Handing over Burdens… Ch 3 to "Burden's of Secrets"

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After they left Mon Mothma settled down in her chair and breathed a great sigh of relief, as if a heavy burden had been put down. While she was sure that this was not the end of the "Skywalker Affair" as she had personally come to call it, she now knew what the twins knew. And they appeared at relative peace about it.

She turned to her datapad, and directed it to do a search of her classified files for "Amidala, Padme; Senator nee Queen of Naboo" and her list of political files came up. She copied them and made a transfer to Leia and Luke's datapads.".

"Oh Padme, you would be so proud of your children". She told the face of the picture in the file.

Mothma sat back thinking about the twins….she had practically watched Leia grow up. Luke's upbringing she knew little of other than he was raised on desolate Tatooine. She thought of the first time she met Luke Skywalker…

"Yavin detachment to Alliance Command, come in, over". The encrypted subspace holonet transmission was broken, but before Mothma stood the image of Princess Leia Organa and General Jan Dodonna.

"Senator Mothma, we bring great word..the Death Star was destroyed by our fighter squadrons! But we have suffered heavy casualties. We still have some pilots, but are critically short of fighter craft. We plan to evacuate shortly as we are sure the Imperial Fleet will be headed in this direction." Princess Leia stated quickly.

"I congratulate you on this remarkable victory, and offer my condolences for your losses. You are coorect in evacuating as soon as possible. We will send coordinates to the fleet's location and shall meet you shortly. We will also work on replenishing your losses".

Just a few standard days later and Princess Leia was in the presence of Mon Mothma, along with a somewhat naive looking tan skinned boy with blonde hair and blue eyes that took her back 20 years. "Mon, I would like to introduce to you our new member and pilot; who not only helped me escape the Death Star; HE then fired the shot that destroyed the station…..Luke Skywalker". Mon barely contained a gasp….

"Hello young man, I would like to welcome you to the Alliance and thank you for your service."

The young man nodded with a smile, "Thank you Madam, it's an honor to be here".

"Please tell me about yourself." Mon added, curious as to what he would say.

"Not much to tell, I grew up on a moisture farm on Tatooine. My uncle and I bought some droids, it turned out they were the Princess's. The Empire killed my Aunt and Uncle looking for the droids, so Ben took me in. We charted a flight with Han and Chewie, and we headed off with the droids to Alderann, and you probably know the rest". Luke stated quickly.

"Excuse me, who's Ben?" Mon asked suddenly curious.

"Oh, sorry, Obi-Wan Kenobi…he was a hermit who lived out in the desert on Tatooine, not too far from our farm. Turns out he was a Jedi Knight. But he was killed on the Death Star by Darth Vader. He told me that Vader was one of his former students along with my father. He told me Vader killed my father…his troops killed my family, so I chose to go with Ben". Luke looked sad, but Mothma only nodded, while thinking about the obvious clever lie told to apparently protect Luke.

"Yes, I remember Kenobi during the Clone Wars, he and your father were quite the pair, I am sorry for your loss" She gestured to his belt. "Is that a lightsaber….are you a Jedi as well?" Mon asked hopefully.

"Yes it is my father's lightsaber…. I had only just started my training with Ben before all this, but I hope to find away to continue learning the ways of the Force." Luke stated proudly.

"Well, I believe in the Old Republic the Jedi Apprentices were given commissions as Commander in the Republic Forces….so Luke based on your performance at Yavin and your status as General and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi's apprentice, I herby offer you the commission of Commander in the Alliance Forces….if you will accept".

"Yes, of course I accept, thank you!" Luke beamed and Leia could hardly subdue a laugh at his excitement.

"Very well Commander Skywalker, dismissed".

Mon smiled wearily at the memory…..and now he knew the full truth, along with Leia, which was a good thing, and she smiled with the knowledge that everything had turned out all right.

"Luke, have you checked your datapad? Mon sent files about our mother". Leia's voice rang out of his comm.

"No, but how about I come over and we watch them together sis!" .

"Sure, Han's out getting parts so he can work on his hunk of junk so come on over.". Leia was more toned down, as she hadn't talked to him yet about their parentage.

Luke arrived and they promptly started watching the holos. Most were of political events and speeches, but the twins were entranced. Luke was stunned at how beautiful their mother was, how much she looked like Leia, and the roles she had take in government. In one though, Luke got a glimpse of something in the background.

"Hey go back….in the background….that's 3P0 and R2"! Luke exclaimed.

"That makes sense they were my fathers'…Bail's…..as long as I can remember. Like Mon he was a friend of our mother's. At some point they must have belonged to her. We will have to ask them when they get back, Han took them on the Falcon…..bet they are annoying him to death." Leia chuckled.

"I was hoping to see something of father, but if they kept their marriage secret I suppose it would be hard to find on anything official…maybe R2 can shed some light…" Luke had a hopeful tone in his voice, over disappointment.

"Oh, I am well sure R2D2 can tell you much young Luke". Luke and Leia spun around to see the shimmering form of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

"BEN!. I didn't think I would see you again! I have so many questions!"

"I am sure you do. I will answer some, but it is difficult to project to the physical world, so I will only have so long. And Princess Leia, my lady, I find it quite pleasant to meet you again. The last time I was in your presence was the day you were born." Leia simply nodded….at a bit of a shock to see what Luke had referred to as a "force ghost".

"Can father still project? I saw you, father, and Master Yoda the night of the battle, but only briefly." There was hope in Luke's voice.

"Yes, he can, but it is more difficult for him, both in the Force, and due to the remorse and guilt he feels over his actions. He still is coming to grips with his….poor choices and very un-Jedi like behavior the last 20 years. He also realizes that Leia will not likely accept him, and does not want to instill any anger in her, lest she follow in his path". Obi Wan was grave in his last sentence.

"I would NEVER follow his path" Leia said defiantly…"I….".

Obi-Wan cut her off, "Your father said the same when he was my Padawan apprentice."

"To the Dark Side, anger will lead, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering….experienced it your father did, fortunate to return was he". Another ghostly form appeared in front of Leia.

"Master Yoda" Luke said reverently, as he kneeled in front of him.

"Done well, you have Luke. The way of the force you will teach your sister, and learn from your brother's triumph and father's failure's you must". Yoda pushed an ereathreal gimmer stick at her. "Restablish the Jedi you will". Then he disappeared.

"I….I.." stammered Leia.

"Do not fear young princess, your brother will train you, but you must let go of your anger and hate".

"Ben, why were our parents married in secret, why were relationships disallowed? Is this why our father fell?" Luke pressed.

"Partially, it was his possessiveness of your mother and fear of her dying that caused him to turn to the Dark Side. In The Jedi Order, posessions and relationships were forbidden. It was feared by many, including most of the Jedi Council, that these would lead to unhealthy attachements. The Dark Side is fueled by negative emotion, and so we sought to control emotion. This was one of your father's downfalls. But it was his love for Padme and you both that caused him to finally turn on the Dark Side and Palpatine and destroy him".

"That makes no sense, how can someone full of love turn into the monster that Vader was?" Leia sounded angry and genuinely interested at the same time.

"The Dark Side of the force young princess is much like death sticks or spice. It's addicting, it takes over, it changes people to where there is little or no resemblance to who they were. Anakin thought by using the Dark Side he could keep your mother from death, he had forseen visions of her dying. This had happened to him before with his own mother, so he became fearful and Palpatine offered to teach him ways to save her from death, if he would become his knew apprentice. Unfortunately, not only did it not prevent it, it caused hers and countless others' deaths."

"Wait, Ben, are you saying he killed our mother?!" Luke interjected this time, shocked at this revelation.

"Depends on your point of view Luke, his actions lead to it yes, but Anakin was no longer in control at that point, the Dark Side consumed him. I would like to tell you more, but for now I must go. May the Force be with both of you." And with that Obi Wan shimmered away.

They both simply sat there. To stunned to speak. Finally Leia, said. " I don't know if I can forgive him Luke. But nor do I want to become like him. What must I do?"

"I will train you how to feel, use, and control the force. But Ben and Yoda are right. You cannot give into anger. The force is used for knowledge and defense, never for attack." Luke said, remembering Yoda's words. "In the meantime, while we have a lot of work to do, I would like to read these files Mon gave us, and research mother. Perhaps even go to Naboo. Perhaps we can learn more there."

"Yes, Naboo is lovely, although they suffered hard under the Empire, it was also Palpatine's home planet. In fact, he was Senator when our mother was Queen." Leia said.

"Wow." Luke pondered that. "That's a strange coincidence….it sounds like the Emporer's plotting went back to her.".

"Perhaps" Leia said quietly. "He has purged a lot of history, especially prior to him coming into the Senate, and father….Bail….told me never to believe the official stories." Leia sighed "I need to probably tell Han the whole story. I don't want it to get out and Han not have heard it from me. I am just not sure how he will take it. Vader tortured him on Bespin before carbon freezing him. I am scared he won't accept me."

"He loves you Leia, I am sure he will. I will be there when you tell him, if you like, that is up to you."

"I'll think about it". Leia smiled. "Yes, I might like that".

The twins wrestled with how and when to tell Han for several days. Finally, Leia just grabbed Luke and headed to the Falcon, determined to get it over with. Her biggest fear was how he would see her after he knew the truth and if she would lose him. They got to the landing pad and noticing the ramp was down, walked up the gangplank of the Millennium Falcon.

"What's up"? Han stated in his usual manner as the twins walked up into the Falcon. "You two have been acting weird for several weeks…..I mean sure secret twin stuff, but I feel in the dark".

"Han" Luke started, "Sit down with us. Leia and I have something to discuss with you".

Han looked at Leia, she seemed nervous, although the kid seemed his usual and now almost eerie calm.

"Ok…must be serious…".

"It's about our parents…" Leia said plainly. "We have known some information, have for awhile, but it's difficult…..". Leia stammered, and Han couldn't help but take notice at how out of character that was for her.

"Hey, it's ok…you can't judge someone by their parents….whatever it is, you know I support you two".

"Our mother was Queen of a planet…Naboo and later its Senator". Luke chimed in figuring he would go with the easy part first.

"Well…that's impressive….makes since….Leia IS a Princess….guess that makes you a Prince huh kid?" Han nudged him.

"I am ….was….the Princess of Alderann, by adoption. The Naboo, elect their Queen, so we aren't officially Nubian Royalty…well, we might rank as a Duke and Duchess…I'd have to look into their system." Leia was still uncharacteristically subdued.

Han chuckled.

"What"? Both twins said in unison.

"That means you could be….Luke the Duke…or Duke Luke". They all had a chuckled that only slightly lessened the mood.

Luke continued. "Unfortunately our mother died shortly after we were born. Because my father was a Jedi Knight, and the Empire was hunting them down, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Master Yoda had us separated. Leia went to Alderann and I went to my Aunt and Uncle on Tatooine; to hide us…we never knew each other, or our real parents. Even when we broke her out of the Death Star, I didn't know she was my twin".

"But Old man Kenobi knew right…and our father had already been killed by Vader when he separated you guys right?" Han asked. Both twins just sat there and Han could sense he struck a nerve. Leia started to say something….but then stopped….seemingly on the verge of falling apart.

"Han, the rest of the story is long, complicated, and there are parts we don't fully understand yet…..but…well" Luke looked at Leia who simply looked at Han…..who whispered to him, " I love you…please don't hate me….".

"Hate you?! Guys….whatever it is I can handle it" Han was getting a frustrated.

"Just tell him Luke." Leia said flatly.

"Han…our father…Anakin Skywalker; Obi-Wan's student….….he was seduced by the Dark Side of the Force by the man that would become the Emperor. He was told he could save or protect his wife. Our father wasn't killed by Darth Vader… He submitted to the Emperor as his apprentice and he BECAME Darth Vader".

Han just stared in stunned disbelief….and was quiet for several seconds as he looked back and forth at the twins. This wasn't remotely possible. He ran his hand through his hair.

"Your telling me, that you two are the children…of Darth Vader? I don't believe that, it's not possible". They just stood their quietly, nodding slightly.

After a few moments of standing there, Han took Leia in his arms.

"I love you" She whispered….

"I know" he whispered back. He then took his right arm and grabbed Luke's shoulder in reassurance.

"I don't know how or when you guys found out about this, or how you are getting through this…I am sure it's a hell of a story…..but it doesn't change anything…..you two and Chewie are the only family I've got…it don't mean nothin' to me….".

Leia cried. Luke just smiled.