So I wrote this a while ago and a lot of you liked it but it got taken down so I'm going to try again but change the style so it's less chat dialogue cause that just really pissed me off. Thanks FanFiction for being a~~ okay. I won't get myself in trouble again. I'm only changing the phone calls so hopefully that will be enough. I've also changed the dates a little bit so it actually works according to days as well. I should have done that in the first place but I didn't really think about it. Oh well. Hopefully this works.

Chapter 1

Rachel to Quinn (11:02pm 14/03/13)
Quinn, I need you.

Rachel to Quinn (11:26pm 14/03/13)
Quinn, please!

Rachel to Quinn (11:54pm 14/03/13)
I really need to talk to you right now! Pick up your phone!

Quinn to Rachel (10:03am 15/03/13)
Oh my god! Please tell me that you're not dead, Rach!

Rachel to Quinn (10:11am 15/03/13)
Not dead, Quinn. Thanks for replying last night by the way.

Quinn to Rachel (10:16am 15/03/13)
Not all of us are awake till the crack of dawn, Rachel!
What's wrong though?

Rachel to Quinn (10:21am 15/03/13)
It was barely 12am!
Finn and I had a fight. He hasn't come home just yet.

Quinn to Rachel (10:25am 15/03/13)
Do you know where he is?

Rachel to Quinn (10:31am 15/03/13)
I don't know. He did text and said not to be worried so I'm not worried about his whereabouts.

Quinn to Rachel (10:42am 15/03/13)
I'm sure it was just a little fight that will blow over in no time.
Anyway, Rach. I need you to text your cousin and cancel the blind date you set up.

Rachel to Quinn (10:47am 15/03/13)
But Quinn! She was really excited to meet you! Why am I cancelling?

Quinn to Rachel (10:51am 15/03/13)
I'm… sick?

Rachel to Quinn (10:54am 15/03/13)
Oh please. I know you're not really sick.

Quinn to Rachel (10:59am 15/03/13)
But she doesn't know that :P

Rachel to Quinn (11:04am 15/03/13)
That's rude, Quinn!

Quinn to Rachel (11:08am 15/03/13)
Please, Rachel. Please. I want to meet someone properly without being set up. Just tell her I'm sorry.

Rachel to Quinn (11:13am 15/03/13)
Tell her yourself. I have other things to worry about.

Quinn to Rachel (11:19am 15/03/13)
I suppose that's fair. Give me her number.

Rachel to Quinn (11:24am 15/03/13)
One step ahead of you, sunshine. Check your contacts.

Quinn to Rachel (11:32am 15/03/13)
Oh I see. Thanks, Rach.

Quinn to Marley (11:34am 15/03/13)
Hi there. This is Quinn. I'm going to have to cancel our date tomorrow. I just don't think it's going to work out so well. Sorry.

Marley to Quinn (11:43am 15/03/13)
Sorry Quinn. I think you must have got the wrong number.

Quinn to Marley (11:45am 15/03/13)
So this isn't Marley?

Marley to Quinn (11:49am 15/03/13)

Quinn to ? (11:56am 15/03/13)
Oh sorry to bother you.

? to Quinn (12:01pm 15/03/13)
Wasn't a bother at all. Actually saved me from an awkward social moment so thank you, Quinn.

Quinn to ? (12:05pm 15/03/13)
Oh well then you're welcome. I'll leave you to it now. Sorry again.

Quinn to Rachel (12:07pm 15/03/13)
You idiot! You gave me a wrong number!

? to Quinn (12:09pm 15/03/13)
Actually do you mind staying just for a little longer. I just really don't want to talk to these people and honestly you are the only one replying to any of my messages right now. As sad as that is lol

Rachel to Quinn (12:10pm 15/03/13)
My bad! I'll text her for you.

Quinn to ? (12:13pm 15/03/13)
So… mystery person. Your name is actually ? in my contacts right now. Would be nice to put a proper name in there seeing as it isn't Marley and you know my name xD

Quinn to Rachel (12:15pm 15/03/13)
Thanks. Update me with the Finn thing when you can.

? to Quinn (12:16pm 15/03/13)
You're putting me in your contacts, huh? Plan on texting me some more?

Quinn to ? (12:19pm 15/03/13)
Well I don't have to if you don't want me to. I thought you wanted me to keep texting you. It'd just be nice to know your name.

? to Quinn (12:21pm 15/03/13)
I was joking. My name is Santana.

Quinn to Santana (12:25pm 15/03/13)
Santana. I like it. So what am I saving you from, Santana?

Santana to Quinn (12:27pm 15/03/13)
Work, actually.

Quinn to Santana (12:28pm 15/03/13)
You're texting a complete stranger to save you from work. Sounds like something people do often.

Santana to Quinn (12:31pm 15/03/13)
Shush you. My job is so boring right now and I don't enjoy listening to people arguing.

Quinn to Santana (12:32pm 15/03/13)
Oh what do you do?

Santana to Quinn (12:34pm 15/03/13)
I'm a lawyer. I'm listening to a couple who are getting divorced arguing about… well I don't even know anymore.

Quinn to Santana (12:37pm 15/03/13)
A lawyer? Wow. Ew that sounds horrible.

Santana to Quinn (12:38pm 15/03/13)
It is. What do you do?

Quinn to Santana (12:42pm 15/03/13)
I'm a music teacher. The kids are all doing group practice for their class performances on Monday so I probably should be going around the studios and finding out if they're actually doing what they're meant to be doing.

Santana to Quinn (12:44pm 15/03/13)
You're leaving me? ):

Quinn to Santana (12:45pm 15/03/13)
I'm sorry! It was nice talking to you, Santana. Have fun listening to divorced couples fighting (;

Santana to Quinn (12:47pm 15/03/13)
You are so very rude, Quinn :P Goodbye. Have fun teaching music!

Quinn to Rachel (4:49pm 15/03/13)
Can I call you?

Rachel to Quinn (4:50pm 15/03/13)
Go for it!

"Hi there!" Rachel's chirpy voice sounded through the phone. That girl always seemed upbeat about things.

"Hey. How're things with Finn?" Quinn didn't want the whole conversation to be just about her so she thought that she'd better throw in something for Rachel to talk about. She did like talking about herself a lot.

"Well we talked about it and I think it's been sorted out now." Rachel sounded as though she was still trying to be happy but Quinn could tell that she was putting it on.

"Good. I'm glad to hear it." Quick change of subject before Rachel could carry on. "Something strange happened to me today actually…"

"Oh? Do tell…" Success.

"I text the number you gave me and it turned out to be someone and they text me back and we kind of got talking."

"So you were just texting each other even though you don't know each other?" The confused tone that Rachel was sporting now made Quinn realise just how strange that actually did seem.

"Yeah… weird, right?" Quinn scoffed, though she didn't find it quite that weird at all. She thought it was nice.

"and how did that go for you?" She could almost see the brunette's eyebrow raising in sarcastic mode with just those words.

"Sarcastic, much?" Quinn was swallowing her anger. She didn't think that Rachel would find it as bad as she seemed to.

"Sorry, Q. I am being genuine now. How was it?" Rachel's voice softened slightly.

"She seems nice." Quinn shrugged.

"Just nice?"

"We only texted for a little bit, Rach. I don't really know much about her to say." That was when Quinn realised she wanted to know Santana more than she does.

"Well, let me know when you know then. I'm gonna have to go now. Finn wants me. Text me later?" Rachel rushed through her goodbyes.

"Yeah, sure. See you." With that, Quinn hung up the phone and thought about this mystery girl called Santana.