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The blonde woman on the large bed and sipped on her wine. She listened to the soft cries of the blue haired woman who was sprawled out, her head buried inside the silky sheets.

They had been like this for half an hour in complete silence, except from the blue haired woman's sobs.

The blonde woman went by Tights Briefs, oldest daughter of Dr. Briefs and Mrs. Briefs. She resembled her mother with her blonde hair and hazel eyes, but she had her father's brains. She wasn't a genius in the math and science department but when it came to literature she knew everything!

She had moved to Korea and began writing books which were very successful. Tights didn't come home very often , and never got to see Bulma grow up. It wasn't until Bulma was sixteen and Tights was twenty-two when they started bonding.

When Tights was informed that her baby sister was getting married, she couldn't help but feel jealous. After all, she was thirty-three and still single, but she wasnt going to be bitter and skip the wedding.

Tights had arrived in West City a week before the wedding. The first few days they went shopping and did some catching up. Bulma told her stories about her latest crazy adventures. Tights almost fainted from shock after hearing what Bulma told her.

Tights also hosted her baby sister's bachelorette party in a very expensive club. It was a crazy night filled with fancy drinks, attractive men, and many gifts of sexy lingerie.

It was only a few hours ago when Tights was helping her sister into her wedding dress. The smile on Bulma's face warmed her heart. She was happy that her little sister had found someone to love her.

Everything seemed to be going pefect but then a loud boom roared in the sky, startling Bulma, Tights, and the other bridesmaids.

Bulma was curious of what was happening and walked over tp the window. What she saw tore her heart in half. Rain poured hard from the sky and light flashed through the dark grey clouds. The powerful wind gust was tearing her venue to pieces. Her expensive dishware was shattered in the ground, tables flipped over, drapes tangled in the trees, worst of all the cake had smashed into the muddy ground.

Her sister had the right to be throwing a tantrum, after all this was suppose to be her special day.

Tights sighed, she hate seeing her baby sister hurt, she placed a hand on her back and rubbed it in a comforting manner. "I sorry that this happened to you, little sis."

Bulma sobbed harder and dug her nails into the pilliow she cried in.

Tights down the rest of her drink and placed it on the floor. She climbed into the bed and laid down next to the blue haired bride. "Come on B-chan, you're stronger than this." she said softly, pushing the hair that was covering her face behind her ear.

Bulma didn't say anything, instead she flung her arms around Tights and nuzzled her face in her neck.

They stayed like this for a half an hour before Bulma had ceased crying.

"Seems like everytime Yamcha and I try to move to the next step something always stops us." Bulma said weakly. First he died, then she had to go to space, and now this! What's next, the world exploding?

"Let's a load of crap, you're just over thinking things and stressed out. Just reschedule in a month or so." Tights told her.

Bulma halfed smiled. "I guess you're right."