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The Changing of a Heart

By. Fanficer21

Chapter 14: Part 3


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Bruce stood on one side of the table while Barry stood on the other side, a scale between them as they began the adoption ceremony. Everyone else stood on either side of them to witness the event. Copper was placed on one side of the scale, bringing it to hang closer to the table. Bruce put money into the other side of the scale, symbolically buying Robin, before removing the money. Barry then placed the money into the same side of the scale, evening out the balance again as he bought Robin back. They did this two more times, but on the third time, Barry did not buy Robin back.* This showed that Robin now belonged to Bruce, and that part of the adoption process was done.

"Is that it?" Robin asked with a smile as the two men nodded to each other, smiles on both of their faces. Looking to the boy, Bruce shook his head. "There is one more thing to do before it can be official. Now I need to present a legal case to the magistrate as to why I wish to adopt you.** Then it is finished." He said, ruffling the boy's hair, causing Robin to laugh.

"And when are you going to do that?" Robin asked, removing the man's hand from his head. "This afternoon. As soon as I find one of the magistrates." Bruce smiled when the boy's eyes seemed to light up. "Let's go." Bruce said to everyone before putting an arm around Clark's shoulders as they walked towards the city center, he still had a limp from the fight with Rekoj two days before. Both his and Robin's wounds were healing quickly, but they still hurt a lot.

Once they found the magistrate they were looking for, the Praetor, Bruce couldn't hold his excitement much longer. He could feel the energy rushing through his veins. He was going to have a son. Robin felt much the same way. He didn't ever want to forget his mother and father, but he wanted to be with Bruce. He wanted Bruce to be his new father. Being adopted meant that he would lose all right of his previous life. He would no longer be Robin from Ainamor, instead he would become Robin of Gotham.***

Being adopted by Bruce meant that he would become the heir to his father's estate, his home and everything he owned. Essentially, Robin would literally go from rags to riches in a matter of moments, from a slave to a son of one of the wealthiest men in Gotham.***

Being adopted by Bruce meant that his old life would disappear. This also meant that any record of him ever being a slave would no longer exit, except for the markings placed upon his body.***

Being adopted by Bruce meant that after this moment, he would forever be Bruce's son in the eyes of the law. Nothing would ever change that.***

Being adopted meant that a lot of things would change for Robin, but he was okay with it, as long as he could live a happy life. He could never forget his mother and father, or Livi. From this moment on, his life would never be the same. All these thoughts filled Robin's mind and before he knew it, they had reached the magistrate building. Taking a deep breath, Bruce stepped inside with Clark's help. The others followed close between with Robin at the back. The boy couldn't help but hesitate. Taking the next step, there would be no turning back. Was he truly ready for this? Robin thought as doubt inched its way into his mind. Looking at the faces of the seven people, he did not see any fear, hesitation, or doubt. All he saw was hope in their eyes. Switching his attention to Bruce, the boy only saw understanding. He knew the man would not force him into this if he did not feel ready, but the man hoped that he would choose to go through with it. Keeping his eyes locked with those of his master, Robin inhaled deeply before taking the first step into the building. As soon as he stood beside the others, he smiled brightly, causing the others to smile as well.

Diana knelt down in front of the boy, cupping his left cheek with her other hand on his right shoulder. "I'm so proud of you, my brave boy!" She smiled before kissing his right cheek, causing Robin to blush before he hugged her. While still in her embrace, the boy felt the others pat his back or ruffle his hair. He lost his family, but he had gained a new one, and he couldn't be happier.

"Ahem!" Everyone looked to see an older man in a toga standing a few feet away, a look of boredom on his face. Bruce, getting back to the matter at hand, stood up straight in Clark's hold. "I wish to adopt this boy." He said, watching the man intently as he motioned to Robin. The Praetor looked at Bruce dryly, then to the boy, before sighing as he turned around. "Follow me!" The man barked over his shoulder with a wave of his hand.

Once situated in the room the praetor took them to, the older man coughed into his fist while eyeing everyone critically, especially Bruce. He coughed once more before speaking to his silent audience. "Why do you wish to adopt this boy Bruce? I always took you for a lady's man, or a loner. But never a father. Please, indulge me!" He finished with a smile, causing Bruce to smile apprehensively. Robin couldn't stop his body from shaking slightly, every worst-case scenario running through his head at once. A gentle hand on his shoulder quickly calmed him from his fear. Looking up, the boy saw Diana looking down at him with a smile. He smiled back when she brought her other hand to rest on his head and brush her fingers through his messy hair. The motion of her hand
caused his body to relax, as he leaning into her slightly closing his eyes.

In what seemed a moment later, Robin was swept out of Diana's soothing hold and into the arms of Bruce, who proceeded to swing him in the air as he moved in a circular motion. "We did it!" Bruce shouted happily with the biggest smile Robin had ever seen him wear. The boy was then abruptly crushed against Bruce's chest in a tight embrace. The man's fingers weaved their way into the boy's hair as he whispered against Robin's ear. "My son."

Tears formed in the corners of Robin's eyes as at the words his new father whispered to him so lovingly. His hands clenching the material of Bruce's toga as he let the tears fall onto his father's shoulder.

"Thank you! F-F-Fath-er..." Robin whispered back, feeling the arms around him tighten their hold. He couldn't see everyone's smiles of joy, and the tears in Diana's, Dinah's, Barry's, and Wally's eyes. But he could feel the love surrounding them in the room.

"Enough with this lovey dovey crap! Now get out of here before I change my mind!" The praetor grumbled, a smirk on his face as he shewed everyone out of the room.

"Yes sir!" They all said with smiles on their faces. Robin, looking at Bruce, and everyone else, realized that his life would never be the same. Despite what the future would hold for him, he couldn't be more happy than he was now with his new family to guide and protect him.

...OR IS IT?


Note: All information on the adoption ceremony in this chapter was found in: PATRIA POTESTA AND THE ROMAN CEREMONY OF ADOPTION : /church_history/italy/devotionals_ . The site was found on pilgrimtours dot com.

I found it while searching on google.

*"In adoption a person had to pass from one patria potestas to another. He had to pass out of the possession and control of one father into the equally absolute control and possession of another. There were two steps. The first was known as mancipatio, and it was carried out by a symbolic sale, in which copper and scales were symbolically used. Three times the symbolism of sale was carried out. Twice the father symbolically sold his son, and twice he bought him back; and the third time he did not buy him back and thus the patria potestas was held to be broken."

**"After the sale there followed a ceremony called vindicatio. The adopting father went to the praetor, one of the Roman magistrates, and presented a legal case for the transference of the person to be adopted into his patria potestas. When all this was completed the adoption was complete."

***"There were four main consequences. (1) The adopted person lost all rights to his old family, and gained all the rights of a fully legitimate son in his new family. In the most literal sense, and in the most legally binding way, he got a new father. (2) It followed that he became heir to his new father's estate. Even if other sons were afterwards born, who were real blood relations, it did not affect his rights. He was inalienably co-heir with them. (3) In law, the old life of the adopted person was completely wiped out. For instance, legally all debts were cancelled; they were wiped out as though they had never been. The adopted person was regarded as a new person entering into a new life with which the past had nothing to do. (4) In the eyes of the law the adopted person was literally and absolutely the son of the new father."


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