"Nature's wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness, and in the shadow's absence came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life."

-The Narrator

The girl in the red dress turned her attention from the Faunus, seemingly a friend, and directed it towards Roman, saying, "Tell me something, do you judge every book by it's cover, child?"

Roman Torchwick, the prodigy from Mistral frowned, looking between the two before shrugging nonchalantly as he turned away, saying, "Hey, don't blame me because I call it like I see it." He started off, tipping his hat to the Rose brothers and Ozpin, saying, "I'll see you gentlemen later," before becoming lost in the crowd of new students.

The tall Faunus glared after him until he was out before she seemed to collapse within herself, a sad expression on her face. Qrow frowned, taking a step towards her, causing her stance to become guarded again, though she relaxed when he held up his hands with a friendly smile, saying, "Woah, relax! Listen, Molly is it? I'm sorry about that guy, what he said was… well… it was pretty messed up. We just met that guy, and I was about to say something so he would cut it out."

Molly narrowed her eyes, asking, "Oh? Was that before or after you saw me coming up behind him?"

While her friend in the red smirked a bit and Qrow blushed in embarrassment, obviously trying to think of what the 'right' answer would be, Ozpin stepped forward, saying, "It would've been before. My tall, dark, and flustered friend here may have more than a few bad traits, but he'll speak up when people go on about that sort of thing. He just takes a few moments to try and think of a tactful way to say it. My name is Ozpin, by the way, and the one in the white cloak is Winter."

Winter gave a cheery wave at the two of them who stared for a moment before the one in red stepped forward, her smirk turning into a polite smile as she offered a hand, saying, "Hello there, Mr. Ozpin. My name is Cinder, and you already know Molly's name." Ozpin nodded, smiling as he took her hand and bowed over it, placing a soft kiss on the back of her hand, causing both of them to blink in surprise at such an old-fashioned gesture, though Cinder's light blush and smile seemed to indicate it was a good move. As he stepped back, she nodded, saying, "And here they say that chivalry is dead."

Winter laughed, coming up next to his friend and throwing an arm over his shoulders, pulling him down a bit, much to Ozpin's irritation, as he said, "Well, if chivalry is dead, then Ozzy here is a zombie!"

Cinder gave a small giggle as Molly raised a brow, smiling slightly in amusement as she asked, "Ozzy? Wow, that's a knight in shining armor type name if I've ever heard one."

As Ozpin shoved Winter off of him, giving his nose a flick for good measure, Qrow stepped a bit closer to the tall, horned woman, saying, "Well, everyone has their nicknames, right? …Well, I guess not everyone since some names would be kinda hard to make nicknames for. I have one of those kind of names… I, uh, I've never had a… a nickname…" His words faded off as he realized that Molly was staring strangely at him, obviously finding his speech on nicknames more than a little… odd. He simply stood there in silence before turning, muttering, "I need to go take care of something," to which Molly simply nodded in agreement.

As Qrow walked away, he simply wandered around the airship, seeing several students mingling and chatting. There was a guy taller than him built like a brick house sporting blonde hair, a blunderbuss/axe on his back as he loudly told some story about a Beowulf with a skinny little guy with round glasses and neat green hair sleeping on a couch nearby. What was interesting though, was when he reached the back of the ship and could hear the sound of crying. Driven by curiosity, he quietly crept around one of the walls, beginning to hear the voices of two women, one consoling, the other struggling to keep her sobs quiet.

"I just… I can't take it! It hurts so… so damn much!" the distraught voice proclaimed.

The soothing voice softly said, "I know it does Vid, but you just need to remember the exercises… deep breaths, in and o-"

"THEY DON'T WORK!" The outburst was accompanied by a bright flash of light, bringing up an indistinct silhouette of a feminine figure. Qrow paused before he continued to silently inch closer, peering around the corner. Glancing around the corner, he could see the back of a girl dressed in black stockings, a black skirt, black heels, and a white button-up, along with a black mini-cape, beautiful blonde hair done up in a bun. Standing in front of her was a panicked looking girl, staring at her hands which were, along with most of her arms, wreathed in a strange black flame. She was dressed in a purple dress that came down far enough to hide her feet from view with a hood that covered most of her head, though he could see that she had messy, snow white hair. Tears were streaming down her panicked face as she looked to the other girl, one of her eyes gold while the other was wreathed in shadowy flames like her arm.

She seemed to be hyper-ventilating as she said in a panic, "I… I didn't mean… G-Glynda, I… I can't handle this… there's too many voices, and… and I just…"

The other girl, Glynda approached her friend, hands beginning to glow purple as she gripped her fiery hands, the glow seemingly protecting her from the flames as she said, "Invidia, look at me… LOOK AT ME!" Her tone turned stern, snapping the other's gaze to her own. They simply stared for a moment, Qrow thinking nothing was happening until he saw the other girl, Invidia it seemed, begin to slow her breathing. Slowly, she closed her eyes, the fire dying out as the glowing, black eye shut. Once it was fully closed, the fire was completely gone, the purple glow fading with it. After a few breaths, she slowly opened her eyes, the formerly glowing one now simply a pure black iris, no color to it.

Slowly, she let go of Glynda's hands, reaching down to a pocket on her dress and draw an eye-patch with a purple rune upon it, donning it as she quietly said, "I told you doing my therapy on this ship was a bad idea… there's someone watching us by the way."

Glynda spun around, a riding crop of all things practically appearing in her hand, eyes flashing with anger behind her glasses, calling out, "Who's there!" Before Qrow could do or say a thing, she flicked the crop and he felt himself tugged forcefully out into the open with a shout of surprise, landing in a sprawl. When he looked up, he found himself nose-to-tip with her crop, her eyes glinting purple for a moment as she glared down at him.

While Qrow walked off, Ozpin and Winter continued to converse with Cinder and Molly, the Faunus more relaxed, though she still seemed wary of all but the smaller girl in the red who spoke openly and with a kindness to her voice. Winter laughed at a joke Cinder made before asking, "So, we've never seen you at Signal, where are you two from? And how'd you do that glowy thing with your staff, Molly? Is it a rounded Dust crystal or something?"

Molly glanced at her staff, nodding as she said, "Yes, it's Dust. It amplifies my Dust channeling."

Winter raised a brow, asking, "Dust channeling? What do you mean?"

Ozpin rolled his eyes, saying, "It means she uses Dust as her weapon." At Winter's blank stare, Ozpin frowned, saying, "Do you ever pay attention in class? Some people don't need physical Dust to make use of its properties, they can use their aura instead. Some don't even use weapons with their ability, though they usually carry Dust in some form to add more kick to it."

Cinder nodded, smiling as she said, "Well put, Mr. Ozpin. Both Molly and myself are Dust users, along with a school mate of ours, and my sister. The four of us were all taught by the same person, home schooled in fact, by the greatest Dust wielding huntress of them all… Lady La Fey."