Chapter twenty four

After Harry left with the aurors, Charlie sat beside the glass cot and not once did he take his eyes of his daughter, not until the alarm sounded which announced somewhere had stepped through the enchantments. Carter as normal stood in front of the glass cot wand in hand, Charlie beside him, Alice stayed sitting but she also had her wand in her hand, Molly and Arthur stood to the side of the kitchen with their wands ready. George, Angelina and Lee hurried into the house but noticed that no one lowered their wands.

'Sorry about this but we have to check then we'll explain,' Carter said, 'Charlie stay right in front of your daughter while I make sure it's them.'

'Do it Carter,' Charlie said as he moved to his right until he was blocking Lily from view.

'What's going on?' George stared around.

'It a moment George,' Arthur said, 'Just stay still and let Carter check you three over then we'll explain.'

Everyone watched as the old ex auror perform his charms before nodded then he moved back to Lily.

'Sorry, but Bill and Percy were here before only it wasn't really them,' Arthur said.

'Oh merlin, is Bill and Percy okay?'

'Fine George, hurt but okay, they're in St Mungo's, we're going after we get news from the aurors and Harry.'

'Harry, where is he?' Angelina asked.

'He went with the aurors, long story, but Harry's got a magical creature connected to him, a thought serpent. He dug his fangs into the Lestrange, found out where all the death eaters were but they had strong enchantments protecting them. Harry said if his fangs stayed in the temple of one of the men then he could control his thoughts or speech, so he's gone with them to get them through the enchantments,' Arthur explained, 'So sit down and have some tea while we wait.'

'I met everyone else, but I have not met this one,' Carter pointed at Lee with his wand.

'Lee Jordon, good friend and the one that came up with Potterwatch,' George said, 'Lee, this is Carter Spencer, an ex auror Harry hired to be Lily's body guard.'

'How you doing,' Lee nodded and got a nod back, 'So again Harry's going to save the day?'

'He better not,' Charlie said.

'Charlie made Harry promise to stay out of it, Harry said he will unless there's no choice, he's even going to stay a snake and hide in the grass, Gawain Robards suggested that. But we all know Harry, if fighting starts he won't hide, he'll fight,' Molly said as she placed tea on the table then took cups over to Carter, Alice and Charlie.

'So you're all just sitting around waiting to hear what's going on,' Angelina said but stared at Charlie, 'It's a wonder you didn't go with Harry.'

'I wanted to, but Harry made me promise to stay with Lily, he didn't want Lily to lose both her parents,' Charlie stared at his daughter, 'But your daddy better come back angel or so help me…' Charlie never finished as Kingsley and Harry walked into the house, Harry bleeding from his neck, Kingsley's sleeve was torn and his arm was also bleeding, 'Harry, what happened?' Charlie raced over to him.

'The fight was fierce, I had to help, but I'm fine, damn Rankhorn got me.'

'It was a fluke, Harry moved right as Rankhorn sent a spell at me.'

'That was no fluke, Harry was protecting you,' George said which made Harry blush as he lowered his head.

'Harry,' Charlie growled.

'Kingsley would have been hurt badly if I didn't help, he was facing the other way and didn't see it coming. I couldn't just stand by and do nothing Charlie.'

'Do not move Potter,' Charlie growled then took his wand and cleaned the blood from Harry, then held his hand out to the cream his mother hand and started to apply the cream to Harry's neck.

'Gently Charlie,' Harry said as he winced.

'I'll give you gently.'

'Charlie, I'm fine, just a cut and I can handle myself.'

'But you aren't an auror, Kingsley is, the others are, you should have left it to them. But I know you can handle yourself, in every way.'

Harry smiled as he heard the change in Charlie's voice, 'There's my lover.'

'Can we find out what happened now?' Arthur asked.

'They're all caught, that's why we came straight back. We figured Charlie would be a nervous wreck and you would like to go see Bill and Percy. Now we want to make sure, do some checking, but as of now it's over. Just be cautious until the aurors verify that there are no more, new recruits were talking about.'

'Do you think I won't be needed anymore Kingsley?' Carter asked but glanced down at the glass cot holding Lily Weasley Potter.

'Once they have been questioned, probably not Carter. You'll be able to go back to your quiet life.'

'I know you wanted me to come out of retirement to help out. I didn't think I could do all that again, but,' Carter smiled down at the tiny baby, 'Protecting Lily reminded me why I became an auror in the first place, so once we know she's safe, then you have me back Kingsley. But I ask one thing,' Carter turned to Harry and Charlie, 'That I can visit occasionally, I've become attached to this little girl.'

Everyone smiled as they looked at the rather large and frightening auror, but who had been completely disarmed by Lily Potter, just like she had disarmed her fathers.

'Anytime you want Carter, if it wasn't for you, I think Harry and I would be head cases, you've given us peace of mind.'

'So you can be uncle Carter, the big bad wizard catcher who will bounce Lily on your knee,' Harry grinned, everyone sniggered, but when Carter turned to stare down at Lily they saw a blush as his face softened which made all of them laugh loudly because they realised just how much the auror had come to care about Lily, but he heard from Lily's father that he was now part of the family.

'We'll head to St Mungo's, see how the boys are,' Arthur said then left with his wife.

'So what's this thought serpent Charlie mentioned?' George asked.

'I turn into a thought serpent, once my fangs pierce the temple I can read the person's thoughts, but I can also project my thoughts to Charlie. He thought he was understanding parseltongue, but they were just my thoughts.'

'I've never heard of a thought serpent and I know there's a lot of creatures the muggles believe are mythical, like dragons and unicorns,' Angelina said.

'It is a mythical animal, it is not real, but some magical creatures whether mythical or real can be part of a magical family, part of the magical core, the Potters are joined with the thought serpent. That colour you were though Harry, it was the same as you're eyes.'

'I wonder if that means the colour changes to whichever my family became the serpent because my eye colour comes from my mother not my father's family.'

'Maybe it will say it in that book you read,' Charlie said, 'But it got me thinking, maybe Lily will be able to change into a thought serpent.'

'When she's old enough we can find out,' Harry smiled then knelt down to stare at his daughter, 'Thank you for letting me hold her Alice, it gave me what I needed while I was out there.'

'You're welcome, but just remember I can't do it again and please don't tell healer Swainly I did that?'

Harry chuckled, 'I won't, that's a promise,' Harry sighed, 'I feel…I'm not sure how I feel right now, but one thing I do know is she's going to be okay, all of us are going to be okay.'

'The saviours instincts have spoken, we're all safe. I don't think you can get a better guarantee,' Lee smiled, but everyone still in the kitchen all nodded as they stared at Harry whose gaze never left his daughter. But that few minutes of holding Lily Potter gave Harry what he needed to finally finish off the last of Voldemort's supporters. Lily Potter had power over her fathers, everyone could see it, but they all suspected they would see a lot more from the daughter of the saviour and his love.

The end: