Will we...can we...start over this time?

Of course...

You won't leave me?

I promise I won't...Even if we're separated, I'll find you.

Okay... It'll be an adventure right? The two of us?

Yeah...two brothers against the world.

Shiroi...I'm scared...What if we don't wake up?

We will...

How do you know?

The moon told me.



I'm tired...so tired...

Me too...

They hear the chirping of birds and a gentle breeze that flies by their bodies



This is like Paradise...

Yes it is... Sleep now, little brother. The moon will wake us when the time is right...

A/N: Thank you for reading! This is the end of Wolf's Rain: Markings, but I'm sure there will be a Wolf's Rain: Markings II in the new future. I didn't get many reviews for this, so I'm pretty sad but I hope the second story will get more followers/favourites/reviews. Thank you for supporting, and tell me how you like the story!