Disclaimer: This fanfiction is based in the era of the Roman Empire to give you all some context. Some practices from this empire
may be present in this story. I created a new Empire for this story. The Gotham Empire, totally original right? Wrong! I can't claim DC Universe, or
the Known World like many have done before *cough* Alexander the Great *cough* Napoleon *cough* Your face :B


Roman Coins and Values for an ass (donkey): as – bronze coin, basic unit of currency. dupondius – bronze coin, worth two asses. semis – bronze coin, also worth two asses. sestertius – bronze coin, worth four asses. quadrans – bronze coin, also worth four asses. denarius - silver coin, worth 16 asses. aureus – gold coin, worth 400 asses Imperial Currency ( . /article/40/).

1 gold aureus = 2 gold quinarii = 25 silver denarii = 50 silver quinarii = 100 bronze sestertii = 200 bronze dupondii = 400 copper asses = 800 copper semisses = 1600 copper quadrantes ( wiki/Denarius#Value).


some music to get you into the mood of the story:
Crusader Kings II Soundtrack - The Byzantine Empire ( watch?v=q1BiahgB6t8)
CK2 Songs of Byzantium - Legacy of Rome ( watch?v=cEZIECMhBjs)
Soundtrack - Gladiator - Now We Are Free (with lyric).flv ( watch?v=xButjfhZWVU)
Gladiator - Now We Are Free (Instrumental) ( watch?v=1q_vLw3s2VU)


I was inspired to write this after taking a class on the ancient Byzantium Empire.

Gotham is the equivalent of Rome as a city-state.

Robin is from Ainamor in the Kingdom of Romania (Ainamor is Romania spelled backwards, if you haven't already figured it out :). But Romania was also another name for the Roman Empire.

Note 1: Dick will go by Robin throughout this story! Just so you are all aware. I thought it sounded a little cooler, but maybe that's just me.

Note 2: This chapter might seem unimportant right now, but it has a purpose in later chapters. ^_^


On with the show...

The Changing of a Heart

By: Fanficer21

Chapter 1: Prologue


The sound of laughter filled the air with like a bell as a young boy ran on the pathways inside the confines of the garden his family owned. His ebony hair was a mess, and his bangs fell over his robin's egg blue eyes. Said eyes became fixated on a bee collecting pollen as he stopped to stare at a large, but incredibly beautiful blue rose. The blue rose was the symbol of his family's household, and his mother's favorite flower. His family were street performers who showed their dancing and acrobatic skills by day. By night Mary Grayson weaved rugs, tapestries, and even sewed dresses for the wealthier classes. John Grayson, also by night, tended the sheep with other men of their city. On a few occasions Robin would help them while he learned new skills. They lived in the city of Ainamor, a small, but populous city at the edge of the Romanian Kingdom.

"Robin! Honey, breakfast is ready." Mary called from the doorway, watching the boy jump from excitement from his position and run towards the house with a huge grin on his face. His mother just smiled as she walked back into the small house.

"Mama! Mama! Guess what! I saw a beeeeee!" The eight year old exclaimed excitedly while waving his arms in every direction making his Mary laugh. "You did! Well, we're just going to have to tell that to papa, now aren't we?" She leaned down a ruffled his hair eliciting a giggle from the boy.

"Tell me what?" A deep voice sounded behind them causing Robin's eyes to grow wide and sparkle with joy."Papa! Papa! I saw a be on Mama's flower. It was this big!" He stretched his arms sideways to their maximum capacity after running to his father. John chuckled as he ruffled his son's hair.

"What's for breakfast Mama?" John asked, standing up and walking over to his wife before giving her a peck on the lips. Robin stuck his tongue out and made the 'yuck' sound. This only caused his parents to laugh. "Oh Robin, we you grow up it won't seem so yucky." Mary snickered as she walked into the small kitchen and pulled out a small clay pot from a cabinet. "I traded three of my rugs for this pot of honey! Now we can eat breakfast like a king!" She laughed again when both John's and Robin's eyes sparkled. Their meal consisted of bread, now honey, and fruits and vegetables from the garden.

As soon as he was finished eating, Robin ran outside to play in garden again and see if he could find the bee. Both mother and father stood in the doorway watching their adorable son, and thinking what a handsome young man he would be become in years to come. Perhaps he would find a nice young woman and give them a precious grandchild. But that would be years from now, and was no use mulling it over too much because Robin was still just a child and had a long happy life ahead of him.

Or so they thought.


Sorry this was so short. I just wanted to draw everyone in first. I promise you this story is very dramatic and tissues may be needed for various parts. Though I warn you all now! This is not for the faint of heart, because some chapters contain blood, trauma, and other things. But it also will have parts that make you cheer for the characters, as well as hate the some others.