And now for the moment you've most likely been waiting for if you are Gaius fans. In this chapter we'll be going over how things went down after then end of the world. yep. Robins Death. Get your ice cream and tissue ready. you might want them later.

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Gaius sighed as he slammed his now empty stein on the bar counter as he tried to drowned out memories of the past that where flooding his mind only to have some of the most painful make it through.

"No" Gaius stated flatly before taking a bit of the food that Robin had made for dinner.

But!" Robin started to object only to be cut off.

"I said no! Dang it all Robin." Gaius growled, highly fed up with the argument they had been having.

"But it's so boring staying home all day I miss working."Robin said anyways causing Gaius to sigh as he held his head. "And since when have you been the authority on how I live my life and what I do with it?" Robin added haughtily as she crossed her arms.

"Um, since you married me?"Gaius replied with a quizzical expression as if to ask if she really just said that. "Look as your husband it's my job to make sure you don't go and walk into a den of lions and that's exactly what you're asking to do!"

"But I'm bored." Robin restated as she looked at the ceiling.

"The answer is still no." Gaius said hoping that would be the end of Robin's crazy nonsense for the day.

"It's been 5 years; you seriously think he'll still be mad?" Robin asked rhetorically.

"Yes." Gaius replied as if Robin had grown an extra head.

"Well I think you're wrong." Robin replied with a humph.

"You say that but whose gonna have to be the one to save you once you find out you're wrong? Me. It was hard enough stealing you once!" Gaius pointed out before putting more food in his mouth.

naturally Robin won in the end and the small young family left the safety of their home in Pelgia and made their way to the castle. As luck would have it, Robin was right after all. The prince was no longer angry with the two and was now happily married to Sumia they even had a child as well whom they lovingly named Lucina. One could go as far to say that he was grateful for their return. A new threat had recently shown itself and he needed his tactician now more than ever. If only Gaius had held his ground, history could have been different.

"Robin!" Gaius called as he and Chrom ran to her side watching in horror as she fell to the ground, her body slowly starting to deteriorate to dust that blew away in the wind.

"Did It work?" Robin asked weakly with a small hopeful smile. that is what she had become know for, being a bringer of hope when there was none, and now she was going to be gone forever. Gaius let himself openly weep as he held her dying form as tight as he could, hoping in the back of his mind that maybe she wouldn't leave him that way.

But it was in vein. Her body disappeared and With her all threat of any future attacks from the fell dragon disappeared as well. Gaius held his head as memories of going from castle to castle to receive awards and medals on Robins behalf but none of that matter, no amount of honor or respect for what she was willing to do could bring her back.

There was a period of time that he felt that maybe she was out there some were waiting to be found. but he knew now that that was a child's dream. He had abandoned everything to follow that dream to, leaving Morgan with Chrom to be raised with Lunica as he searched high and low for her. Crossing every obstacle only thinking of her. To find nothing. After three years of searching he finally quiet he fully believed that she was gone for good and was too ashamed to go back to his son whom he felt that had abandon. Surely the child would have wanted nothing to do with him. It had been 13 years since robins death but still his subconscious looked for her in ever shadow he saw.

after a few more drinks the pain of the memories numbed along with his toes but that was a different problem all together that he didn't really care about. Gaius paid the bar tender and reached for his bag only to find that it wasn't where he had left it.

"What the." Gaius started sobering up quickly as the realization that he had been robbed hit him. Gaius looked around only to find a hooded figure standing by the open door of the bar staring back at him before quickly turning away and bolting out of sight with bag in hand. "Hey! come back here!" Gaius yelled as he stumbled out of the seat still a bit tipsy physically but mentally alert. Gaius followed after the petite thief running around town only to run down a dark ally.

"Rats, dead end." Gaius thought as he held his throbbing head with a sigh. "Looks like I have to go steal a new one." Gaius said to himself only to hear a light thud behind him causing him to turn and find the hooded thief. "You!" Gaius growled getting into a ready stance. "What kinda person steals from a thief huh? Give it back!" Gaius demanded only for the hooded thief to throw the bag in the air and swiftly move so they were in front of him giving his a swift kick in the gut before sweeping the ground with their leg from the momentum of the kick then flipping back to where they where so they could pick the bag back up then stand with confident and straight posture.

Gaius got on his knee and spat at the ground before forcing himself to stand up once more. "So that's how it's gonna be huh? Fine I accept. winner gets the bag." He stated as he got back into his stance only this time with daggers drawn. The figure followed suit Flicking their arm to move the cape that surrounded there body out of the way of their arms, knifes in hand.

The two fought for hours, exchanging blow after blow before Gaius had the hooded figure pinned to the wall as his mouth contorted to a smirk of victory, only for the figure to grab onto his arm and Pull on it as they kicked off his gut causing Gaius to fly head first into the wall that he had pinned the unknown person against. Gaius collapsed to the ground holding his head with one hand and his gut with his other. The figure walked over to the bag that had been discarded and picked it up before walking over to Gaius and dropping it in front of him causing Gaius to look up and glare at the person who had just beat him to a pulp and was now taunting him.

"You asked 'who would steal from a thief', the answer is really quite simple." The person said pausing before they continued "The person who steals from a thief, must be trying to get their attention," The figure answered removing their hood to reveal familiar orange hair causing Gaius's eyes to widen.

"Morgan?" Gaius whispered in shock as he pushed himself to stand.

"You... You know who I am?" Morgan asked as his hard glare melted from hearing his father say his name.

"Of course I know you, you're my son." Gaius stated tears starting to well up in his eyes at the sight of the child that he thought he'd never see again.

"You, didn't forget about me?" Morgan asked bewildered, suprised and overall, Happy.

"Forget about you? Never! Not in a million years would I forget about you. Not a day goes by that I don't wish that I had given up sooner on the crazy dream of finding your mother and stayed with you." Gaius Replied honestly as he looked Morgan dead in the eyes. "I missed you son. I never should have left you."

"Dad" Morgan said as he hugged his father producing a good "ooph" from Gauis as Morgan's head hit a bruise from their fight. Gaius stood there and let the boy cling to him as he rested his hand on the crying boys head.

After a while Morgan managed to calm his emotions and let go of Gaius so he could rub the remaining tears out of his eyes. "Sorry, It's not very manly to cry." Morgan stated quietly as he looked away embarrassed by his display. "I'm just so happy I finally found you."

"After how hard you just wailed on me I'm pretty sure you're the manliest 15 year old I know." Gaius stated surprising Morgan even further that Gaius had managed to keep track of how old he was. "That and if the number of time you've cried determines how manly you are then I'd be a woman." Gaius added. "I've cried a lot over you and your mother." Gaius admitted.

"Mother." Morgan stated quietly. "Father I thought you would have known by now, Mother has been found." Morgan stated causing Gaius to glare at him.

"Surely blue taught you better then to lie to your own father." Gaius replied disgusted.

"I'm not lying, The exalted found her three weeks ago, in the same field she was first discovered in." Morgan explained causing Gaius to stare into nothing before picking up his bag and hurrying away. "But I just found you, where are you going? Don't leave!"

"I haven't seen my wife in over 13 years and your telling me not to go and see her? Come on son. Let go." Gaius stated with a beaten and broken smile as he waited for Morgan to join him at his side. It took a good long week of traveling but the two enjoyed the bonding time that they had as they hurried to the castle where Robin was still being nursed back to health. Once the castle was in sight Morgan couldn't keep Gaius from sprinting towards it. Once inside the castle Gaius hurried to the throne room swinging the doors open wide as he walked in out of breath and tired from many years of empty hope. "Where is sh-" Gaius stated in a loud thunderous voice only to have it die down to nothing as his eyes landed on Robin who looked as if she hadn't aged a day causing his heart to fly through his mouth before sinking into his stomach. what if this was all just another dream. what if she wasn't real. Robin turned to face him surprised at first then completely overjoyed to see him.

"Gaius?" Robin called quietly only to have him hurry over and envelope her in his arms as he kissed the top of her head.

"Welcome home bubbles. We missed you."

Can I just say, I love this story. Not sure If I'm allowed to but I do. It's hard to see one of the three arcs end completely but it's very satisfying at the same time. There are only three extended ending chapters left before I leave this story to rest. Hopefully they will be just as awesome as this one.

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