Karaoke Night

Team Sonic and Team Rose were walking around a supermarket, searching for booze. Lots of them. Why? Because tonight isn't like any other night. Tonight is Karaoke night! Not to mention, the night when all SEGA game characters unite to have fun, drink, sing , and dance 'til you fall flat on your face.

Sonic grabbed two bottles of sparkling apple cider. Tails pouted. "No fair! Why do you guys get to drink booze while we only get juice and soda?"

"Because! You kids are too young to drink, and it's bad for your system. You need to be at least 20 years old to drink, right?" Sonic answered.

Tails turned to Sonic. "But Sonic, you're not even 20 either!"

Sonic laughed. Then he replied, "That's why we changed the age limit to at least 15 years and above."

"Sonic, that's cheating!" Tails whined. Sonic just smiled and grabbed more bottles of soda and sparkling fruit juice. Amy looked at a bottle of Pink Champagne.

"Ooh~!" Amy said. "Pink Champagne! We need to get some of that!"

Knuckles placed his hand on her shoulder. "Amy, you're forgetting that you're only 12." The smile on Amy's face turned into a frown.

"We can't buy too much," Big said. "Vyse and the Blue Rogues said they'll provide most of the beer."

"Yeah," Cream agreed. "Besides, we do have a spending limit."

"That's why we're going to pay now. C'mon!" Sonic said, and he led the teams to the cashier.

Team Chaotix and Team Dark were busy getting snacks for the special night.

"What goes well with beer?" Vector asked. Charmy flew around the snacks aisle to search for something suitable.

"How about marshmallows? And maybe some chips as well?" he suggested.

Vector replied with a simple "Hm." To which Charmy responded by dropping four bags of BBQ-flavored chips and six bags of marshmallow.

"Don't you think this may be too much?" Espio asked, worried.

"These are for the little kids, and we have a ton of them in SEGA!" Vector replied.

"That is true," Espio agreed. "But let's add some fruits to make it a little heatlthier." And with that, Espio started grabbing apples . They turn to the other Team.

"Aren't you going to help?" they asked.

Shadow shook his head, not wanting to cooperate, E123-Gamma kept silent, while Rouge said, "I'd rather be choosing the booze than the snacks."

Team Chaotix exchanged looks before sighing.