Summary: Shortly after the abduction of Cheza and Blue at Darcia's keep, the gang attempts to escape from the castle. However, little do they know that another wolf has been kept prisoner in the keep for centuries. Will the gang find solace and comfort in the arrival of another packmate, or dread and despair in the past he keeps hidden?

Author's Note: This is my first fanfiction, it's kind of based on what would happen if this particular character was introduced to the original story at this time. This leads to changed future events. Inspired by Pinkdesi's Okami stories, please R&R, I've been having this story stuck to my head for a while. Added a few of my own elements, and sorry I haven't watched Wolf's Rain in a while so I don't really remember how the plot goes(Well I remember most of it, but not all ): ) I'm so shy, this was the first time I've ever published a story online. Please don't shoot me. Please.

I don't own Wolf's Rain


"Kiba!" a voice yelled from across the room. Kiba turns around and glances at the grey wolf who yelled his name. They were all running towards Jagara's troops as soon as they noticed that they had Cheza in their hands.

"What?" he asked as he dodged a falling piece of rubble. The whole castle was collapsing as a result of Jagura's siege.

"Do you smell that? It smells like.." Tsume's voice drifts off.

"Another wolf!" cries Toboe. His mouth widening in a smile.

Kiba glares at him, and Toboe looks at the ground. Cheza and Blue were just taken by Jagura's troops, and the Flower Maiden being their only hopes of reaching Paradise. How could the pup act so carefree and happy now? Kiba could not afford to stop now, especially for not a random stranger.

They scuttle into a corridor, and paused for a bit to catch their breath. A painful howl echoed through the building. It was from the unseen wolf; it was in pain. Just as Kiba was able to continue the chase, Tsume blocked his path with his body.

"Will you wait just a goddamn second? There's no use in chasing them! We can't outrun their machines, and if we chased them, we'll just end up being sniped at!" He shouted

"Move out of the way" Kiba growled at him, his snarl showing his fangs.

"Tsume's right" Toboe said as he stepped up to meet Kiba. "We need to regroup and think of a plan."

"They have her!" screamed Kiba. How could they not understand how vital Cheza was to their journey? "Do you know what this means? We're not going to be able to find Paradise at this rate. If you don't move out the way, I'm going to-"

"You goddamn idiot," snaps Tsume. He lungs towards Kiba and holds him down with his fangs to his neck. Kiba was already weakened from their fight with Darcia but he still continued to struggle against the stronger grey wolf. After a moment of struggling, he went limp as a display of submission.

Tsume steps back.

"What was the point?" Kiba asks and Tsume,Hige and Toboe could tell his voice cracking with emotions running through them. "Of us coming here?"

He turned his head away from them, and for a moment it almost sounded as if he was crying. They never seen him show such emotions before, and it was evident that Cheza was just as important to him as with his journey to Paradise.

Toboe stepped forward and with his snout, nuzzled Kiba.

"We'll find her," he whined. "We promise we will."

Kiba nodded his head and stood up, staggering a bit.

"Let's go find this wolf" he said looking at them. "We're going to need help getting Cheza back anyways." And with that, they head towards the painful howls that plagues the castle.