Before I start, I'd like to inform you readers of what to expect in this fanfic.

Now this fanfic runs parallel to the LN, meaning it will follow the series. Events are taken from the anime adaptation as well as the light novel and modified to accommodate my OCs, as well as having several original events throughout. Furthermore, if you were expecting loads of... Ecchi... then you might be disappointed as I have toned down the level of ecchi to accommodate younger readers, if any. Also, expect some references from other series and animes. Not enough to make this a crossover, but there nonetheless.

Please take note that this is indeed my first ever fanfic, and that constructive criticism is always welcome as to knowing where to improve. Story wise, it may be a bit rushed though... I am trying to write in the Light Novel style and it's my first time at that too... heheh ^^;;

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this fic,


P.S: If my OCs all seems a bit OP at first, don't worry. That's just my style of writing- show their strengths, and develop their character over the chapters.

P.P.S: I suck at naming chapters .