BtVS/Angel by Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Hmm, Angel Season 3's 'Sleep Tight' aired in March 2002 and Buffy Season 6's 'Grave' in May, so the timeline may be a trifle skewed... Oh well, at least both scenes happen at night. Spoilers ahead. Taking a cue from Hotpoint and adding info blocks at the ends of these chapters.

Thank you, Buffyworld dot com, for reference materials. Written for Weaver's "Oops, Wrong Dimension" Challenge at Twisting the Hellmouth


"You've called the Magic Box after hours. Willow speaking."

"Thank God! I tried calling Buffy but no-one picked up at her house."

"She's back in the training room catching up with Giles. Want me to-"

"No, this is Fred, from L.A. We're all in trouble down here and we need someone powerful with the mojo."

"What's up?"

"Angel has a baby boy, Wesley stole him to give to this hunter from last century and there's this time/space demon who's claiming responsibility for everything."

"Whoa and they say I'm mighty with the babble. When did this happen?"

"The hunter guy just left here, he didn't have Connor, so Wesley hasn't handed him over yet. We need help now!"

"Time/space demon you say? Sounds like a really powerful spirit practically bursting with energy. I've only teleported once or twice before, so I don't know if I can get to you immediately. I'll try doing it in short hops."

"Thanks! We're still at the Hyperion."

"No worries. I'll be down as soon as I can."

Angel's Headquarters, Los Angeles

Fred put down the phone and whirled around to hug Gunn.

"She's going to be here," she cried into his chest. "We're all going to be okay."

Anya and Giles' Shop, Sunnydale

Still laughing, Buffy and Giles strode into the main room of the Magic Box.

"Hey, Anya, thanks for getting the phone," Buffy said. "Who was it-"

The Slayer froze in place, having realized that Anya was unconscious and being held off the floor by the neck.

"Willow!" Giles warned, readying a spell behind his back. "Put her down immediately."

"Sure, why not? It's not like I can absorb her ability to bend time and space. She just taps into it and the people higher up the chain from her can cut off the flow. Me? I'm hungry."

Anya fell to the floor as Willow rose off the ground. Cursing, Giles released a green fireball, but it was too late to aim properly as the black-haired witch was moving too fast. Before he could do anything else, she'd burst through the ceiling, leaving a giant gaping hole in her wake.

"Giles," yelled Buffy as she grabbed her Watcher by the shoulders. "What are we going to do?"

"I have a contact who can track phone records, so we should be able to find out who called with little effort. I just hope we can warn them in time."

Cavern of someone who's been pulling strings, Greater Los Angeles Area

Sahjahn was relaxing in his cave, when a large gust of wind poured into the room, stirring up a large cloud of dust which blew right through him.

He waved at the air ineffectually, trying to get a clear view at whoever had appeared in the room. "Will people please stop doing that," he asked. "It's bad enough that I'm immaterial, but this makes me feel like I should be having a coughing fit."

The first thing he saw of the intruder was her hand, emerging from the space his neck apparently occupied.

"Oh please," he snorted, turning around to face the black-eyed witch. "What are you, here to exact vengeance on Angel's behalf? I can smell the need all over you, and I haven't done anything really bad to him yet."

"Looks like you're going to be a tough nut to crack," Willow said, her eyes glinting in a vaguely alien way. "I don't suppose you'd care to phase into this reality, so we could duke it out on a fair playing field?"

"Sorry, sister. This is the effect of a curse. I think you're more in the mood for making them then breaking them right now."

"True. Could I help you with that? It's a bit hard to eat you right now, and I'm hungry."

"Considering that I haven't secured my future yet, no thanks. Don't get me wrong, I don't fear you, by any... Now, wait, seems like some of the pieces I've set up are falling into each other. You're welcome to tag along, don't see how I could stop you, considering you 'smelled' me all the way in here. I'd much appreciate it if you slaughtered everything in sight, though I doubt you will. Seems like people just aren't taking instructions like that to heart."

Willow snarled, glancing around the room quickly. She needed more time, because the dark magics writhing inside her had felt something change when her arm had been apparently occupying the same space as Sahjahn's incorporeal body.

Spotting something, she got his attention. "Hold on, if you're so mister-immaterial-pants, how come you have a computer?"

"What," Sahjahn said, a look of bemused irritation on his face. "I'm empowered with dimensional shifting energy, surely you realize that such a small quantum effect is not beyond my reach?"

The demon waved his hand above the computer's screen and a webpage popped up. Strains of the whistling pursuit theme from 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' emerged from the speakers as Sahjahn shimmered out of reality.

Willow nodded. "Nice." When she realized she was alone in the room, she took a deep breath and teleported out of the cavern.

She approached Sahjahn's new location in short hops, in hopes of avoiding any traps left for her. Currently in a dark frame of mind, she knew that if she had the ability, she'd have overlapped herself with solid stone in hopes of squishing any pursuers teleporting directly in.

Her final hop left her on a bridge in Los Angeles as a standoff played out in the street below.


Angel, whom she hadn't seen since last apocalypse season, shortly after Buffy's death, was facing down a small army of commandos and a woman in a sharp dressed suit. He was holding a single pistol but, as she could hear him saying, being a vampire his chances for survival were a lot better than any of them.

A man and a woman in leather jackets were standing beside a minivan. The dark-haired man was holding a baby as if it was a weapon or a bargaining chip and the woman looked seriously beat up.

Behind them stood the scarred and brooding figure of Sahjahn, ignored by all, except Willow. She could feel the vast reserve of power flowing into him, ready to be released at his command.

She was aware of how she looked from the outside, her eyes pitch black, her hair dark, her skin pale and veiny. Separate from the rage at her lover's death and the intoxicating effects of the magic she'd ingested, there was a small part of her that was geeking out over her look and newfound powers, so she decided to make her appearance as theatrical as possible.

As she lept from the bridge, a calculating portion of her mind hoped that her entrance would disrupt Sahjahn's concentration long enough for her to form a plan.

Black clothes fluttering in an artificial wind, head tilted forwards, legs stretched out behind her, blue lightning crackling at her fingertips, she traced a wide arc down towards the ground, as if sliding on an artificial ramp.

She had positioned herself perfectly, so that the very tips of her shoes brushed the concrete as her body passed through Sahjahn from behind, finally coming to a standing rest directly in front of him.

Groaning in disgust, Sahjahn leaned to one side in order to see the reaction of the rest of the group.

Willow stood in silence for a second, considering exactly what she'd felt while passing through Sahjahn, because she could somehow tell it wasn't a true overlap. She was convinced that the portions of his body that would have shared space with her solid matter had immediately phased even further out of touch with her reality as they came into contact with her flesh, then phasing back into place behind her.

One of the commandos, his eyes having been trained on Angel's gun, was so stunned by Willow's arrival that he acted on instinct, sending a stream of bullets in her direction.

Whipping her hand up, a smirk crossed her face as the bullets froze in mid-air. She sent all but one flying into the chest and left leg of Angel, carefully avoiding the spine and major arteries as she wanted to save him in hopes of later 'play.'

As the vampire fell to the ground in pain and shock, Willow held out her hand, the remaining bullet bobbing gently in the air above her raised palm. "I don't like being shot at," she said, her eyes trained on the sharp-dressed woman at the head of the armed troops. "Let's just say I've had a bad experience recently. You know, if this were a fairy tale, you'd obviously be the wicked stepmother and something inside me is just screaming that I should be the prettiest one here."

Willow released the bullet from her hand at high speeds just as Sahjahn shouted some magic words, the power he'd been massing having reached its peak. The distraction turned what should have been a fatal shot on Lilah into a deep furrow down the flesh of the right side of her chest.

Lilah staggered, clutching her side. She barely managed to keep her feet, blood welling between her fingers as she watched in horror the demon she'd been dismissing as an impotent observer rip an orange hole in the fabric of reality the size of a Greyhound bus.

Sahjahn gloated, reveling in the looks on their faces as even Willow backed up a couple steps. "What you are looking into is the Quor-Toth, the darkest of the dark worlds. So - I can widen the portal and you can all be swallowed up by a world you can not begin to imagine - or you can insure the immediate and final death of that child!"

Willow walked slowly towards the couple by the car, examining her situation. She had been unable to get a fix on exactly what had happened when the spell keeping Sahjahn separate from her reality had reacted to her solid flesh, but it suddenly occurred to her that the problem had been trying to observe her own energies from the outside. If the effect was quantum...

Justine reached for a knife as she moved to block Willow's path. Willow said 'Stab yourself,' and kept walking forward, her eyes trained firmly on the man, not really caring exactly how the older woman carried out the command.

As Holtz moved to snap the baby's neck, his only concern causing Angel pain, Willow said 'Love me.'

Holtz sank to his knees, bloody tears running down his face as Willow gently lifted Connor from his unresisting arms.

Willow began steadily walking towards Sahjahn.

"What do you think you're doing," the demon asked. "Shouldn't you be killing him now? I can follow you just as easily as you can follow me, and I won't get tired."

Willow commented on the lightning flickering out of the portal, striking the ground nearby in random spots.

"Well," Sahjahn said, glancing over his shoulder. "I saw your entrance. Can't you jus-"

Willow took the moment of distraction to plunge the baby, held straight ahead of her with both arms, deep into the demon's chest.

Having given the phasing curse on Sahjahn a target separate than herself, Willow could plainly see the energy ripple emanating from Connor's contact with the demon. Reaching into that fine thread of energy with tendrils of dark magic, she began sucking lifeforce directly out of Sahjahn himself.

Sahjahn grimaced in pain not felt in centuries as part of his physical being phased out of reality and then simply ceased to exist. Realizing that he was starting to shrink, he tried running, but found he could not move more than a few inches in any direction. The last thing to disappear was his ritually scarred face, overlapping the baby's own for a few seconds, before vanishing forever.

Willow watched in amazement as the baby began glowing with a bright golden light, his incandescent outline visible even through the thick blanket.

When the baby faded to the pale grey of concrete, she tried moving it closer to her, a thin thread of genuine concern welling up from somewhere deep inside herself, only to find she could not budge him in any direction. Slowly releasing her arms, she stood, gobsmacked, as the baby continued to float in mid-air.

Turning around, she saw that the color had gone out of the rest of the world as well. Angel and the commandos were motionless statues, not a single breath of air stirred the scattered trash, besides the faint breeze emanating from the portal.

Finding a crumpled newspaper on the concrete as impossible to move as Connor, she sighed and shook her head.

The orange alieness of the land beyond the portal had changed. Now, no colors were revealed through it beyond the bright blue of the sky and the green of the trees. Left with few obvious choices, she stepped through the altered portal, abandoning the colorless world behind her.


Angel blinked in the brief second of sunlight emanating from the portal, before the view changed again, this time to deep jungle, a canopy of leaves blocking the sky. Refocusing his eyes, he saw that Willow had apparently disappeared at the instant of Sahjahn's death, although his son still hung in mid-air.

As the golden glow faded from Connor, he slowly began to sink towards the ground. At the same time, the portal wavered and began to shrink into itself.

Angel was still somewhat in shock at how events had tilted so quickly out of control, but one thing was clear to him. Although the otherworldly threats to his son's life had apparently canceled each other out, there was still the crack team of Wolfram & Hart commandos who would likely earn a bonus if they retrieved Connor for the law firm's research division.

Angel struggled to his good leg, wary of putting weight on the one riddled with bullets, the wounds to his chest having sorted themselves out, more or less.

As one, the commandos not attending to Lilah's wounds, charged past the vampire towards the baby.

Holtz was faster, his charge unexpected. He intercepted the sinking form of Connor as if catching a football and disappeared through the portal before it could close.

Some time later. Deep in the wilds of the reality known to some as 'Hollow-Earth'

Cautiously, Tarzan approached the spot where he'd hidden a stolen treasure chest months before, the amphitheater of the great apes.

In this place, under the full moon, he'd heard the drums of the apes as they prepared themselves for war, seen them tear into the flesh of their captives, but he'd never heard this sound before, here or elsewhere.


It was a high rolling call, not unlike that of the panther, Sheeta, as she stalked her prey...

This is the point where Willow, following her girlfriend's death, has gone on a dark magic binge. Giles contained her, temporarily, until Anya succumbed to her magically boosted telepathy and released her. Sahjahn is a killer demon of a species made immaterial by agents of Wolfram and Hart. This gave him the ability to travel through time. All his relatives seem to have been killed off or imprisoned, so maybe it was worth it. Having found prophecies predicting his own death, Sahjahn had made several attempts on Connor's life, most notably by bringing the eighteenth century demon hunter Daniel Holtz to the present in hopes of preventing the child's birth. While Holtz had his own reasons to hate Angel, he refused to take orders from a demon he despised and quickly formed his own vigilante group, in hopes of turning Angel's own family against him.