Chapter twelve

Everyone in the courtroom listened to the head of the wizengamot as he outlined Ginny Weasley's sentence. The moment she was sentenced to fifteen years all the Weasley's yelled at Harry.

'Just so all of you understand, the reason Ginevra Weasley is being sentenced to only fifteen years and not life or the dementors kiss is because of Mr. Potter. He discussed the options with the head auror Gawain Robards. Mr. Robards said Mr. Potter did want her punished for trying to kill him but because of how he felt about the whole Weasley family he couldn't sentence her to life. So I think you all should be grateful that a member of your family is not going to be subjected to the dementors kiss or spend life in Azkaban which is what normally would happen with anyone using an unforgivable.'

'Harry used an unforgivable, he never got punished,' Ron yelled.

'That was during war, it makes a difference. If we punished everyone that used an unforgivable that night then the minister and every law enforcement personnel would be locked up. From what I was told Mr. Weasley, you stated yourself that you wanted to kill death eaters. As I said, it was war, we all have to do what we can to survive. With your sister she wasn't trying to survive, she wished to take a life because Mr. Potter did not return her feelings, that is not a reason to curse anyone. I can see a member of your family sitting amongst Mr. Potter's friends, for some reason he seems to think his sister is in the wrong, not Mr. Potter who is the victim.

'He infected our sister, she wouldn't do this if he didn't.'

'Infect, explain what you mean because no one mentioned any type of poison or infection.'

'He shared his soul with Voldemort, made them alike,' Ron sneered.

The whole courtroom exploded in shouted, gasps and shock, 'No, I can't believe he said that.'

Severus Snape stood up, 'If I may speak.'

'The court recognises Severus Snape.'

'It is true that Mr. Potter shared his soul with the dark lord, but I can guarantee that it never effected Mr. Potter at all. The thing is, he nor anyone else knew this until the night the dark lord died. It seems to me that Mr. Weasley was fine with being Mr. Potter's friend, he even supported Mr. Potter's relationship with his sister, Miss Weasley. If as he states, Mr. Potter was infected, wouldn't you think he would want nothing to do with Mr. Potter.'

'That is true, but explain why Mr. Potter never knew he shared his soul with Lord Voldemort?'

'The night his parents were murdered, the dark lord intended to use the death of Mr. Potter to make his fifth dark object, an object that will keep him tethered to this life. Because of the sacrifice of Lily…Potter his soul never went into the object he intended to use, it went in Mr. Potter. None of us knew anything about it, not until Mr. Potter rescued and saved the life of Miss Ginevra Weasley. Albus Dumbledore finally worked out the truth of everything. He passed on that information to me and when Mr. Potter was sixteen he shared almost all that information. We spoke one night and realised that if Mr. Potter found out that to kill the dark lord he would have to die first, it just might be too much for such a young mind to handle. Albus asked me to pass on that piece of information but not until it was the right time. I had been trying to find Mr. Potter for months so I could give him that information, the information that he needed to die, which he went to do. Mr. Potter allowed himself to be hit with the killing curse, he believed he would die and was willing to die. What Mr. Potter didn't know, what I never knew was that Albus believed that if the dark lord used that curse on Mr. Potter it would destroy the dark lord's soul but not kill Mr. Potter, he was right.'

'You never knew you would survived Mr. Potter?'

Harry shook his head, 'No, I didn't.'

'You were willing to die to make sure he could be killed?'

'Yes, I was, I would do it again. He was pure evil, he needed to die. I just hoped that someone could do the job once I was gone.'

'Did you believe it would be one of your friends?'

'They knew everything, they knew he had to die, so maybe they could have, but I can't say for certain if they could have killed. Killing someone, even someone like Voldemort is not an easy thing to live with. That night, when I walked towards him I thought maybe my friends could do it if not then maybe Kingsley, sorry the minister might be the one since he was an auror and a member of the order of the phoenix. But I have no idea if anyone would have been able to do it. Can we not talk about this anymore?'

Draco put his arm around Harry, but so did Minerva who was sitting beside Harry, 'Mr. Potter has been suffering depression due to, well, basically his life. I spoke with him not long after that night, we needed to clear the air about a few personal things. I saw it straight away, he had suffered and he was still suffering. Over the last few months I've heard rumours about how Mr. Potter spends some of his time, but I also observed him as well. Going out, having fun, spending time with his new friends in the privacy of their homes seemed to help Mr. Potter put his past behind him.'

'If you don't mind me asking Mr. Snape, but why do you care about Mr. Potter? From what we know, it was no secret that you did not like Mr. Potter.'

'Mr. Potter looks exactly like his father, who I did hate. But as to why, Lily Evans was my best friend. She married…James Potter, I was hurt. But I made a promise to Lily that I would protect her son. I fulfilled that promise.'

'Thank you Mr. Snape, yes now we can put this to rest. Aurors, take the prisoner away,' the head of the wizengamot waited until Ginny was gone from the courtroom, 'Mr. Potter, I have to say this, thank you, what you did proved just how brave you were. If you want to have parties with your friends, then I believe you deserved it,' the head of the wizengamot and every member of the wizengamot stood, bowed to Harry before exiting the room.

'Are you okay Harry?' Minerva asked.

'No, I can't believe he told everyone,' Harry turned his head, 'Thanks professor, I think my mother would be proud of you.'

'You're welcome Potter,' Severus nodded then turned and left the courtroom.

Harry noticed everyone looked worried, 'I'm okay, shocked but okay. I just can't believe he brought that up.'

'Then why don't you head out with your friends, it might make you feel better. Just remember, I am here if you need to talk.'

Harry smiled, 'I know, thanks Minerva.'

'The headmistress of Hogwarts has basically told all of you to go have sex, I think you should take her up on the offer,' Kingsley smirked making everyone around Harry laugh including Minerva McGonagall. But the friends all decided she had a good idea, so they left the ministry, headed to Grimmauld place where instead of just taking off to different rooms, they got themselves a drink and had one bit naked party together, right in the middle of the expanded living room. But Harry and Draco where lying together, they realised they could have their fun, but as of now, they were together and they would be forever.

The end: