Karaoke Night

By two in the morning, everyone had settled down with some warm milk and hot chocolate. Sonic had managed to catch NiGHTS and carried her back to his/her game.

"Sonic...!" NiGHTS whined while waving her arms and kicking her legs weakly. "I'm not drunk! I can still go on...!"

"Hush, NiGHTS," Sonic whispered. "Go to sleep."

He gently patted NiGHTS head until she fell asleep. He turned to Tails.

"As for YOU, Tails," Sonic said, softly so that NiGHTS doesn't wake up. "No mint candy for a week."

"Aww...!" Tails moaned. Then Sonic went into NiGHTS game.

Aika turned to Vyse. "And YOU, Vyse, are in a lot a trouble."

"Ugh... Mom's gonna murder me if she found out," Vyse whined.

"Sorry, Vyse," Beat apologized. "Didn't mean to get you in THIS much trouble."

Vyse sighed. "It's not really your fault, it's mine too since I agreed to it."

Beat turned to Aika and Gum. "Mind if you keep the almost-kissed-thing a secret?"

Aika nodded, but Gum held out her hand. "For 10000 yen."

Beat grumbled as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled up 10000 yen bill.

Gum took it and made a zip motion. "My lips are sealed."

Sonic ran back to the station afterwards, and sat with the others.

"Well, this is another Karaoke Night which I'll never forget."

Ulala sat beside him and handed him a mug of hot chocolate.


"You're welcome," she replied.

"Did anyone here enjoyed themselves?" Sonic asked while sipping the hot chocolate.

"I would've if a certain pair a teenage girls hadn't kicked a pair of boots at a couple a drunk teens while I was busy filming!" Ulala said, glaring at Aika and Gum.

"Oh, please! You could've at least STOPPED them!" Aika snapped.

"Well, excuse me for being a yaoi fangirl. And was it that necessary to BREAK MY PHONE?!"

"Why yes, yes it is," Gum replied.

Half an hour later, everybody returned to their respective games and went back to their homes to sleep.