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I've always wanted to do a Bulgeta story, so here we go.

Title: Your Love

Pairings: Bulma and Vegeta (main pairing)

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ :/ (dammit!)

Summary: Before being killed by Napa, Yamcha proposed to Bulma. Of course she said yes and waited for him to be revived. But what happens when Vegeta gets in the picture. Will Bulma marry Yamcha, or will she fall for the arrogant Prince?

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The Prologue

Bulma Briefs, only twenty-six-years old and was already the smartest woman in the world. Heiress to the most successful company in the world. The most beautiful woman in Japan. She had it all: beauty, brains, and money.

The young heiress lounged on the sofa in the family room, flipping through yet another magazine. She was looking for inspiration for her upcoming wedding.

Yes you heard right. There was a man who was worthy to be Bulma Briefs husband. His name was Yamcha, he was no one special.

He didn't have bags of money. He didn't have hundreds of college degrees. Nor did he have a body like Channing Tatum. He was just an average man with a passion for fighting.

But Bulma was madly in love with him. The two started dating when they were teens. They broke up a couple of times due to his cheating, but Bulma always forgave him. The two had a connection Bulma believed she would never have for someone else.

Back to wedding planning. Bulma was getting married in a few months. After she wished her boyfriend back from the dead.

A few days after being proposed to, her boyfriend was killed by an evil heartless Saiyan. Thank Kami for the dragon balls.

For now she would sulk in the couch cushions and dreamed of her big day.

She could already image it: a beautiful venue, the best food in the world, and a gorgeous gown that would leave everyone speechless.

The blue haired woman pulled herself out of her trance and glanced down at the diamond that was on her finger. Only 34 for days until they could use tha Namekian Dragon Balls.

"Let's just hope everything goes as plan," she joked to herself with a smile plastered on her face.

"WOMAN," came masculine shriek, "THE BLASTED MEAL MAKER IS BROKE AGAIN!"

Bulma sighed as she pushed herself off the sofa and dragged herself to the kitchen. Once again her arrogant housemate called for her. Out of the kindness of her heart she allowed Vegeta to live in Capsule Corp. but, she soon regretted after the first week.

He didn't know how to take care of himself, so Bunny and Bulma helped him. Bunny took care of food and clothing while Bulma fixed everything he broke in the house.

"Took you long enough," Vegeta spat.

Bulma rolled her eyes. She wasn't in the mood for arguing so she got straight to the point, "What did you break this time Vegeta?"

Vegeta scowled at her and pointed to the microwave, "Your stupid earthling machinery won't work."

Bulma giggled a bit as she looked at the microwave. She stepped over to the counter and grabbed the plug, effortlessly plugging it into the outlet on the wall. With her index finger she pressed start.

Vegeta turned red from complete embarrassment as he watched the light turn on and a light hum. "Don't you dare laugh," he growled.

Bulma gave him a warm smile, "Don't worry Vegeta, we all have our off days."

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