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Damien – 5 years old

Damien was in an uncomfortable state of half way between anxious and excited. He had mostly gotten used to all these pokemon things everywhere, and he loved school now that he didn't share classes with his cousin; but he wasn't sure how he felt about the two being merged together.

Today was Pokemon Day, and a trainer from Kanto was coming in to show off his team. He was nervous about the strange pokemon; but he knew he would be okay because his new dad, Simon, had told him he could take Nora, his mightyena, with him to school. Nora was great, she'd always protected him, ever since she'd found him in the woods.

Simon patted Damien on the back as they stood at the school gate. He had told him he didn't have to go to school today if he didn't want to, but Damien had told him that he was too brave to stay home. Simon was rather proud of him.

They both gasped when a giant rock snake reared up over the school building.

"Off you go." Simon told Damien, hoping he hadn't frozen.

"Yeah...bye, dad!" Damien yelled, running off behind the school building.

Simon chuckled at his son's new found enthusiasm before returning home.

Damien bounded to the play field behind the school to see this giant pokemon better. It was huge! It was bigger than the whole field, so it had curled up to fit in. He'd always loved snakes, and this was the biggest one he'd ever seen. It's entire body was made of a string of boulders, with another even bigger boulder for a head.

"How long do we have to let these brats climb on us?" The boulder snake asked

Damien gasped, this boulder snake could speak English! Of course, this was the only boulder snake he had ever seen, so maybe they could all speak English. He was going to ask. Probably. Maybe. Well, dad had said asking questions was okay, and so did the nice lady down the road who looked after him Thursday evenings, and so did Miss White, his teacher, so maybe the boulder snake would let him ask.

Damien inched forward until he was within talking distance to the boulder snake, then tried to squash down his nerves.

"'Cuse me, are you the only boulder snake that can speak English, or can all of them?" Damien murmured in a rush.

He doubted the boulder snake heard him, but it whipped it's head around to face him. Damien jumped and shoved his hand in his pocket to grab Nora's pokeball. The boulder snake sniffed him a couple times before replying.

"I'm not speaking English, kid, you're speaking Onix. Can you speak golem too? OI! Bullwinkle, get your ass over here!" The boulder snake roared the last part.

Damien flinched at the volume and was prepared to run, but he heard something large and heavy walk up behind him. It stomped around him until it was standing in front of the boulder snake. This pokemon was also a giant boulder, but it was only one boulder, with stubby arms and legs and a tiny little head.

It rumbled something to him and he staggered to the side in case it was about to attack or something.

"So, you can't understand her?" The boulder snake asked him.

Damien jerked his head to the side.

"Well, that's a 'no' on talking to rock pokemon..." The boulder snake murmured to itself

The other boulder pokemon rumbled something else, this time to the boulder snake.

"That would be weird." The boulder snake replied, "But on the other hand... OI, TRAINER!"

Everyone in the field jumped at the volume, and some of the other kids screamed. The trainer hurried over to see what was wrong with his onix.

In all the confusion, Damien ran to Miss White in order to hide behind her legs. He could hear the boulder snake calling for him, but he was going to stay where he was until it quietened down.


"You're going in your poke-ball if you don't stop it," Damien told Eclipse sternly.

He ignored Fred and George's snickering as he tried to glare at his hoothoot, an endeavour complicated by her sitting on his head, again. They had a brief staring contest before Eclipse moved to his shoulder. Damien grinned, recognizing it as a win. He turned back to Lee Jordan, a dark skinned boy with black dreadlocks.

"Now, tell me more about your little spider."

Lee gave a very untrustworthy glance at Eclipse before smiling.

"Just so long as your owl doesn't try to eat it again," he replied.

"She's a hoothoot, and she won't," Damien corrected with a warning look at said hoothoot.

Eclipse just shuffled her wings, trying to look innocent. Damien snorted, he'd had enough experience with his other pokemon to fall for that.

They were on the Hogwarts Express, a large, red, steam-train heading to Hogwarts. Damien wasn't overly impressed with it; for all its bright looks, the train was unbelievably slow, taking over eight hours just to go not even five hundred miles. He'd been on the magnet train between Goldenrod City and Saffron City a couple times with his dad when he was younger, and that was about three hundred miles, but it had only taken an hour and a half.

It was just him, the twins and Lee Jordan in the compartment. No one else interrupted them until an old lady with a trolley knocked on the door. The trolley was packed with sweets, and Damien was more thankful than ever that Mrs. Weasley had given him some of the local money, even if he hadn't seen the point at the time. He hadn't been able to buy much, but he got a couple Chocolate Frogs and a bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

His first bean tasted like dirt, but then he got one tasting like a pecha berry. Obviously, whoever was in charge of the flavours had a bit too much time on their hands. He offered one to Eclipse, but she turned her beak up at it. He watched in amusement as she gave him a nasty look and flew to one of the twin's shoulders.

When the sun started sinking below the horizon, two girls and a guy entered their compartment. They greeted the twins happily and were glibly introduced to Damien as "the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch team" by one of the twins. After a bit of prodding, Lee elaborated and told him that the shorter girl was Alicia Spinnet, the taller one was Angelina Johnson, and Oliver Wood was the guy. Apparently the third chaser and the seeker from last year had both graduated.

The team hung out for a bit before the newcomers headed back out to change into their school robes. Once the door was closed, Fred locked it with a quick charm so that they could safely change without risking interruption. Well, Fred, George, and Lee changed, Damien pulled his robes over his trousers and t-shirt, not wanting to be only wearing what was essentially a dress. He grimaced at the bulky feeling of the robes over top of his normal clothes. He already felt slower; the only thing that reassured him was the fact that he could just yank the robes off it he really needed to move.

He spent the rest of the train ride in a bit of a huff at his robes; he couldn't imagine having to wear it every day for classes. He had no intention of wearing the cloak he'd had to buy, not when he'd packed his winter coat in his trunk.

He was trying to think of a way to get out of wearing the pointy hat when the train pulled to a stop at a gloomy platform. He couldn't see much beyond it out the window, a lantern hanging from Hagrid's, of all people, hand stopped him from getting any sort of night vision.

"If it makes you-"

"-Feel any better, we know-"

"-For a fact, that-"

"-You're going to have to fight-"

"A troll for your sorting." The twins finished together with a grin.

Damien's face instantly brightened and he bounced excitedly.

"Really? Whats a troll?" He asked and the twins exchanged a look.

It was George that answered him as he moved past, "Sorry, it's supposed to be a surprise."

"Leave your trunk, they'll be moved to your room," Fred added.

Damien pouted but followed them, Eclipse riding on his shoulder, out into the dark night. He couldn't hold onto the pout for long before he was grinning again. He couldn't wait to see this troll.

"Firs' years! Firs' years over here! C'mon follow me - any more firs' years? Mind yer step now! Firs' years follow me."

Damien's grin widened at the loud familiar voice and he ran over.

"Hey, Hagrid."

"Hello Damien, yer lookin' well."

Once all the older students had left, and only Hagrid and the first years were left on the platform, he led them down a steep, narrow, slippery path. Out of all the eleven year olds, Damien had the easiest time. He was used to walking in strange places at strange times of day, and the path wasn't nearly as bad as that one, and only, time he'd tried getting through Meteor Falls.

"Yeh'll get yer fir's sight o' Hogwarts in a sec, jus' round this bend here," Hagrid said, loud enough to be heard over the general chatter.

Unlike his fellow classmates, who were ooahing at the castle, Damien was far more interested in the large lake between them and the magic school. He wasn't sure how he'd missed it last time, but he supposed he hadn't had much time to explore. It looked like a great place for Pearly to swim.

"No more'n four ta a boat!" Hagrid said, while pointing to a dozen small, wooden boats tied to a pier along the edge of the lake.

Damien took one look at them and snorted.

'Why would I use a boat now that I can finally let out my huntail?' He thought to himself

It took a minute for him to find his huntail's pokeball. Between his robes getting in the way of his pocket, and the pokeball having gotten buried under his other five, it took a fair bit of rummaging to get the one he wanted. Finally, he pulled out the ball he wanted and his huntail appeared in a flash of red light in the waters of the lake.

The large water pokemon happily swam in a circle in the cold water. Damien laughed as he watched; he'd forgotten that it had been a quite while since Pearly had been in such a large body of water. Most of the water she'd had to swim in lately had been rivers or smaller lakes. Damien also found the gasps and screams of his fellow first years highly amusing. You would think they had never seen a deep sea pokemon before.

"Wha's this? Another one of yer pokemon, Damien?"

Damien turned a wide grin up at Hagrid and nodded.

"This is Pearly, my huntail."

Hagrid nodded in reply.

"Yeh'll have ter introduce us properly later, we oughtta be gettin' to the castle. Yeh sure yeh want to be ridin' 'er? Water's cold."

Damien just waded through the water to Pearly's side in answer. He had to bite back a shriek; Hagrid was right, the water was ice cold. He tried not to show it though.

He pulled himself onto Pearly's back once she stopped wriggling around. Once he was seated, he clung to the large fin on top of her head, but was still submerged up to his chest.

He knew fine well he would be numb by the time they finally got across to the other side, but it had been sufficiently long since he last got to swim with Pearly that he wasn't about the change his mind.

Once Hagrid had gotten everyone else into the boats, he got into one of his own and tapped the side of it with his pink umbrella. Immediately, the small fleet of rowboats started pulling away from the pier and started across the lake.

Damien and Pearly more or less followed them, though they did take a quick detour to an interesting looking rock. It was less interesting up close, but it let him take more advantage of the chance to swim with her. He had always liked riding Pearly, she swam by wiggling her entire body back and forth instead of just her tail. It was way more fun than riding in a boat.

Except for the sound of the water lapping on the hulls of the boats, the lake was silent; they couldn't even hear the older students doing whatever they did to get to the castle. Damien peered into the dark water and made a silent vow to return in the day time. He couldn't wait to see what kind of pokemon lived in the lake's depths.

All the newbies gasped in astonishment when the castle came fully into view. Damien, who had already seen it, was preoccupied with studying the lake; he thought he had seen something move in the distance. He was debating investigating, but then they went through a tunnel and came up to a small harbour. He clambered off of Pearly with a splash and called her back into her poke-ball as he joined the other kids.

He thought he heard Hagrid say something about a politoed but he was too busy trying to rub some feeling back into his arms and legs to pay too much attention. Pretty quickly, he was surrounded by kids, all asking about his 'sea monster.' Damien, happy as ever to talk about his pokemon, answered their questions as they made their way out of a tunnel and up to the front door of the school.

Hagrid said something again about a politoed but Damien still didn't get a chance to ask because the man was knocking on the door.

"The firs' years, Professor McGonagall," Hagrid said to the women that opened the door.

Damien dimly recognized meeting her when he had stayed at the castle for the day, though he hadn't gotten her name then. McGonagall was tall and had a very stern look on her face as she glanced over the new students.

'Note to self, avoid being around her when breaking rules," Damien thought to himself as she led the kids into the castle.

The old witch led them into a small room across from the great hall. Damien thought that was a bit weird; he had explored the castle a bit, and he knew there were bigger rooms than this. Why shove a bunch of kids into what was probably the only one where they ended up cramped?

He found himself studying the other first years instead of listening to the stern witch's speech. He heard something about houses and points but didn't really care. Ron was looking pale and nervous over to one side, so he and made his way over to stand next to him. He offered the boy a grin and a nod.

McGona-something finished her speech and left, so Damien let out Ash and turned back to Ron again.

"So, are you excited?"

Ron gave him a look as though he was crazy.

"Are you? The twins said the sorting hurts a lot," Ron said with a gulp.

Damien just grinned wider and bounced excitedly.

"I know, they told me we have to fight a troll," Damien said excitedly.

Ron's face went even paler then before and Damien laughed happily.

"What's a troll anyways? I've never heard of one, but they sound really cool."

Ron didn't have time to answer his question before a bunch of people screamed, causing both boys to jump. Behind them, a bunch of ghosts had floated through the wall to look them over. Damien couldn't help but scowl at the sight of them.

"Stupid, uncatchable ghosts," he muttered, annoyed, and Ron glanced at him confused.

Before Ron could ask, Ash flew up past Damien to float in front of the other ghosts. Damien smiled, Ash always got so territorial in front of other ghosts. He couldn't hear his Shuppet, but he would bet Ash wasn't being complimentary, what with the expressions of shock on the ghost's faces.

"I have never heard such language in my entire death, you should be ashamed," a fat ghost rebuked, Damien recognized him as the one he had tried to catch before.

The ghosts gasped as Ash said something else, clearly rude by the sounds of it. Before his Shuppet could do anything else, the tall Mc-witch arrived. The other ghosts flew off, glaring at Ash, while Ash himself just floated back to his master's side.

The witch led them into the Great Hall. Most of the other kids gasped in either surprise or delight, but Damien just glanced briefly at the candles floating in mid-air before looking around for the troll. He couldn't see anything but they were probably keeping it somewhere else until they were ready. He heard the a bushy haired girl saying something about the ceiling and then McGonagall was placing down a stool with a hat on top and Damien blinked in confusion.

Suddenly, a rip, just above the hat's brim, opened and the hat began to sing.

"Oh you may not think me pretty,
But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.

You can keep your bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.

There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.

You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;

You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
if you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;

Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.

So put me on! Don't be afraid!
And don't get in a flap!
You're in safe hands (though I have none)
For I'm a Thinking Cap!"

Ron let out a relieved sigh at the same time as Damien straightened in anger. He spun around until he could see the twins laughing at their table and shook a fist at them.

"Stupid jerks, getting my hopes up," he muttered.

He noticed a pudgy boy looking at him in confusion and decided to elaborate.

"All we have to do is try on a hat, that's so boring," he explained with a huff.

He got tired of the sorting really quickly. People just sat on the stool with the hat on their head, 'till it shouted out a house; so, he took the chance to study the banners hanging by the tables while he waited.

'Boring murkrow thing ... black and white linoone thing ... yellow luxray thing … oooh a snake one.' He thought to himself

Damien didn't even know what house it was, but he wanted in. Any house with a snake as its mascot had to be awesome. He dragged his eyes back to the hat as he heard the name-

"Potter, Harry."

-called out. Why did all the adults around him insist on using his old name? His annoyance only grew when the hat dropped on his head and he realized that it was big enough to cover his eyes completely. Well, Ash would let him know if, for example, a rampaging mob of vigoroth smashed through the door. It had only happened once before, but he had been glad of the warning then, and he would be glad of another warning if it ever happened again.

"Well now, you are interesting," a voice in his mind said.

"And you're a talking hat," Damien replied, still bored.

He had really been looking forward to a troll. He heard a soft snort in the back of his head before the hat spoke again.

"Now where should I put you?"

"I want to go to the snake house," Damien replied, and he could pretty much feel a startled blink.

"You would do well in Slytherin, but you might do better in Hufflepuff. You have a lot of loyalty."

"Nah, put me with the snakes," Damien replied and there was silence for a moment.

He got a feeling the hat was looking through his redeeming qualities, which there was a lot of because, frankly, he was pretty awesome.

"Hey, you got a name?" He asked the hat.

"No one has ever asked me that before," the hat replied, "Most just call me the Sorting Hat."

Damien frowned.

"Well that's rude. I think I'll call you...Hatty, no wait! Bob."

There was silence for a moment before-

"Hatty? Bob?" The hat said, incredulously.

"There's nothing wrong with either of those names," Damien replied defensively.

He definitely heard laughter in the back of his mind.

"Alright then, Mr. Koch-"

"Call me Damien," he interrupted and heard a sigh.

"Alright Damien, you would fit well in Slytherin, your ambition is great and you hate being manipulated."

Damien got the feeling that Bob was smiling mischievously.

"I have a feeling that you will do the house some good."

There was definitely a sense of mischief in Bob's voice now.

"I hope you will come visit after you get settled in SLYTHERIN!"

"I will," Damien promised, before the hat got whipped off his head.

Damien blinked in confusion once he could see again, everyone was staring at him in shock. He shrugged and headed over to the snake table to grab a seat. After he sat down, everyone started whispering, almost drowning out the next two sortings. He couldn't think of any explanation for it, other than the long chat he had had with Bob.

He huffed in annoyance when he noticed Ash had disappeared, but he figured he would show back up again later. Ash often wandered off, but usually for no longer than a couple hours.

He glanced around the table, looking at the other snakes, and was not impressed. A lot of them looked like rich kids and seemed quite content to talk about him instead of to him. It was rather rude, but he supposed that's what happened when your parents bought everything for you, instead of making you earn it yourself.

There was a couple more students left to get sorted, but Damien ignored them in favour of calling out his seviper.

"No ones talking to me and I'm bored, Sevi, entertain me," he said

Sevi swayed in place, eyeing the students that were staring at him in shock.

"I could bite one," he offered. "That would be funny."

Damien considered it for a moment before sighing.

"Nah, lets not poison them on the first day," he replied.

The whispering around the Great Hall could hardly be called whispering any more, it was sufficiently loud that the headmaster had to call for silence before the sorting could continue.

Despite the headmaster's intervention, a low murmur persisted through out the rest of the sorting. He heard the word "parslemouth" several times, whatever that was, and something about snakes and dark. He couldn't help but snort at that; there were no dark snakes, they were all at least partially poison type, except for onix, of course.

He heard "Harry Potter" a lot too, often enough to consider actually allowing Sevi to bite someone. It would certainly reinforce the idea that that wasn't really his name.

Finally, the hat called out - "SLYTHERIN," - for the last student and the sorting was over.

The taller, dark skinned boy that had just been sorted approached him. He studied Damien for a moment before sitting across from him. The boy's dark eyes slid from him to Sevi and then back again.

Not that Damien noticed any of this, he was busy looking around to try and see what would happen next. Theoretically, it couldn't be any less interesting than the sorting, but it was adults in charge, and he knew to never underestimate any adult's ability to suck the fun out of almost anything.

The headmaster rose from his overly ornate chair and stretched his arms out.

"Welcome!" He said. "Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin out banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you!"

"That's not what human speeches normally sound like, is it?" Sevi asked from his side.

"No. He's probably going senile, or something." Damien replied.

Sevi's comment on the headmaster's sanity was ignored in favour of staring at the piles of food that had just appeared on the table. Damien's staring didn't last long, however, and he rapidly started piling mounds of potatoes, yorkshire puddings, and pidgey on his plate. A minute later, he had to pile more pidgey on because Sevi had snatched his first lot.

"I'm Blaise, Blaise Zabini," the boy across from him said and Damien grinned, finally someone willing to talk to him.

"I'm Damien Koch," he replied.

Blaise studied him with a curious expression.

"And here I thought you were Harry Potter, my mistake," the boy said dryly.

Damien grinned in response, liking this guy's humour.

"I -" Damien started to reply, but was quickly interrupted by Sevi.

"This pidgey tastes weird."

"Shush, Sevi, I'm talking to Blaise."

"It does! Try it."

Sevi reared up and lay his head on the table, determined to not be ignored. Damien speared a small bit of pidgey with his fork and popped it in his mouth. He had no other way of getting Sevi out of the way; having a team of pokemon that were all stronger than him was definitely a drawback at times.

"This does taste weird." Damien said, surprised, after he'd had a chance to chew.

"I told you." Sevi replied, before taking the rest of Damien's pidgey and slithering underneath the table.

Damien looked back up at Blaise to see the corners of his mouth twitching.

"Does this happen often?" He asked

"Pretty much any time I eat and they're within grabbing distance. I know I should train them better, but considering they're the ones that do the hunting, I don't really mind all that much." Damien replied


"The rest of my team. Uh, I'll introduce you later, having them all out at the same time tends to get messy, even without piles of food everywhere."

"What kind of snake is he?" Blaise asked, curiously.

His voice was calm, but Damien could see genuine interest in the boy's eyes.

"He's a seviper," Damien replied happily, "he's poisonous in the fangs and tail-"

"-and is going to be in trouble if he doesn't get his jaws off the table," he finished with a hiss.

Sevi had reappeared from under the table and was trying to grab a fillet of some kind of white fish from a large platter.

"You weren't going to eat it," the snake hissed, after he had finished swallowing.

"You switched into parsletongue in the middle of a sentence." Blaise said, intrigued. "Does that happen naturally when you talk to snakes or do you have to think about it?"

Damien glanced at the darker boy and, after noticing the honest interest and curiosity coming from the boy, grinned.

"You're an academic, aren't you?" he said, amused, before answering the boy's questions as best as he could.

Between guarding his food from Sevi and talking with Blaise, the dinner passed quickly enough. There had been an odd moment when he was studying the teachers table; his head had started hurting, sending a sharp, hot flash of pain shot across the scar on his forehead that made him wince. The pain had passed pretty quickly though, so he hadn't thought much of it, but Ash appeared from somewhere behind that staff's table and started fussing over him. Eventually, he managed to convince him to stop by promising to go see the nurse later.

He had no idea why Ash got so concerned about the scar. A few months back, he'd gotten Sevi to act as translator and tried to find out what was bugging Ash about it. Unfortunately, all he learnt was that Ash didn't really know either, just that there was something about the scar on his head that he didn't like. Strangely enough, the kirlia he'd played with when he was younger hadn't liked it either, though she also couldn't explain why.

Once all the food had disappeared, the room went quiet as Dumbles got to his feet.

Damien scoffed when the man mentioned the forest was forbidden. There was no way he was staying away from the woods, he couldn't wait to see what kind of pokemon lurked there. He would just have to avoid getting caught. The announcement that magic was not to be used in the corridors didn't bother him at all. After all, his pokemon weren't magic, so he wouldn't even have to be careful about breaking that one.

The end of his speech was probably the most important. A corridor that causes death? That sounded interesting. The coolest things were always in the most dangerous of places. He would have to do some investigating first though, after all he didn't want to get in over his head. Maybe he'd send Ash through first, the ghost pokemon was already dead, after all.

One very silly song later, he and Blaise were following their house prefects out of the Great Hall and down into the dungeons.

Damien frowned as they moved along as they walked; none of the kids here had pokeballs that he could see. They were all old enough to have started their journeys, but there wasn't a single ball in sight. It lent some credence to the old man's theory that there weren't any pokemon here, except he had seen some himself and he refused to believe it.

He glanced around and sighed; Ash had disappeared again. Hopefully he was keeping out of trouble.

He blinked when they stopped outside a stone wall.

"The password's Salazar." one of the prefects said, and a hidden door opened. "It changes on the first of every month and the new password will be posted on the noticeboard a week in advance."

Damien whistled impressed as they walked through the doorway. He glanced down at Sevi with a questioning look on his face.

"Yes, I can find our way back here," the seviper hissed in reply to the unasked question.

Damien nodded, satisfied that he would be able to find his way back from any late night explorations.

He glanced around the room, which was large with stone walls. Considering they were in the dungeons, he supposed it made sense. There was a large window on the back wall which looked out to the inside of the lake. Chairs, tables and couches were scattered throughout the room and a fire was crackling in a marble fireplace, under the window.

"Boy's rooms are first doors down that hall on the right, girl's are on the left. Get settled in and be back here in half an hour for a short meeting to introduce you to our Head of House." The prefect announced, before sweeping down the corridor he had indicated as the guy's.

Damien practically skipped, except he didn't 'cause men don't skip, down the hall, dragging Blaise along with him. He tugged him into the room with "First Years" engraved on the door and looked around. It was large with another window to the lake. There was green carpeting on the floor which he definitely appreciated; cold stone floors would not be fun. Six beds were arranged around the room and he happily dropped onto the one with his trunk at the end.

"Oh, this has got to be one of the softest beds ever," he said into the soft, green pillow.

When he rolled onto his back, he saw there were black curtains edged with silver that he would be able to close around the bed for privacy. He glanced at the other beds when he heard Sevi's hiss of warning. Four other boys had entered the room and were watching him.

All of them were pale; the smallest one was blond and had a rich boy vibe. Damien hated rich boys; they were all "My daddy bought me this pokemon" and "Look at how many full restores I have, even though I've never been inside a gym in my entire life."

Two of the boys looked big, strong, and dumb. The fourth was studying him as an opponent. He recognized the look of one pokemon trainer trying to figure out the strength and wit of another.

"So you're Harry Potter," the blond boy said.

"Call me Damien," he replied, attempting to keep his tone civil.

"My name is Draco Malfoy," the boy responded imperiously. "And these are Crabbe and Goyle."

Damien nodded in response.

'Definitely a rich kid,' he thought.

The boy had the snobby voice thing down to a T. He had to live with him until he found a way home, though, so best not to make enemies yet. He glanced down briefly, saw Sevi watching them all intently, and glanced back at the last boy and raised an eyebrow.

The boy offered him a small smile, and an acknowledgement from one opponent to another, "I'm Theodore Nott."

"It's clear that you weren't raised a wizard, Koch," Draco said.

There was definitely a note of distaste in his voice and Damien frowned.

"So?" he asked.

"So, it can be far too easy to make mistakes; make the wrong friends or choices, I can help you there."

Damien eyed the boy in dislike and shook his head.

"I've always liked making my own choices, be they mistakes or not, so, no thanks," he replied.

His seviper hissed in amusement as Draco's cheeks tinted.

"I don't think he's used to being told 'no'," Sevi said and Damien smiled.

"I agree, he'll have to get used to it though."

He ignored the other boys attempting to start conversation again. Really, it was only Draco trying, since Crabbe and Goyle were either mute or wouldn't talk without Draco's say so. Both Theo and Blaise were content just to watch as he explored the room.

He glanced through the window into the lake wishing it was daytime so he could see better. He was delighted to find that there was a bathroom attached to the rooms. He needed a shower but, looking at his watch, he decided not to 'till after this meeting thing.

"Time for the meeting," he announced, cutting off whatever Draco had been saying.

He saw Blaise and Theo smirk in amusement as he walked past. Draco was trembling in anger and Damien made a mental note to keep an eye on him. Rich boys could do stupid things if they thought they weren't being respected.

"So much for not making enemies," Sevi hissed amused and Damien shrugged.

"Oh hush you," he replied as they entered into the common room again.

The other first years joined him and they waited.

He turned his gaze away from the couch, which had snakes sewn into it, when the door to the room opened and a tall man strode in. The man had long greasy hair and Damien could dimly recall seeing him the last time he was at Hogwarts. He grinned when he saw the Ash's familiar form floating around the professor's head.

"There you are," he said happily.

He hated not knowing where his pokemon were, and Ash was particularly bad for wandering off. The pokemon happily floated around the tall man's head and Damien fought back the urge to snicker.

"Mr. Potter."

Damien found himself jumping at the snapped name. He frowned at the professor, but knew better than to make a scene in front of the other kids.

"Control your ghost," the man said angrily.

Damien turned his green eyes on Ash and waited. The ghost recognized the look as the 'stop what you're doing or you're going back in your pokeball' face and reluctantly came to float by his side. The man turned his glare on the rest of the first years.

He introduced himself as Professor Snape, finally someone with a name that was easy to remember, and explained the rules to living in Slytherin. Damien barely paid attention; he had never really liked rules anyway, and was busy planing.

When Snape went to leave, Damien followed him out.

"Could I talk to you for a moment sir?"

It was more formal then he liked, but he figured it was best to play it safe with this man.

"What is it Mr. Potter?" Snape snapped irritably.

Damien gave him the abridged version of his new dad and name and ended with-

"I get that everyone loves my birth family, but I'm happy with the name my dad gave me."

He studied his teacher for a moment before continuing.

"I would appreciate it if you would call me 'Damien Koch' instead," he finished.

There was silence as the two dark haired males stared at each other. Snape actually looked pleased, Damien realized, and wondered why.

"If you can control your ghost I will consider it," he finally replied.

Damien grinned in relief and nodded.


He called back his shuppet, wished his Head of House a good night and headed off to bed.