I don't have much to say but I feel weird not putting an author's note at the start so this will do.

Rachel to Quinn (10:07am 17/03/13)
Morning, Q. How are you?

Quinn to Rachel (10:10am 17/03/13)
Ugh when my phone went off, I got excited cause I thought it was Santana.
I'm excited and nervous. How are you?

Rachel to Quinn (10:13am 17/03/13)
Well that's rather rude.
Why are you excited?

Quinn to Rachel (10:17am 17/03/13)
Because Santana is calling me tonight.

Rachel to Quinn (10:19am 17/03/13)
and why are you nervous?

Quinn to Rachel (10:23am 17/03/13)
Refer to last text message.

Rachel to Quinn (10:30am 17/03/13)
Don't be nervous! I'm sure it will go great!

Quinn to Rachel (10:33am 17/03/13)
She sent me a picture of her last night.

Rachel to Quinn (10:35am 17/03/13)
Um… do I want to see this or will I be scarred for life?

Quinn to Rachel (10:37am 17/03/13)
*image sent*

Rachel to Quinn (10:40am 17/03/13)
Holy shit, Quinn! I'm straight and I would still be nervous to speak to her! Look at her!

Quinn to Rachel (10:42am 17/03/13)
Thanks for helping.

Rachel to Quinn (10:44am 17/03/13)
Oh my gosh! If you two start dating, you could have the hottest girl ever!

Quinn to Rachel (10:50am 17/03/13)
Woah! Slow down there, champ! I think I'll leave you and your crazy thoughts alone now. See you round, Rach.

Santana to Quinn (2:15pm 17/03/13 | 11:15am 17/03/13)
Told you I'd keep my promise (;

Quinn to Santana (2:16pm 17/03/13 | 11:16am 17/03/13)
Is it sad that I've been staring at my phone like a lost puppy dog all morning?

Santana to Quinn (2:49pm 17/03/13 | 11:49am 17/03/13)
No, not at all. In fact, it's rather cute.

Quinn to Santana (2:50pm 17/03/13 | 11:50am 17/03/13)
I've been sitting here pouting whilst staring at my phone. All morning. Nothing else.

Santana to Quinn (3:32pm 17/03/13 | 12:32pm 17/03/13)
Send me a picture of how you've been staring at your phone? A pouty one.

Quinn to Santana (3:33pm 17/03/13 | 12:33pm 17/03/13)
*image sent*

Santana to Quinn (3:57pm 17/03/13 | 12:57pm 17/03/13)
Are you a real person? Like holy damn you are so adorable!

Quinn to Santana (3:58pm 17/03/13 | 12:58pm 17/03/13)
You're making me blush again, San!

Santana to Quinn (4:46pm 17/03/13 | 1:46pm 17/03/13)
Picture? :P

Quinn to Santana (4:47pm 17/03/13 | 1:47pm 17/03/13)
Not gonna happen!

Santana to Quinn (5:01pm 17/03/13 | 2:01pm 17/03/13)
It was worth a shot.
I'm dressed up all nice for this lunch function thing. It's so boring and it's so frustrating having to sneak text you throughout the day. It only goes for a couple more hours.

Quinn to Santana (5:02pm 17/03/13 | 2:02pm 17/03/13)
Now it's my turn to ask but... picture? Preferably one where I can see your whole attire and not just your face.

Santana to Quinn (5:23pm 17/03/13 | 2:23pm 17/03/13)
You got it!
*image sent*

Quinn to Santana (5:24pm 17/03/13 | 2:24pm 17/03/13)
Oh my god. You're hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. So hot.

Santana to Quinn (5:26pm 17/03/13 | 2:26pm 17/03/13)
Calm down there, sweetheart. I've been caught texting and I'm having my phone confiscated. Kurt is so uptight about this. I'll call you later. 10pm, don't forget.

Quinn to Santana (5:27pm 17/03/13 | 2:27pm 17/03/13)
I wouldn't forget it for the world! Have fun x

Brittany to Kurt (3:32pm 17/03/13)
Kurt, give me back my phone.

Kurt to Brittany (3:33pm 17/03/13)
Britt, you're using your phone right now. Wait is this Santana? Santana get off Brittany's phone!

Brittany to Kurt (3:34pm 17/03/13)
I want my phone back! This is a life or death crisis. Why are you allowed to use your phone?

Kurt to Brittany (3:36pm 17/03/13)
Texting Quinn is not life or death, Santana. Also I got your message last night, I was just busy. She's gorgeous! Anyway not the point. I'm allowed to use my phone cause I'm organising now and tonight.

Brittany to Kurt (3:37pm 17/03/13)
She is gorgeous (: Kurt, I'm serious! Give it back!

Kurt to Brittany (3:39pm 17/03/13)
and I'm seriously going to come and confiscate Britt's phone now. She can thank you for that.

Sam to Kurt (6:05pm 17/03/13)
My phone, Kurt.

Kurt to Sam (6:06pm 17/03/13)
Santana! Stop using people's phones! You're getting them all confiscated!

Sam to Kurt (6:07pm 17/03/13)
Then give me my phone and no one else will lose their phone.

Kurt to Sam (6:08pm 17/03/13)
You're going home in half an hour you'll survive. Give Sam back his phone or I'll take it.

Sam to Kurt (6:09pm 17/03/13)
But that's half an hour too long, Kurt!

Kurt to Sam (6:10pm 17/03/13)
That's it. I'm coming to take Sam's phone too.

Santana to Quinn (9:40pm 17/03/13 | 6:40pm 17/03/13)
Hello mariposa (:

Quinn to Santana (9:42pm 17/03/13 | 6:42pm 17/03/13)

Santana to Quinn (9:45pm 17/03/13 | 6:45pm 17/03/13)
I've been hounding Kurt to give me back my phone all evening. I'm leaving now. Just thought I'd let you know. I'll call you in half an hour? It'll a little later then 10pm, I know but not by much.

Quinn to Santana (9:46pm 17/03/13 | 6:46pm 17/03/13)
It's fine. As long as you call.

Quinn's phone started ringing and her breath caught in her throat as she picked up. "Hello?"

"Quinn?" A raspy voice asked.

"Hi San!" Quinn managed to let go of the breath she holding.

"Wow… your voice… it's just as beautiful as you." Santana mentally slapped herself. Why did she lose her cool while talking to someone that she had only just met?

"You're just as charming over the phone as you are via text." Quinn laughed.

"To cute blondes like you…" Santana figured that Quinn must like her so called charm so she didn't stop herself anymore, "…always."

"Oh my gosh, San!" Quinn blushed.

"You're totally blushing. Any chance of a-"

"No, Santana!" Exclaimed Quinn, with an embarrassed giggle.

"You have a cute giggle." Smiled Santana as she thought about Quinn giggling because of something she'd said.

Quinn couldn't handle the adorable compliments so she changed the subject. "How was your day?"

Santana sighed. "Lady Hummel wouldn't give me my phone. Then he confiscated Brittany's when I text him to try get my phone back and then Sam's. It was boring. How was yours?"

"You missed me." Quinn teased.

"I did not." Santana tried to sound nonchalant about it but she just ended up sounding defensive which didn't work in her favour.

"You so did!" Laughed Quinn.

"Not." Not wanting to get caught out on being sappy, Santana changed the subject as Quinn had done before. "What were you doing all day?"

"Missing you." Quinn replied simply.

As much as the answer had made Santana feel bubbly, she didn't want Quinn to notice so she put on her teasing voice, "and how'd that go for you?"

"It turned out good in the end so the wait was worth it."

"What's your last name?" Santana blurted out.


"You are so very cute, Quinn Fabray."

"and your last name?" Quinn asked, in hopes that she could call Santana by her last name and also say she is cute.


"Santana Lopez. Damn your name is hot!" Well that ruined things.

"Apparently so is my dress." Santana smirked.

"I would say your dress is nice. You make the dress look hot though."

"Have a cold shower, Q." Santana laughed at the flustered sounding blonde.

"No, I'm good. Speak Spanish to me." Quinn demanded.

"But you can't even understand what I'm saying."

"I don't care. I liked when you text it. I want to hear you say it. I'm sure with your raspy voice, it will sound even hotter than it is to just read it." Quinn hoped that she had convinced the Latina.

"Eres una coqueta tales, mariposa." Santana made sure to say it in an extra raspy voice that she knew Quinn would love.

"Oh my god… more." Quinn breathed heavily.

"Creo que podría caer para usted fácilmente." Again with the rasp.

"What are you saying?" Quinn asked.

"The first part I said that you're such a pretty little butterfly." Santana smiled as she repeated it back for Quinn to understand.

"The second part?"

"Mariposa, that is for me to know and for you to wonder." Santana's smile turned into a smirk.

"Say it again so I can record and then google translate!" Quinn went to grab her laptop so she could record it.

"Creo que podría caer para usted fácilmente." Santana repeated.

"San! You didn't warn me! I wasn't ready!" Quinn pouted.

"You never told me to warn you, sweetheart."

"You did that on purpose." Quinn accused.

"Don't you have school tomorrow?"

"You're avoiding the subject!" Quinn raised her voice in more accusation.

"I'm ending the subject and starting a new one. Don't you have school tomorrow?" Santana asked again.

"Fine. Yes, I do."

"So you have to get up early, yes?" Santana really didn't want Quinn to find out what she said.

"Mmhmm" Quinn knew where this was going and didn't like it at all.

"Bed time then."

"San, no!" Quinn shot up in her bed. Like sitting up was going to make her more assertive.

"You'll be too tired to teach kids in the morning if you don't sleep." Santana stated.

"Why are you being responsible?" Quinn huffed.

"Because I'm looking out for you, Q. Go to sleep."

"Ugh fine." Quinn used her grumpy voice.

"You're not really mad at me, mariposa. Good night, honey. Text me in the morning and I'll text back when I wake up and before you ask… yes, I promise."

"You know me so well already. Night, Tana." Quinn hung up the phone and tucked herself back into her blankets.

Santana to Brittany (7:15pm 17/03/13)

Brittany to Santana (7:21pm 17/03/13)
Santana! How did the phone call go?!

Santana to Brittany (7:23pm 17/03/13)
It was amazing! I can't believe how much I like her just by texting her since yesterday and seeing her pictures and now hearing her voice!

Brittany to Santana (7:26pm 17/03/13)
Wow, San. You're really into her, huh?

Santana to Brittany (7:30pm 17/03/13)
I just hope she'll be exactly the same around me in person as she is over the phone and in text.

Brittany to Santana (7:32pm 17/03/13)
You have planned to meet up with each other?

Santana to Brittany (7:35pm 17/03/13)
Well we haven't but I hope we do meet at some point.

Brittany to Santana (7:41pm 17/03/13)
Just slow down a little, okay S? I don't want you to get hurt because you're rushing into things or you're assuming her feelings for you.

Santana to Brittany (7:43pm 17/03/13)
It's okay if she doesn't like me like that, Britt. The way this is going, we're already friends. I was only saying that since we're friends, we're bound to meet up at some point, right?

Brittany to Santana (7:45pm 17/03/13)
That's not what it sounded like to me, Santana. Just do me a favour and be careful, yeah? You need to be treated right this time round.

Santana to Brittany (7:47pm 17/03/13)
Brittany, not now. We've gone over this. I forgive you for sleeping with Sam and we're still best friends. Nothing will change that. Just don't bring it up anymore.

Brittany to Santana (7:51pm 17/03/13)
Sorry, I didn't mean to bring it up. I just wanted to make sure you know that I'm going to be looking out for you throughout the course of this relationship, even if it just does end up as friendship.

Santana to Brittany (7:54pm 17/03/13)
Thanks, Britt Britt. I'm going to sleep now. I know it's early but I have to be up early for work. Gotta listen to more people yell at each other. Fun times! Night B.

Brittany to Santana (7:57pm 17/03/13)
Sleep well, S.