"There are no unwanted children, just unfound families."- Unknown.


In my opinion, no 12-year-old should lose his or her parents.

Well, sadly I did.

It's pretty cliché, really. Kid sitting in back seat. Dad driving. Mom sitting in the passenger seat.

Deer or moose comes skidding across the road.

In my case, it was a moose.

A moose bigger then most. Just imagine it for a second. You're going 65MPH, this huge moose comes skidding onto the road, and you have no time to step on the brakes because it's completely dark out and you weren't expecting it.

At all.

That's what happened to my parents and I. It was even worse, because my dad's vehicle was a Ford Fiesta ST.

Quite a good looking car...but not made for running into a moose at 65MPH.

My injuries?

Well...I broke my left leg. I broke my right arm. I broke my collarbone, and cracked my head open when I hit it against my dad's shoulder when I snapped forward from the back seat. I got whiplash like you wouldn't believe.

It's obvious that the seat belt kept me from flying through the windshield. It just puts a knot in my stomach to know that my dad wasn't wearing his seat belt.

My dad went flying through the windshield. The moose went rolling over the vehicle and landed behind us.

I was unconscious when I was taken to the hospital. When I did finally come around, they did tell me my dad's injuries.

Broken nose and jaw. Cracked head and both of his arms snapped like twigs. His hands were mangled to nothing. The skin was completely gone.

They told me he died as soon as he hit the windshield.

I was able to keep my tears at bay when the doctor told me. I had taken a deep breath, and asked the question that I really wanted an answer to.

They told me that they couldn't tell me my mom's injuries. They were just that bad. The doctor had placed a hand on my shoulder and told me that she had died instantly.

I let the tears fall then. I kept my jaw clenched and didn't let any sound escape me, though.

I just didn't understand how my mom's injuries could have been more severe than my dad's. He's the one who didn't wear a seat belt.

She did.

He was the one who went crashing through the windshield.

She didn't.

I had no one else.

Grandparents? Dead.

Aunts and Uncles? Don't have any.

I was stuck in that damn hospital for over four months. The food was revolting.

The nurses?

Sickly sweet. They treated me like I was a baby!

I was 12! Not three!

Being 17 now, I'm sure they would still treat me like a young child if I ever went back. I hope to god I never have to.


Now, let me just get on to how Carlisle and Esme adopted me when I was 13. That day was both nerve-wracking and exciting.

It was July 22nd, 2009. I was getting ready to be adopted by Dr. and Mrs. Cullen. I put on a plain gray t-shirt with a black dress shirt on top. I left the buttons undone and pushed the sleeves up to my elbows.

I had on beige cargo shorts with black sneakers.

I thought I looked pretty damn good.

Ms. Cope had knocked on my door before coming in. She had started gushing about how cute I looked.


I was 13 years old, and she was calling me cute.

I had almost thrown up onto her shoes. I'm sure she would have killed me if I had done that. Wrung my neck out or something brutal like that.

I had waited in a small room for about 10 minutes. The walls were a faded blue, and I sat in a wooden chair with a table in front of me. Two chairs were on the other side for Dr. and Mrs. Cullen.

I just wanted to get out of there. I hated living in an adoption center. Nerves were fluttering in me as well.

Ms. Cope told me that they were nice.

That didn't mean shit to me back then.

Dr. Cullen looked to be in his twenties when he walked in with Mrs. Cullen beside him. His hair was a pale blond, and it looked like he ran his fingers through it a lot. It was slicked back, but not shining with a whole bunch of products in it.

It looked natural.

His eyes were a light blue, and...warm? He looked nice enough. He wore black dress pants and shoes. He had the sleeves of his dark red dress shirt rolled up to his elbows as well.

I had a feeling I was going to like him.

Mrs. Cullen had natural beauty to her. I could barely see any makeup on her face.

Her hair was a caramel color, and hung in loose ringlets down her back and over her shoulders. She only made it up to Dr. Cullen's chin.

Her light brown eyes were wide and very welcoming.

Well, I liked her as soon as I looked at her.

At the time, I'm pretty sure it was because she reminded me so much of my biological mother. Kind face and light colored hair.

I'm sure we talked for over 20 minutes. In the end, I wanted to go with them.

They cared. After living with other brats for a few months, I was desperate to be adopted. It was rare for a couple so young to adopt a teenager, though.

Carlisle was 23, and Esme was 21.

I left that nightmare of a place happily.

Now you know how I was adopted by Carlisle and Esme. Would you like to read about how I made my first friend? It was always hard for me because I wasn't the nicest kid on the block.

I had anger issues...still do.

"Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little."- Holley Gerth.

These chapters won't be very long. I could make them longer, but I like writing them short. Updates will be everyday. Just please remember...your reviews inspire me to keep writing and to do the best that I can do.