"I have made more mistakes... than any man, woman, and child..."

-Professor Octavius Ozpin aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

"Oz... Oz? ...Ozzy? ...OZPIN!" A young, formerly asleep, young man with silver hair jolted up from where he lay with a yelp of surprise, falling off the couch with a pained, "Oof!" Looking up in irritation, Octavius Ozpin squinted up at a pair of laughing, blurry forms before pulling his glasses from his pocket and putting them on. The blurry figures resolved themselves into the forms of his friends. On the left stood a tall, well-built man dressed largely in black, a long coat, pants, boots, but a white shirt, the leader of their team, Qrow Rose. On his right, grinning like an idiot and dressed in basically the same, though his pants and boots were white while his shirt was black and he wore a white, hooded riding cloak instead of a coat, was Winter Rose.

Ozpin sighed, standing up and brushing off his pants, his ensemble largely green, pants, shoes, and vest all green with a long-sleeved light brown shirt underneath. Looking at the brothers, he asked, "What do you two idiots want? And who let you into my room anyhow?"

Winter, the one who'd been the one to actually wake him up, chuckled, shrugging as he said, "Well, I guess if you'd rather miss the airship to Beacon and stick around here at Signal forever, we could always just leave you here?"

Ozpin blinked, saying, "What? The ships don't leave until 10:00?" The Rose brothers looked to each other before stepping aside, giving Ozpin a clear look at his alarm clock… which he'd neglected to activate the alarm on, showing the time to be 9:45. Ozpin stared at the clock for a few seconds, as if wishing that it would start going backwards. Instead, it ticked on to 9:46. With a shout of frustration, he started rushing around his room, gathering his things and shoving them in a bag.

As he rushed around, the brothers simply watched, Qrow glancing towards his watch while Winter tried to trip him a few times, eventually resulting in Ozpin throwing a show at him, eliciting a chuckled from the younger brother as he ducked beneath it. Once Ozpin was packed, he started to rush out before Qrow grabbed something leaning against the bed, saying, "Hey Oz! Don't forget your weapon."

Ozpin turned just as Qrow tossed him what seemed to simply be a silver cane. Ozpin grabbed it in his free hand, slinging his bag over his shoulder as he said, "Thanks, now let's get going!"

As he rushed out, Qrow and Winter followed, Qrow asking his brother, "Don't you think it's a bit odd that he's rushing us when he's the one who we were waiting on?" Winter simply chuckled and shrugged as they went to catch up to their friend.

About an hour later, the three of them were wandering the airship as it made its way to Beacon Academy, the greatest institution for the training of Huntsmen and Huntresses in the kingdom. Ozpin stood with his friends near a window, looking down as the brothers rambled, his cane, Emerald Path, in hand. Qrow had his scythe, Never Again, compacted on his back while Winter had Frost and Bite, dual sickles, resting on his hips.

"The view is quite impressive, isn't it gents?"

The three turned to see a rather young man standing there with a cocky grin on his face and a cane with a curved handle standing there. He was dressed in boots, black pants, and a white jacket with a black bowler hat atop his head of red hair. He was leaning casually on the cane as he reached up to tip his hat slightly, saying, "Hello there, see anything interesting out there?"

Ozpin frowned, saying, "The polite thing to do would be to introduce yourself, you know."

Qrow rolled his eyes, saying, "Yeah, but criticizing him isn't exactly polite either, Oz." Turning to the newcomer, he said, "Hey there kid, I'm Qrow. This is my little brother Winter, and our surly friend is Ozpin. You don't look familiar, did you go to Signal?"

The young man chuckled, shaking his head as he said, "What, me come from that place? Ha, no offense, but thank God, no, I didn't go there. I'm from Mistral actually, went to Sanctum before transferring to Beacon for this year. My name's Roman by the way."

Ozpin blinked in surprise, asking, "Really?"

As Roman nodded, Winter grinned, asking, "Mistral, huh? Never met anyone from there… heck, I don't think there's ever been anyone at Beacon from another of the kingdoms now that I think of it."

Roman nodded, saying, "Yep, I'm the first. Makes sense that I was sent, seeing as I was an advanced student."

Qrow let out a little laugh, saying, "Explains your age. I was wondering why someone so young would be going to an advanced combat school like Beacon."

Roman frowned, saying, "Young, huh? Well, I may be a bit young, but aren't you a bit old to just be starting at Beacon? What, were you held back a grade or something, big guy?"

Qrow frowned, the larger brother crossing his arms before Winter stepped up, his face stern as he said, "Hey, back off my brother! Yeah, he was held back a grade, but not because he's stupid or something. Being in a medical coma to recover from your injuries can kind of get in the way of classes. His first year at Signal, you know what he did? He killed a rampaging Nevermore! On his own too! Sure, it kicked the crap out of him first, but he still killed the big winged monster!"

Roman's eyes widened in surprise before he looked at Qrow in fascination, stepping closer, asking, "That was you!?"

Qrow blinked in surprise at the shift in attitude, taking a less aggressively defensive stance as he asked, "Uh… you heard about that? I thought you were from Mistral?"

Roman let out a laugh, saying, "Well, yeah, I am, but do you think just because I'm from a different continent I don't know about a kid who managed to kill one of the most dangerous monsters there are in this part of the world? Everyone's heard of you! Holy crap, I can't believe you killed a Nevermore?"

A light blush of embarrassment at the praise colored the tall black-haired warriors cheeks, though he smiled, obviously enjoying it, Winter giving him a nudge with a grin while Ozpin stood in the back, a slight smile of his own on his lips. He remembered when Qrow woke up from the coma and they'd finally felt like they could properly celebrate his achievement after almost a year of worry and concern for him.

He shook those thoughts from his mind as Roman said, "Wow… heh, this looks like it'll be a hell of a year. The first year with a guy from Mistral attending, the infamous Qrow starting there… hell, I even heard you've decided to open your doors and let one of those filthy animals into the school."

The smiles on the faces of the other three boys faded a bit, their expressions a bit uneasy as Winter asked, "Uh… what do you mean by that?"

Roman raised a brow, looking as confused as if someone had asked if there was a sun as he said, "I mean your headmaster decided to let one of those bestial freaks into your school. You know, the Faunus? Those weird… things with animal tails and ears?" As the Rose brothers and Ozpin looked at each other uncomfortably as a new side to Roman was shown, he continued on with a little laugh, saying, "You know, when I first heard those things would be at Beacon, I thought it was to clean, not to actually attend class. Man, have you seen those things?"

Just as he asked that question, the other three got a bit wide-eyed as a feminine voice behind him made a pointed motion of clearing her throat. Blinking, Roman turned around to find himself face to face with a girl with long, black hair… and thick, pointed horns, curled like a ram's adorning her head, almost like a black crown. She was dressed in a black ensemble of heeled boots, leggings, a long skirt, and a sleeveless top, all with purple lining it. In her hand was a short staff that reached up to her elbow made of a curving black wood with a green orb at the top. She was also quite tall, barely an inch shorter than Qrow's 6'6.

The Faunus glared down at Roman as she asked, "Would you care to run that by me again, little boy?"

Roman glared up at her, his grin and tone full of a challenging bravado as he asked, "What, do those things block your normal ears or something, freak?"

The girl's frown turned into a grimace, the orb of her staff flaring brightly, eyes matching the fell green-glow… before a hand reached out and gripped her arm, saying, "Molly, don't!" The girl started, turning slightly to look down at another girl, a foot than her. When Ozpin saw her, his jaw dropped in shock, the silver haired young man stunned by her beauty. She was beautiful, from her blackened glass heels, up to her long black hair and golden colored eyes, the girl wearing a beautiful dress of red.