand,fingers touching her cheek. No bruises marred her face, this was a verbal attack. His thumb glossed over her skin,reveling in the texture. Enjoying the closeness,she pressed on. "Of course I tried to ignore it, but it got out of hand and..well." Eyes averted from the boy. Usually it was him getting into fights,not her. This was not dignified of a young lady like herself. But screw dignity. Those murmers just had to be quieted.

Mikasa shifted on the bed, crossing her legs. At this level of intimacy, she could really see him. Tousled brown hair, large green eyes, pale lips,rugged cheekbones... He definately wasn't hard on the eyes. Eren wasn't so built as the other guys, but she could still see the muscles peeking out from under his shirt. Oddly enough, the fight started because of his looks. He didn't know it-was much too focused on fighting to ever notice- but he was the object of many girls affections. They found his passion, his desire to kill all titans! Intriguing. Mikasa had listened to her nu images chatter about the titan-shifter, inwardly smirking.

I'm the closest to him. He wouldn't like any of you anyways.

The topic suddenly took a dangerous route.

"I heard he's a monster."

"In bed."

Hands curled,face flipper foward. The girl instantly backed down,fright etched on her face. "I'm sorry," she squeaked. Mikasa gave her the coldest stare she could muster,before heading out to look for the offending boy. She found him sitting on his bed,lazily poking at the wall. He darted up when he saw her, moving to greet her in a flurry if questions.

And now they were here.

"You shouldn't have done this," Eren replied,after she fnally let on what happened. His brows were knitted with worry. "This type of irresponsibility usually comes from me, not you."

Mikasa smirked at that. Finally, Eren admitted it. "I couldn't let them damage your pride." He grunted in response,tracing the corner of her chin.

"What did they say, exactly?"

"Eren," the Oriental deadpanned. "You know people are interested in you." His eyebrows rose. "Not like that. Like... Non-platonic. They just said some unacceptable things, that's all. I set it straight." Eren stopped,momentarily frozen. She wondered if it was something she said. A flicker of the eyes reassured her, as he finally spoke.

"It's okay,Mikasa. It doesn't matter. Besides, there's only one person I'm interested in." Green orbs burned into her.

Her heart soared at the implication. She was his. He wanted her.

"Mmm. And who might this be?" Better continue the playful flirting. Her eyes flitted to his lips. He seemed to get the message. Taking her hand,Eren leaned in. His breath ghosted over here. He closed the distance; connecting their lips. She could taste the passion, the resolve. Hands travelled to his chest,pressing against him. He responded by locating the small of her back, securing a firm grip. They continued this act of desire, hungrily seeking more.

Eren was the first to move away, needing air. Mikasa followed, a light blush dotting her cheeks. That felt good.

When he finally regained breath, he spoke. "You," he answered firmly, a small smile tugging at the corners. He scooted closer to her. She put her hand in his lap,silently marveling his strong body. Fingers ran through her hair absentmindedly as Eren rested his head, humming thoughtfully.