Story's summary: Fear was once an invisible thing, sweeping through lives, not staying in one place. But fear has finally evolved. Fear is now in the form of the living, it's rotted flesh, dead eyes and cannibalistic ways sinking it's teeth into anything that moves. But this time, fear is her to stay.

When the world has gone to hell and three quarter of the world's population are mindless souls, what can survivors do inorder to survive? What can can an unfortunate barely turned adult do in the hellish world of the Zombie Apocalypse. (Summary couldn't fit in the summary area.)

Authors note at the bottom.

Volume I: The beginning of the end.

Volume Summary: God promised the resurrection of the dead. No one knew what he had in mind until he showed us all….

Rated T: Mild gore and blood, use of drugs, suggestive sexual themes and frequent voilence. Not for the squeamish... But i assure you there is no vivid details of gorey scenes.

Disclaimer: How to train your dragon is the rightful property of Dreamworks.

Hiccup slams the door of his silver Porsche Cayman, sighing as his bag is thrown onto the passenger's seat. He absentmindedly glides his hand on the steering wheel, his luminous ruby eyes gazing at the clear sky.

Another day, another term.

A key turns and an engine roars to life. He floors the accelerator, embracing the sounds it makes.

"Whirr! Whirr!"

One of the many perks of being the Mayor's son. Anything at his feet, from the newest gadgets to the latest of technology. Though he does have cash upon cash, he never learns to spend it freely. But his car says otherwise.

He switches gear and the Porsche shot off, the gleamy car magnetizing dreamy eyes. Another thing he hates, attention. The more eyes on him, the more awkward he becomes. He is on the green bars of awkwardness already, says his friend Fishlegs, but according to his dear friend, eyes make his awkwardness rockets to the red bars. "Oh, wont that be great." He told his friend.

"No traffic, well this ought to be my lucky day." He grumbled to no one in particular.

He takes a left turn and is instantly greeted by green gates. Berk's High. Just one more year of this place and he's off to college. Hopefully, he won't see any similar faces there.

He drives slower, eyes observant. He steers into an empty parking space. Suddenly, a black Nissan Titan 2013 races to his destination. He yelps, instinct taking over as the brakes is floored.

The driver of the Titan sniggers. He could recognize that voice from distances away.

"Ops, sorry cuz, I guess you will always be slowpoke." The driver said, his meaty hands resting leisurely on the window's sill. Snotlout Jorgenson, a seventeen year old boy that has more muscles than brains. With his muscular body and his well-toned abs he has no shortage of any female companion what so ever. His blue eyes stare at his cousin, cracked lips holding a smirk. Hiccup reverses, out of sight in a second.

"Is it me, or is that twig different."

"He isn't a twig anymore, Snotlout." said Ruffnut, her voice dreamy. Her hip-length golden locks and her curvaceous body make her one of the top wanted girl in school. She of course isn't interested in relationships.

"Why bother with them when it will end in heartbreak anyway," she once told Snotlout after he had hopelessly hit on her on the first few weeks of grade 11. Ruffnut, though a nearly grown woman, still loves to prank people. Since she was a little kid she loved it. Nothing has changed during the years. She is and forever will be a prankster.

'Oh oh, did you catch a disease." A 17 year old boy said, retreating from his sister like she had the plaque. Tuffnut, the male twin of Ruffnut, the prankster of Berk, the title he had bestowed on himself after winning an unofficial prank war. With his golden hair tied in a long braid and his green eyes staring at his sister in a joking way, his annoyance level is beyond tolerant.

"He has grown. I like that." Ruffnut said, still staring the direction the Porsche went, her soft voice making her brother frown.

"He's still a twig to me." Snotlout said, his eyes radiating uncertainty. He has to say, his cousin has change during the summer. The twig like boy is no more. It's like the boy had transformed into a handsome male. No, no such thought in Snotlout mind.

Over the summer his cousin had indeed hit a major growth spurt. His carefree hair was still unattended, but it suited his filled round face. The freckles are fainter, eyes shines brighter and his body has found some muscle. Not enough for a football player standard, but enough to be noticeable. His cousin is a threat and family or not he has to eliminate the spark before the fire spread. For no one can steal spotlight from Snotface Snotlout.

Hiccup exits the car, dangling his bag on his back. His long thighs barely take a few steps before his friend attacks him.

"Hey there Hiccup how's it been?" Fishlegs, a hulk of a boy. The once bloated face is now a masculine squared jaw. His thick eyelash and observant nature makes him a treasure to hold dare. The opposite sex had surrendered after two years of flirting with him. The guy was old fashioned, he knew because of his good looks and muscles of a steroid abusing weight lifter had made the girls hooked. He isn't taking any piece of it.

"Ahh, same old same old."

"Went to dare Ol' Wrinkly huh?"

"Don't remind me." Ol' Wrinkly, a retired lawyer and now a fortune teller, is the strongest a man can be at his age. At age ninety, he can still ride a bike. "He says the world is ending and what God promised will finally happen." The duo routes their way to the doors.

"What does God promised?" Fishlegs asks, his enchanting voice pulling a pair of heavily pampered eyes to him. The girl gasps as her eyes settle on the smaller male. Suddenly like a chain of event, her friends' glances turn into gasps.

"Wow Hiccup, their looking at you." Fishlegs mumbles.

"I can see that Fishlegs." Hiccup says, his cheeks heating like a furnace. The floor becomes quite interesting to stare at, an awkward half smile on his lips.

"Walk faster Fishlegs." His friend compels to his wishes. Pairs of eyes had dwindled to the second digits.

11, 12, 13 Hiccup counts. His counting is disturbed as the school doors came into view. Three inches away, two inch, one. In a swift motion Hiccup pulls the door open and slams it behind him.


Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

Startled students suddenly jerk their heads to the boy.

There was absolute silence.

Even a pin's fall could be heard. Hiccup body begins to heat up, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. His trembling hands clutch his bag's straps. He side glances towards his friend only to discover he is truly alone in this situation. He mentally slaps himself when he remembers he had literally slammed the school's door on his friend. He has some apologizing to do later.

"Uh, morning." He awkwardly says, rubbing the back of his head. No movement, no halting of eye contact.

"Hiccup?" asks a blond haired girl, her body fit for a cheerleader.

"Uh, hi-uh- Effie." Students gasp like if they had seen a miracle, and judging by the girls, it was their dreams' miracle. They murmured and gossip to their friends, but silence enveloped them as the girl, Effie, approached him, her expert smile seductive like never before.

"Well have you grown hot stuff."

These girls are crazy; one semester they were ignoring him and the next it's like they're worshipping him like a god. Girls are confusing beings, too confusing for him. He didn't miss that flirty glint in her eyes. What do you do when a hot cheerleader approach you? Well for Hiccup, we'll just be well; Hiccup.

"Oh thank you I guess." He stuttered, shaking his head repeatedly.

"You look so adorable Hiccup." The girl giggles. "You should do that more often. How does Friday night sound; when it's more private?" She says, glaring around at her audiences. The hottest girl at school definitely needs the best. Why should she stop at just Snotlout when she can have a whole new level of handsomeness bundled into an adorable package? "Just me and you, a table for two." she winks.

"Uh okay uh-"

"Great! See you Friday." She girl brightly smiles, her dimples enhancing her beauty. She practically skips off to class. "It's a date." She says in a sing song voice, sticking her tongue out at one of those daggers like glares.

Hiccup is bewildered. His head aches to process what happened? Him? Landing a date? On the first day of school? For Christ sakes, girls really are crazy. As he walks to his first class, Chemistry, the people revert to their task. As he passes the teens, the girls' stare. As much as he hates attention he somehow likes it…..

This ought to be an interesting term.

"I told you, she asked me out. I didn't have time for an answer." Hiccup rants on for the hundredth time, his annoyance at Fishlegs increasing.

"So, you're telling me that you landed a date with the hottest girl in school?" Fishlegs asks. It is unbelievable. This has to be some joke, but then again Hiccup doesn't pull pranks like these. That's the twins' job.

Hiccup throws the bag down on his seat, him following shortly after. He slouches, groaning before nodding.

"Ok, I'll take your word. I'll see for myself Friday."

"You won't have to do that." Hiccup says

"But why?"

"Because I won't be going Fishlegs."

"But that's insane. It's a one in a life time opportunity. You know how many guys would die to be in your position."

"Then they can die and I can take their place." Hiccup snaps. "It's my first day in the spotlight and I hate it. Will it make sense to say if I sort of like it too or would that be crazy?"

"I don't think you're crazy," Fishlegs grumbles. "I just think you like the attention but you don't know what to do with it."

Fishlegs gazes at his friend as he ponders on the thought. Fishlegs claims a seat side his friend. "You might actually have a point there." Hiccup finally says.

"Like always." Fishlegs boasts.

The bell rings and afterwards a teacher walk in, a woman of twenty six, cherry, young and boobs to die for. She peers through her glasses, releasing a button on her grey uniform, smirking as the males shift uncomfortably in their seats. She takes a seat and crosses her meaty legs, her black skirts too short for a teacher.

"Good morning class and I hope you had a wonderful summer." The teacher says.

"Oh I did Jeanette." Snotlout flirts, "But it would have been so better with you."

"Well I'm terribly sorry Snotface but I was busy." She says, observing her nails in a bored way. The student giggles, instantly silenced by a raise of a hand. It was then Hiccup noticed that the twins were also present in Chemistry. Oh great, just what he needed.

"As I was saying, there is a new student transferred to this school."

"Is she pretty?" Tuffnut blurts.

"Is she hot?" Snotlout adds.

"You perverts will have to see for yourself." The giggles rise with each second. "I hope that you'll treat her in a friendly way. May I present to you, meet the great, the talented, the feisty Astrid Hofferson.

A teenager walks in and Hiccup's heart skips a beat. Silence cloaks the room and eyes widen, some gasping. There, in all her glory, stood a being like unlike any other. Her vivid blue eyes slowly observe the room, passing from student to student, until settling on Hiccup.

On that moment, something clicked into place.

It's like strike by lightning, although the rush of feeling cannot be put into words. It's like every vessel in their body are electrocuted, their skin starts to heat like a furnace, and their eyes are like magnets. A strange feeling rushes from the bottom of their hearts, rushing to their brains and suddenly to all parts of their body; form hair tips to their toes. Suddenly they are light headed, and paralyzed, oblivious to everyone else in the room.

"Astrid, Astrid you can go to your seat now." Astrid snaps back to reality. She walks to a vacant seat, head held low, ignoring the way her spine tingles. She ignores the mysterious boy at the back of her, convincing herself it was the only vacant seat, although they were two other.

With a click of a finger, the teacher snaps the boys out of their spell.

Hiccup savors the moment to take in this beauty sitting in front of him. Her long golden locks runs like a heavenly river down her spine, her skin is like the creation from the goddess Freya herself, her eyes; those mystic sea deep eyes are hypnotic, like you could be lost in bliss. Her slender frame is present with a delicious curve and her long legs are accompanied by a narrow hip. Her soft red lips suits her rosy cheeks and her thin eyelashes are curved like the crescent shaped moon. All in all, she was a god sent from heaven, a woman to hold dear for an eternity.

The period passed like a flash, Hiccup once in his life abstaining from taking notes and indulging in staring at the girl who had stolen his heart.

She can feel eyes boring into her back. She shifts in her seat, throwing a swift glance over her shoulders. It was supposed to be a cold stare, but that thought evaporated as her pupils settled on his.

Hiccup eyes widen. The goddess is more beautiful up close. He drops his eyes, racking his brains for something to say. 'Hi, 'Hi' sounds like an ok thing; cool and smooth…. His pupils meet hers, and once again he's lost in her spell.

"Lock away Astrid," she tells herself. "This isn't like you." Never in her young life had she ever felt this way before. So why is this boy different than all the rest? "Boys are trouble girl." Her father voice rings throw her head. She of course, being the stubborn child she is, found out the hard way. She closes her eyes, her past like a repetitive nightmare playing in her mind. She snaps back to present, pursing her lips, regaining her composure. She ignores the stare, ignores the feelings and her past. She begins taking notes.

Her hatred for men had returned tenfold.

Berk is an old fashioned village mostly in the economy. They are houses build like mansions but many old generations prefer to do things the traditional way, in honor of their ancestors. Bartering is still a common practice, hunting, community helping and a village farm. It's an extremely friendly neighborhood. Most of the houses are built the same: two story, balcony, wood and painted in white, except for the Mayor's own. Magazines and land sellers refer to Berk as the kingdom of heaven. It's a peaceful community, no murder, no crime, no danger. It's a place worth living.

Burger king is one of the top places teens travel for a meal. It is situated at the heart of the shopping center. The inhabitants hustle and bustle outside, the sun smiling brightly at the busy town. Glancing through the window of Burger King, one could see two males hunched on either side of a granite table, casually sipping their drinks.

"It was amazing Fishlegs. Just amazing." Hiccup says. Fishlegs squints his eyes in an examining manner. He had seen this reaction in a lot of guys. It always ends in a heartbreak. No way is Fishlegs gonna make his friend suffer the same fate.

"But Hiccup, you barely know the girl."

"I know that Fishlegs. That is why it is so different. She doesn't know me, she doesn't know who I am and I saw the way she reacted when I stared into her eyes." Hiccup rants, plunging his hands in a fit.

"Okay…" Fishlegs says. He occupies himself by taking a chunk off his burger. Then, after he was about to speak, no other than Snotlout Jorgenson barges through the doors of Burger King, followed by the twins.

"Oh great," Hiccup groans, eyes glaring at the intruder. Hiccup tries to make himself unknown, but that plan falters as his cousin halts in front of him and Fishlegs seats.

"Well well well, look who we have here." Snotlout mumbles, smirking.

"Who? Who many guesses do I have?" Tuffnut shouts, his sight jerking all over the place. Ruffnut elbows him in the stomach.

"Sorry, I was just trying to make a joke." Tuffnut mutters, ignoring the tremendous pain welling in his tummy.

"Snotlout, lets just leave him alone for once, please." Pleads Ruffnut, hands on her hips.

"How can he leave me if we were never together," Hiccup says. He flinches as Snotlout gleams at him. But instead of having an angry Snotlout, he has a laughing Snotlout. Snotlout bends over, laughing loudly.

"Well aren't you funny." Snotlout says through chuckles. "And to think I always use to hate you."

"Well I was never in love with you Snotlout." Hiccup says, hoping it would make Snotlout giggle again. Hiccup spots a way to get Snotlout off his back; no way is he going to let this opportunity slide. Once again, Hiccup achieves.

"Oh gods, here, give me some space." Snotlout says, pushing Fishlegs for some space. Tuffnut settles beside Snotlout and Ruffnut throws herself next to Hiccup, much too close for comfort. A couple bonding time later, Astrid Hofferson walks in, pocketing her hands in her tight jeans. Snotlout is mesmerized, so is Tuffnut while Hiccup is awestruck.

What are the odds? First at school, now at Burger King? Astrid avoids the five teens. Snotlout isn't having any of it.

"Hey sexy, why don't you cozy next to me." Snotlout shouts. Astrid snarls, but quickly hides it as a plan settles in her head. She approaches him, a big fat fake smile which Snotlout is too preoccupied in recognizing.

"See, they always fall for the words," Snotlout whispers to Fishlegs, nudging him on his side. Abruptly, a knuckle knocks the living daylight out of him. The teens erupt in laughter.

"Don't you ever call me sexy again."

"Okay," Snotlout says, terrified. Astrid smiles.

"Hey, why don't you sit with us," Ruffnut offered, amaze she has found someone like her. Astrid was about to decline when she glimpses that boy in class. Strange feelings rise in the pit of her stomach. It is useless trying to decline. She plop down beside Hiccup, resting her hands on the table, her elbow slightly grazing Hiccup's.

Hiccup's whole body went up in flames. A simple touch is like the best thing he had ever experience. He was tongue tied once again.

"Uh- Hi." Hiccup manages to say, his cheeks flush. Astrid turns her head towards him. He swear he sees a hint of a smile.

"I'm Astrid." She says, her voice musical.

"Uh- my name- is-is Hiccup," he stutters. Astrid grins, broader this time. She has to say there is something different with this Hiccup guy.

Whatever it is, it is slowly chipping away her hatred for men.

"You live here?" Astrid asks.

"Well technically, no. If I did live here I might as well won't be so boney." Hiccup says, gesturing to himself.

Astrid giggles but cuts it short. Remember Astrid, always keep your walls up, no matter how charming they might be." "Mayor's son."

"Oh, that's nice."

"Ahem!" If it wasn't for Snotlout clearing his throat the duo might have been oblivious to the others.

"Don't you wanna know who I am?" Snotlout asks.

"Can I puke instead?" Astrid retorts, earning a few snorts.

And so the teens were introduced. Astrid grew less tense as each minutes unfolded. These people weren't as bad as the one home. A cherry conversation and a few failed flirted attempts with Astrid from Snotlout and the group were becoming fast friends. Hiccup had finally managed a conversation with Astrid without stuttering. For once in his life he had hold a conversation with his cousin. Snotlout realizes Hiccup isn't all that bad. He might later on grow to like the guy.

What a term.

New looks. New friends. And heck, maybe even a girlfriend. The gods might have actually favored him all along.

It's a perfect moment. The six, having a blast of a time.

It's a perfect moment….

Hiccup realizes something, something that makes his bones shiver in fear. It's the perfect moment. Ol' Wrinkly words plays in his head like a ghost story.

"On the darkest day, in the perfect moment. Cherish what you can for you'll never get something like that again. Devils will come and devils will stay… In the perfect moment…"

Hiccup gaping lips quivered. All the light was sucked out of his body, fear remains.

"Hiccup, are you okay?" Astrid asks.

"What's gotten into him?" Snotlout asks.

Hiccup pupils automatically shifts to the door. A couple is facing the door, the boy snaking his hands around the girl waist. The door opens and the bell chimes.

A hand grabs the girl's shoulders and teeth sinks into the girl's neck. The girl screams, her boyfriend retreating cowardly. Another bite and the girl fall to the ground, yelling with all her might.

Another bite and there was complete silence.

Be warned, dark story. Really dark and I warn you readers and I warn you again: NO ONE IS SAFE. It means anyone can die at any time. This will be divided into volumes holding several chapters each. Each volume will be focusing on a certain perspective in the world of the Zombie Apocalypse but the same characters are present.