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Chapter Six

Plan and Off to Hogwarts

The Dark Lord Voldemort watched Hadrian read his book while playing with his now long hair. He quite surprised that Hadrian still did not noticed his present in the room. The beautiful boy really unaware of his surrounding if he was so caught up with something. He walked silently to Hadrian when he saw his creature stand up and stretched his body like a kitten. Slowly he snaked his hands around Hadrian's waist and to his surprised, Hadrian do not even try to attack him but leaned to his body and sighed in content. Hadrian is comfortable in the Dark Lord's embrace.

"How did you know it's me?" whispered the Dark Lord in his creature ear.

"I know because my body recognised you as my mate", said Hadrian in contentment. "Why are you here?"

"I had my reasons that are why I'm here. I need to speak with you. Things that maybe you will agree with me and things that you maybe will not agree with me. On top of that, you're leaving to Hogwarts tomorrow. I guess my reasons is only an excuse for me to meet you since I will not seeing you in few months. So, which one you want to hear first?" said the Dark Lord truthfully, knowing that he can open up in front of Hadrian.

Hadrian laughed softly like a bell.

"You know, you still can visit me, right? I mean... there is Hogsmeade visits..." said Hadrian with a suggested tone while playing with his long hair. "And I don't think that even the most powerful ward in this world can stop you come to me".

"That's right, my creature", purred the Dark Lord before he captured Hadrian's lips.

No matter how many time he kissed the young Lamia he would never get enough. Hadrian's lips are so soft and fragile as it looks like. His creature's lips are so perfect as it's danced with him. It's like as if it was made personally for him. He pushed his tongue into his creature's mouth. Their tongues battle for dominance which he easily wins. Hadrian's taste as sweet as honey with a hint of blood- probably because of his creature's new diet- and his scent... Heaven, it's like he is in the middle of a garden that full with a fresh roses. So intoxicating that can drive him mad. If not because Hadrian almost cannot breathe for the lack of oxygen, he would not let go of the boy.

For a few minutes they only stay silent. To them there is nothing need to talk about, they understood each other's even when they are still nothing than an enemies. What they want now is a few moment of silent to enjoy this calm aura that surround them. Hadrian buried his face in his mate chest. He can feel his mate lips on his head.

The Dark Lord separated himself from Hadrian. Hadrian's innocent emerald eyes are shining with trust and happiness. And there is something else, an unfamiliar emotion; he can see it in the depth of those eyes. An emotion that he never felt, something that he thought he would never felt and something that he knew no one in this world truly felt for him. It's scared him. Hah... a flicker of emotion that he despised scared him. He do not know if can returned that feeling or he would ever admit that if one day he would felt it for Hadrian.

Hadrian can see that his mate discovered something that he would never want to know. Not that it ever would stop him in the future but...seeing his mate that used to be powerful, confidence and feared so suddenly vulnerable in front of him is something that he did not like. Though he admit that he felt a bit excited that his mate trust him enough to let his guard down in front of him. He knows that one day his mate will love him, maybe not now but someday. He gave the Dark Lord a reassuring smile while bring his hands on the Dark Lord's cheek.

"You're so innocent", murmured the Dark Lord.

"No that's not true. I can be cruel if I want to. Don't judge a book by its cover", whined Hadrian childishly. He pouted when the Dark Lord let out a soft chuckle.

"You my little Lamia are innocent and pure than me. I had done thing that make me a monster. Dumbledore is right about on that part", whispered the Dark Lord in his creature ear.

"Don't say that", softly Hadrian whispered back to his mate. "You're not a monster. You do what you had to do. If you're truly a monster you're going to ask me to contact the Salvatore and force them to be an ally to you. If you're a monster you will not treat me like this".

The Dark Lord sighed and closed his eyes.

"It's not that easy, my little one. After so many years people treat, think and saw me like that", murmured the Dark.

"So, what is the so-called bad news anyway?" asked Hadrian, trying to distract the Dark Lord from that thought and succeed.

"It's about your revenge and the prophecy".

Hadrian stunned for a while.

"How do you know about that?" asked Hadrian calmly while his face blank. Too calm for comfort.

"Lucius", replied the Dark Lord easily.

'Of course it had father would told Tom about my desire to have revenge for what had they had done to me', Hadrian bite his lip. Actually he did not want his mate to know about this matter. At least, not yet. He did not know what the Dark Lord will do if he learns about this. After all, this is a dangerous game that he will start. There's a chance that the Dark Lord would stop him from trying to do anything.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" asked the Dark Lord.

Hadrian looks at his mate. The Dark Lord expression is unreadable. There is no way he will know what his mate is thinking about. Maybe there is rage behind it.

"Will you stop me?" unable to answer his mate question, Hadrian replied it with a question instead. Knowing that he indirectly confirmed his mate's fear.

"And pray tell me how you're going to do it?" asked the Dark Lord again.

"How about ruining their reputation?" suggested Hadrian. He knows for now he cannot physically harm them, especially someone as powerful as Dumbledore but he knows that the man is not a saint. There must be plenty of dirt that he hides behind his sleeve.

"It's not easy to ruin their reputation especially that old coot. He kept his secrets with all strength he had. Almost no one knows his secrets" pointed the Dark Lord as if he wants to say there is flaw in Hadrian's plan. As if he wants to stop Hadrian. Not that it's going to work since everyone knows how stubborn he is.

"You said it yourself, almost everyone does not know. That's mean there is somebody in the wizarding world know. And its look like to me that you know something too, my mate", replied Hadrian slyly. He will not give up.

The Dark Lord raised his eyebrow.

"You're still sure you want to do this?"

"Yes", said Hadrian firmly.

The Dark Lord sighed.

"I would not even try to stop you Hadrian, you're too stubborn sometimes. I will try to assist if I can", said the Dark Lord as he ran his hand in Hadrian's raven hair.

"You're worry about me", said Hadrian. "While it's sweet, it's unneeded. I can take care of myself. Besides, I have you".

"You know the Hogshead?"

Hadrian gave the Dark Lord a weird look when he mentioned the old pub at the Hogsmeade.

"Yeah, but what it has to do with this?"

"The owner of Hogshead is Aberforth Dumbledore".

"Who is Aberforth Dumbledore?" asked Hadrian curiously.

"Albus Dumbledore's younger brother", replied the Dark Lord with factual tone.

"You got to be kidding with me", exclaimed Hadrian. "The Great Albus Dumbledore is an owner of unpopular and old pub at Hogsmeade. How can no one know about this?"

"Well, that's maybe because Aberforth Dumbledore is no longer in speaking term with his own brother. From what I had gathered, they had been like these for almost a century", informed the Dark Lord slyly.

Hadrian frowned at the information. What a weird situation.

"That's curious. Why he didn't boast around about who is his brother is? He would have a better life than be an owner to a pub", Hadrian started to question the unusual situation of those brother.

"Whatever happened between those two will be ruin the old coot if we know or worse the whole wizarding world know, don't you think so my little one?"

Hadrian looks at the Dark Lord with thoughtful expression.

"Why don't you use this against Dumbledore before?" asked Hadrian.

The Dark Lord startled. He did not expect that Hadrian will ask him that.

"Something happened to me during the last war. I will tell you everything when I'm ready. I need to prepare myself first", answered the Dark Lord reluctantly.

"Alright", Hadrian accepted his mate answer for now. He could see that there is something that bothered the Dark Lord that he did not want for him to know it now.

"But I still don't understand how the prophecy still can affect me. I thought the description in the prophecy is enough to tell that I'm not the one that it talked about", remind Hadrian to the Dark Lord.

"You remember what the prophecy said right?" asked the Dark Lord.

Hadrian just nodded. He did not understand nor he sure where this conversation going.

"It's said 'Born to those who thrice defied him,' well it's clearly not you since your father is my own right-hand man and when it's said 'born as the seventh month dies,' there is only two boys that born around that time. It's you and Neville Longbottom. But it's also said 'And the dark lord will mark him as his equal,' that night Hadrian I do not marked Neville Longbottom but you", said the Dark Lord.

Hadrian's face is as white as chalk that he almost felt that he could not breathe when the Dark Lord said that to him.

"Are you starting to doubt me now?" hissed Hadrian at the Dark Lord with a pain clearly in his emerald eyes.

"No, I'm not", denied the Dark Lord. "Can't you see it, my little one?"

Hadrian thinks back about the prophecy. Now when his mate mentioned it he realized that there is certainly something that not sits right about it. Could it be that the prophecy...?

"It's the faked one", concluded Hadrian. His eyes widened in shock.

The Dark Lord nodded.

"I thought the same thing as you are. For now there are only two theories that make sense, Hadrian. One, the prophecy is fake. Maybe the real prophecy did not sound promising to Dumbledore or the real prophecy will lead him to his downfall or something that make him worried at that time. Because of this Dumbledore make the seer said the prophecy again but this time with his own words and make sure that one of my spy hear it. Second, there is no prophecy in the first place. Dumbledore just created this drama of his to trap me in hope that I will be interested in the prophesy and attack one of you. But I think with your mother and stepfather letters, Dumbledore make sure that I directed my attention to you instead of the Longbottom" said the Dark Lord with a firm tone.

"No matter which one, it's clear to me that Albus Dumbledore wants to trap you Tom. But it's also did not explained how Dumbledore was really sure that it would be your downfall. I mean if I'm not a Lamia and not your mate, I will not survived and you will not lose your body that night", Hadrian frowned. "Wait a minute; last June at the graveyard, you said that my survival had something to do with my mother right? What do you by that?"

"Ah, that. I'm not perfectly sure about it too until your father confirmed it that you mother is practitioner of blood magic. This is only a theory but my guess that your mother prepared a life for a life ritual. By sacrificed herself, she can save you. If you still remember, I tried to spare your mother life that night but she kept insist to me that I should take her life instead of yours. I carelessly agreed to it and faced the consequence of my actions. That could be one of the reasons you survived that night while my body turned into an ashes. I'm pretty sure that either the old coot aware of your mother fondness of blood magic or it's Dumbledore himself that suggested to Lily to use the ritual in case I attack your family which I did", concluded the Dark Lord.

"That's sound much more reasonable than any of those book said wrote about me or any of the public guesses that they unfairly make", said Hadrian softly.

Honestly, he did not want to remember what had happened in the past. Most of it is a bad memory to him. It's even haunting him in his dream sometimes. He certainly did not want to remember that his mother and James was killed in coldblooded murder as he did not want to remember that it was his mate that done it.

"I'm sorry", apologised the Dark Lord sincerely when he noticed his creature bitter smile and his discomfort.

No matter what Hadrian said these past weeks, he still indirectly, the reason why Hadrian lost his childhood, protection and parental figures. He made Hadrian will never had a chance to know his biological mother.

"Don't. Just don't say it. I don't want to hear you said it and I'm not ready to talk about it. Not now", said Hadrian bitterly.


"What are you going to do about the prophecy?" asked Hadrian after a moment of silence. Trying hard to forget about it.

"I already ordered my spy from the Department of Mystery to try retrieving the prophecy. If he can't do it then I don't have any other choice but to break into the ministry myself", said the Dark Lord grimly.

"I thought you said that you want to lay low for awhile. If you do this, the wizarding will know that the Dark Lord Voldemort is truly back", Hadrian said with a trouble look. He did not like this idea at all. Not at all.

"It's a risk that I have to take, my creature", replied the Dark Lord with a blank look. He did not want to see that worry look on Hadrian.

"But why it had to be you. Can't you just order someone else to take it?" snapped Hadrian at the Dark Lord.

"Because no one can take it from its place", said the Dark Lord. "As far as I know there is only two people who can take the prophecy. It's either me or you. Since you're declared death as Harry Potter you can't just go and take it. If you did and the Dumbledore's pawns saw it, they would tell him. As much as I hate to admit it, that old coot has a brilliant mind, he can put two and two together and that's the last thing we need. If he knows he will do with every power he had to make sure he has you back which I will not let that happen. So, I will go".

"Is the prophecy is truly that important to you? Even without you can still win this war. All you need is a very good plan and allies", protest Hadrian.

"No. It's not that important. But I want to know".

Seeing his creature sad face, the Dark Lord brings out a rectangular black velvet box from his robe and hand it to Hadrian.

"Here take this".

"What is this?" asked Hadrian as he takes the box from his mate.

He opened the box and gasped. It's a goblin-made bracelet. It's made from silver with emeralds embedded on it. Hadrian caressed the bracelet before he noticed the Slytherin family crest on the bracelet. There is writing in parselscript for protection carved on it. Hadrian stunned.

"It's beautiful", Hadrian smiled softly.

The Dark Lord takes the bracelet from the box and put it on Hadrian wrist. As he finished, he admire how the emeralds glimmering on Hadrian porcelain skin.

"Its suit you", said the Dark Lord.

Hadrian stared at the bracelet. He did not expected that his mate would gave him a Slytherin betrothal bracelet, knowing there will be a consequences if the public know who is his fiancée really is... Hadrian shuddered. Not that he really cares about what other people think, but he know now is not the time to declare to the world about this. He knows it does will attract unwanted attention such as Dumbledore and his fanatic supporters.

"I don't understand", said Hadrian with a confusion clearly written on his face. "Not that I did not appreciated it or anything but won't it be a problem if someone see the crest?"

"It's a sign that you're taken, my creature. I can't let you go to Hogwarts which full with hormonal teenagers without this. If you're wearing the bracelet, at least the Pureblood and maybe Half-blood will understand what its mean. If someone tries to pursue you, they will get charged for trying to break our betrothal and interfere the engagement between two Noble House. Since, no one would really dare to face Lord Malfoy wrath, I guess the one that will do it is either a muggleborn/muggle-raised or they are an idiot. But above all reason, I can't bear the thought of someone else try to take what is mine. So, I give you this", said the Dark Lord casually even though Hadrian noticed that there is a hint of possessiveness in the Dark Lord's baritone voice. "Oh, you don't have to worry about the crest. When someone sees it, it will look blurry to them of course except the one that know who your fiancée is of course".

"I was going to say that is so sweet but you ruined it with sound so possessive like that you know", said Hadrian while sending a mock glare at his mate.

The Dark Lord smirked in amusement as he watched at the sulking Hadrian. Hadrian is truly has similarity with a girl, full with moods swing. It's not much but it's there. He shook his head and wrapped his arms around the beautiful boy and brings him close to his chest as he lost into the depth of emerald gems that called Hadrian's eyes.

"No matter what you said my creature it does not change the fact the you're mine. Only I can taint and have you. No one can is allowed to think that they had a chance to be with you because you belong to me as much I belong to you", whispered the Dark Lord with a seductive tone that send a shiver to Hadrian spine.

"I know" agreed Hadrian.

His emerald eyes full with happiness as the Dark Lord hummed slightly before captured his soft lips again.

Platform 9 ¾

Hadrian emerald eyes glinted with amusement as he watched Narcissa babying Draco even if she tried- and its work- to hide it for public appearance. His father beside him only put a stoic face and show not emotion at all while the truth is he wanted to laugh at Narcissa unsuccessful attempt and his older son scowled face.

"Are you sure you had everything?" asked Narcissa for a hundred times.

"Yes, mother. You had asked the same question since we leave the manor already. Can't we go now or the train are going to board without us", drawled Draco. His scowling face has shown how much he did not like how Narcissa tried to smother him to death. He is no longer eleven, for Salazar sake! It's a good thing that his father remembers to put a Notice-Me-Not charm around them or he will die in embarrassment.

"How about you, Hadrian? Did you pack everything?" Narcissa turned her attention to her godson much to the black hair beauty comfort.

"Yes Narcissa. If I need anything I will make sure you know, after all I can always owl you", politely Hadrian reassured the Lady Malfoy.

Narcissa nodded.

"Hadrian, I want you to be careful all the time. Don't trust anyone easily even in Slytherin House. Their father knew that the He already meet you but they did not know why and I have no doubt that they would asked their children found out why. They would try to befriend with you but please don't trust easily unless your brother say so. One more think Hadrian, I don't want you to be alone with any of Dumbledore follower. DO you understand?" Lucius put hands on Hadrian Shoulder while reminded his youngest son. The thought of losing Hadrian again to the Light side is not something that he wants.

"Yes father", respond Hadrian while smiled bitterly.

"And you Draco take care of your brother, protect him from those that want to harm him and make sure that none of Dumbledore fanatic follower gets alone with either of you. Please avoid any causality, Draco", said Lucius with a firm tone. He knows Draco and he know that Draco is spoiled child. This past four year since he attended Hogwarts Draco always whined about the infamous Golden Trio, how he always had a fight with them. But this year he hopes for Hadrian sake, Draco can restrain himself from getting into trouble because of those Gryffindor.

Draco only nodded, understand his father hidden meaning. Both brothers knew that if they play this well, no one will noticed anything. Dumbledore's supporters already aware of the Dark Lord returned and they knew that perhaps Granger and Weasley probably keep eyes on Slytherin House.

After they exchanged goodbye and promised to return on Yule, Draco grabbed Hadrian arm and dragged his brother to the train. They went to find Blaise and Theo who promised to meet them on the train which they found a few minutes later. Among them, there is Crabbe and Goyle.

"Well Draco, these two is your responsibility now", said Blaise with annoyed expression. "And you're late as usual. What did you do actually? Style your hair?"

Theo who sat beside the window snickered softly while Hadrian smiled amusedly at his older brother before sat beside Theo.

Draco scowled at Blaise.

"I had you know that it takes a long time to perfect my hair you know".

"What are you, a princess?" asked Blaise humorously.

When Theo heard it he laughed heartily. Hadrian started to chuckle at the sight of Draco pale face turned pinkish whenever he angry. Crabbe and Goyle only look confused at Draco and Blaise. Sometime Hadrian wonders if those two actually lack of emotion.

"Don't you ever call me that again! I'm a prefect and you two are not supposed to laugh", said Draco petulantly.

"Sorry Drake, but you had to admit that at one point Blaise is right. You're really caring about your appearance too much. It's...rather a bit like of woman you know", said Theo when his laughter lessened.

"Well whatever. I need to go to prefect compartment. Can you guys look after Hadrian please?" drawled Hadrian.

"Of course I will take care of this rare jewel Draco. Don't worry too much. Bye princess", Blaise quickly gets up and pushed Draco out of compartment before closed the door. "Such a waste that the princess had to go".

"You don't have to do that", said Theo with a pointed look at Blaise.

"I know but I can't resist it. So, sorry. But we both know that when he came back he will be fine again" Blaise shrugged.

"You guys are always like this?" asked Hadrian amusedly.

"Well, yeah. We know each other since kids; you know spend our childhood together and stuff. Anyway forget it", Theo cast a silencing charm them from Crabbe and Goyle. "Now we want to ask you something that we know Draco will hex us".

"What is it?" asked Hadrian. His relax posture tense when Theo looks at him.

"We heard from Pansy Parkinson who heard from her father that the Dark Lord had met you last summer. She said that your father offer you to the Dark Lord. We also heard something like that from older students but it was more whisper than anything actually. But something that interesting is they said you're Parselmouth ", informed Theo.

Hadrian bites his lip. He did not think that something like that could happen. He look at both his brother best friends, wonder what he could tell them. He did not know it's wise to trust them whether Draco did or not. They're a Slytherin. There is a chance that they would use whatever he tell them against him and he know for sure that his older brother will not like it if he harm any of them simply because they try to do anything to harm him.

"What exactly you want me to say?" asked Hadrian.

"Good you did not deny nor you agree with statement", said Blaise with a satisfied smirk.

Theo stared incredulously at Blaise before he whacked the dark teen head.

"This is not the time to play around Blaise".

"Do you honestly tell me that you believe whatever nonsense that they talking about? Hadrian is a Salvatore- a dark family- most likely the Dark Lord just want to make an alliance with the Salvatore. There is also a rumour that the Salvatore is a Parselmouth. So I did not truly surprised if the Dark Lord want to meet Hadrian. I mean there is a chance that the Salvatore is another line of Slytherin family", drawled Blaise.

"I did not know that", frowned Theo before he lost in his mind.

"How do you know that?" asked Hadrian straight to Blaise.

"Well, my uncle on my father side of family had a business alliance with the Salvatore. A rare and very valuable opportunity if you ask me. He told me how the Salvatore is probably the most secretive family that he ever meets. That, and he said that he saw Calla Salvatore spoke to a snake", explained Blaise.

"Ahh...Calla", Hadrian nodded.

"You knew her?" asked Blaise.

"She is my mother twin. My maternal aunt" said Hadrian. "Anyway the Salvatore as a Parselmouth is not a common knowledge. Let's settle that this information will not going out of this room".

Blaise and Theo look at each other before nodded. Understand that Hadrian probably do not want to attract any attention while he study at Hogwarts.

"What about the other students? Do you think that they can be discreet about this?" asked Hadrian with a worried expression.

"Don't worry they had brain they can think. After all, we're a Slytherin. We will not betray our own; especially if that person already meets the Dark Lord and the Dark Lord himself deem you important. They will not bring this information to the Light and most of them learn occlumency. So, you're safe", reassured Theo with a soft smile.

"You trust them?" asked Hadrian sceptically.

"Well no. But I trust that they will not do anything to anger the Dark Lord. I mean no one want to face the Dark Lord's wrath or your father. Everybody doesn't want Lord Malfoy behind their back you know", said Theo. "So, what truly happened?"

Hadrian chuckled at Theo blunt answer while Blaise snorted at his best friend.

"Let's call it a secret. Draco said that you guys can be trusted but it's not only my secret to tell you know. It's had something to do with Salvatore too and I don't think that they will appreciate it if I just tell anyone I meet. I also don't want a certain headmaster to keep his eyes on my back", Hadrian smiled apologetically at them.

"No. It's fine really. Most old family tend to guard their secrets so we understand. I mean even my family did that", Blaise respond with smile.

Suddenly the door was roughly opened by Draco who looks angry. And really, really angry. He sat himself beside Hadrian after he closed the door compartment; well more like slammed the door actually.

Theo takes off the charm before attack Draco.

"What's wrong?"

"Do you know who is the Gryffindor prefect?" asked Draco while he tried to swallow his anger.

"Err... Granger?" guessed Theo.

"Obviously", drawled Blaise.

"We talk about Granger later. Honestly be a new prefect make her think that world revolve around her; not that she never thought about it anyway, it just worse. Try guess who is the new male Gryffindor prefect?" asked Draco. Draco looks at his younger brother and raised his eyebrow.

"Umm...maybe Thomas?"

"No, no...It had to be Finnegan, right Draco?"

"Or maybe Potter?"

"Are you had a temporary memory lost Blaise?" asked Draco to Blaise. His grey eyes widened when look at the dark teen as if he had gone insane.

"What?" asked Blaise defensively.

"Blaise...I don't know if you read Prophet or not, but it's widely known that Harry Potter is dead", answer Hadrian hesitantly. It's still hard for him to talk about his past life in front of everyone as if he did not get affected by it.

"Oh... I forget. I mean I get used to listen Draco whined about the Golden boy", shrugged Blaise like it was nothing.

"Whatever. Drake, you're not telling us it was Longbottom isn't? That kid doesn't have a backbone to fight back! I will jump from this train if McGonagall choose him", said Theo.

"No. But be ready to jump in the Black Lake because we had Weasley as our new prefect", said Draco dramatically.


"What the hell McGonagall is thinking by the way, choose that weasel as a prefect? I like the idea of Longbottom be a prefect more than a Weasley. I mean do you remember his brother?" Blaise groaned loudly.

Blaise felt like he going to have a heart attack soon. Weasley. Not that he had any problems with the older brothers from the Weasley but that one is a loser. A very sore loser. Until to the end he never understands why Potter of all befriends with someone like that.

"That was a disaster. A very huge disaster. I bet he will deduct point from us for breathing to loudly", Theo shook his head.

"And here I thought that Dumbledore is the most awful thing that ever happened to Hogwarts" muttered Draco softly.

"So, what did he said?" asked Hadrian so suddenly.

"Usual" respond Draco. "Except this time he add that 'that sneaky old greasy git play favourite by choose a spoiled brat who depend on his father money as Slytherin prefect' or something like that".

"He's sound jealous to me", deduct Hadrian. He smirked amusement as he tried to imagine Ron Weasley said that to Draco. No wonder his brother exploded.

"Of course he's jealous. He's a piss poor, while we had a mountain of Galleon in our vault. You know sometime I can see his jealousy on his own best friend, Potter because Potter is rich or Granger due to her high score in exam. I bet he's jealous about everything but he never even try to do anything to change that simply because he just wait someone give something to him in silver platter", Draco said impassionedly while Blaise nodded, agreed with Draco.

"For example, the prefect badge", add Theo.


"He's that bad huh?" teased Hadrian.

"That's only Ron Weasley, Hadrian. You don't hear about Hermione Granger yet", said Theo.

"Well...actually I do. Draco always gives me a warning about them. So I guess I had to meet them first before I decide anything", lied Hadrian. He really loves to say something about those two but not now. He really wants to see how they truly act now that 'Harry Potter' is no longer with them.

Hogsmeade Station

As soon as Hadrian get off the train he saw many students, boy or girls gawked at him as if they never seen someone like him before. Hadrian knows that must be because of his beauty more than anything. He even saw a few boys drooling after him. That's disgusting and maybe a little bit much. Before he did not like his feminine look, now he happy of it because his mate like it but still, it does not mean that he's used to it. He still did not like it if people pay too much attention at him. Well, that's never change. Not to mention he miss his mate. It's only a day but he felt like it's already a year. He did not know he will face the next few months. He just hope he manage to endure most of it. At times like this he really hope he ask his father to hire a tutor at home. Hadrian sighed softly.

"What's wrong Hadrian?" asked Draco as he heard his baby brother sigh.

"It's nothing. I just miss my mate that all", whispered Hadrian softly to Draco, worried if someone heard their conversation.

"Hummm...you can owl him tonight if you want", suggested Draco awkwardly. He did not know what to say to his brother. He knows that must be not easy for easy for his brother to be separated from his mate.

"I might do that", beamed Hadrian at Draco.

"And there is Hogsmeade weekend. I think he might visit you that day", said Draco try to cheer up his brother.

"Well he might come if he's not the Dark Lord" muttered Hadrian softly.

"Oh cheer up Hadrian" said Draco. "Don't be so sad. I'm sure even he felt the same way as you do right now. I know for sure he want you to have your fun here. Now listen, McGonagall told me that you need to go to Hogwarts with the first year. She said that it was the tradition for every new student. So, why don't you go now and I will save you a seat beside me at the Slytherin table".

"So sure that I get sort in the Slytherin House?" teased Hadrian.

"Yes of course. You're a Malfoy and Malfoy get sort in the Slytherin House. There is no doubt about that", said Draco pompously.

"Yeah right", Hadrian chuckled at Draco reaction before he walked to Hagrid who calling the first year.

"You are not the first year are you?" asked Hagrid with his thick accent.

"No, I'm fifth year but I'm new student. A prefect told me that I had to go with the first year", said Hadrian politely. He smiles at Hagrid. He always likes the man but he also knows Hagrid is too blinded by Dumbledore.

"Then, get into the boat. No more than four", said Hagrid.

Hadrian only nodded and get into the empty boat. It's weird to do this again not that he complained or something. He just hopes that the sorting went fast so he can eat and rest. He also hopes that this year nothing will go wrong. That's not something much to ask isn't?

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