Chapter one

Six months after the battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter is sitting in the Three Broomsticks having a drink after finishing his shopping. Even after all these months, he still had everyone coming up to him, some to thank him, some to ask how he killed Voldemort and some just wanted to talk to him. The first few times this happened, Harry was uncomfortable with all the attention, but now, he'd gotten used to it, so much so that he usually spoke to the people that sat beside him, but he never spoke to reporters, he refused, only allowing Luna's dad, Xenophilius Lovegood to print his story. But people from all the newspapers and magazines still tried to get Harry to talk, he never did.

During this time Harry had his parent's home repaired and was now living there. He never changed anything and was slowly seeing little bits of his parent's personality. Also during this time Harry and Ginny had resumed their relationship. Harry never actually said anything, they just seemed to get together. All the Weasley boys had to get used to their little sister snogging Harry, she never worried about who was around either, if she felt like kissing Harry, she did. One thing that she had to get used to, Harry said now they were adults, he expected an adult relationship. At first Ginny wasn't sure because Harry never said how he felt about her, finally she asked him before she decided whether she would have sex with Harry. He said he liked her a lot, but that's all he could give her, he said if she didn't want sex, then maybe he wasn't the right bloke for her and thought they should go their separate ways, Ginny instantly gave in, Harry knew it was a bit selfish on his part, but they were adults now and if he was going to date he expected there would be sex even if it wasn't straight away. One thing he stressed to Ginny, their relationship was casual, he wasn't interested in something permanent, again something Ginny had to get used to. So after a lot of thinking Ginny gave into Harry mainly because it had taken her too long to get him, something as simple as sex wasn't going to stop her from keeping him. So after the first awkward minutes, after the embarrassment, Ginny finally made love to Harry. The one thing she hated, sometimes Harry would go out alone, then he wouldn't turn up at the Burrow for days. He never said when he would see her and never asked her to go anywhere with him, that frustrated her. All Harry said was he liked spending time alone now he could and he liked to go out alone.

As Harry sat at the bar in the Three Broomsticks he would glance through the mirror behind the bar, just casually looking around. One thing he had noticed over the last couple of months, every time he went out, he saw Draco Malfoy. Ever since testifying at Malfoy's trial Harry kept seeing him and wasn't sure if it was deliberate or a coincidence. They haven't spoken once since the trial, Malfoy had actually said an embarrassed thanks to Harry as he passed, surprising him, Hermione and Ron who were also there to give evidence. Harry knew Draco Malfoy had been force to do a lot of what he did, he didn't know how much Malfoy did on his own, but Harry remember that day in the bathroom, Malfoy had been scared and he had been crying so he knew he had been stressed and under an enormous amount of pressure.

Harry finished his drink, put some gold on the bar then gave Madame Rosmerta a smile before leaving. He walked slowly through Hogsmeade, sometimes looking in shops, other times he'd go in and buy something. These last few months Harry had enjoyed shopping, not just for clothes, but for things for his home, things that showed his personality. He'd also gone back to Grimmauld place and retrieved the few things that Sirius had left there. The clothes hung in Harry's wardrobe and the few small mementos sat in his office. Harry had been surprised at the size of the room that his father used as an office, it was large, but it also had three walls covered in bookshelves. Harry had started reading the books that his parents owned, some from the magical world, some from the muggle world. Harry liked this, since he was born to a pureblood father and a muggleborn mother, he was a halfblood, half magical and half non magical and even though he never had a good life with the Dursley's, he had met some very nice muggles. Hermione's parents were great and Harry got on really well with them and could talk to them about muggle stuff and magical stuff. One thing Harry noticed with the Grangers, the looks they gave Ron, Harry figured it might just be because he was their daughter's boyfriend, but something told Harry that the Grangers didn't like Ron. They never spoke to him like they spoke to Harry, they were always friendly with Harry, but a little formal and stiff with Ron. Hermione noticed, Ron didn't, but no one voiced their opinions on why the Grangers acted like that towards Ron.

The few times Harry was with Ginny when they went out and he needed to go to his vaults, he noticed Ginny seemed to get this glazed look in her eyes and wasn't sure what it meant. When they wandered around looking through shop windows, Harry noticed Ginny would stare at something with a hopeful look on her face. Harry never cared about buying stuff for himself, apart from clothes and that was mainly down to always having to wear Dudley's stuff. But seeing Ginny and knowing how the Weasley family never had money, he would often buy her something when they were out together, sometimes he would buy her something when he was out alone. But the more time they spent together and out, the more Harry kept seeing these hopeful looks on Ginny's face. Harry figured it was just because she never had a lot growing up, so since they were seeing each other Harry would occasionally buy her something. Sometimes it was clothes, other times it was jewellery. He bought her a gold heart shaped necklace with an emerald in the centre, he bought her a bracelet to match, she said she loved the emerald colour as it matched Harry's eyes. He thought that was a nice thing to say, so whenever he saw something with an emerald in it, he ended up buying it for her. Even though Harry wasn't sure about his so called relationship with Ginny, he did care about her, a lot, they got on well and had a great sex life. But he knew Ginny wanted it all, marriage, kids and a home with Harry. He figured he might want that in the future, but not yet, not for a long time. He wasn't ready to settle down in any type of permanent relationship so for now he wanted to keep it casual, he just wanted to take his time.