The Crystal Booster

A Dragon Booster Fanfic by Lady Dragon

This story starts just prior to 'The Choosing – Part One', then advances to just after 'The Rules of Power' with flashbacks from 6 to 3000 years prior. I wanted to try something new. What if Beau had a sister? And they hatched from the same egg? And perhaps a human also hatched from an egg, the child of dragons? Here it is: 'The Crystal Booster'.

Note: I changed the order of the episodes; therefore 'The Prophet's Motive' takes place before 'The Wraith Booster'.

Chapter One: The Beginning

She worked quickly, taking the black draconium gear apart, then sat back on the stool, letting out a sigh. Lyuna Moonlily had been kept busy, removing wraith gear from found dragons. She had learned the gear inside and out, removing the video, audio and control parts and breaking them so they couldn't be used again, then tinkering with the gear. "It's getting more complex." She said finally. "More complex and more powerful."

"You're getting good at that." A voice said, a young girl coming over.

"Yeah, I know." Was the reply as she turned, rubbing her eyes. "I need a break." She hopped off her stool. "C'mon Zahra. I need to go to the store."

She looked at the young girl, remembering when she had found her. She had been glad to have someone she could trust with secrets – especially her biggest one – Cerabus, her crystal draconium dragon. She had hatched from the same egg as another dragon – the gold dragon of legend, a rare occurrence for any dragon, let alone the legendary one. It was hard to believe it had been six years already – six years since she last raced. Six years since her mother's death. That thought stayed with her as they went to the store and came back. After they put the groceries away, she went over to a case, looking at the photos of her and her dragon and her and her mother, Raven Moonlily. The silence was broken by a knock. Lyuna turned and walked into the courtyard, seeing a mother and daughter, along with a 4-legged Magma-Class dragon. "Kian." She said to the mother. "Lucy. Good to see you."

Kian smiled. "Hello Lyuna." Was the reply. "This is Char. She just came home after disappearing for five days. She had that gear on and I know you specialize in removing it, so…"

"I understand. Let's have a look."

Lyuna went and grabbed her light green deactivation gear, aimed it at Char, and activated it, the gear dropping off.

"I have to make a short trip." The mother said. "Lucy, stay here."

"Yes, Mother." Lucy said as she left, then wandered over to the girl working on the gear, disabling part of it before turning to the dragon and checking her over. There was an explosion and Lyuna leapt onto the roof, seeing the flames and realized:

"That's Penn Stables!" she cried as she jumped down, then got on Char. "I need to borrow her." She said, Lucy climbing on behind her as the dragon took off. They rode through the streets, stopping short of Penn Stables and the older girl climbed down, running into the courtyard. "Mr. Penn!" she called. "Artha? Lance? Are you here?"

Lyuna sighed, removing her pink scarf and tying it to a post, then walked back to the dragon and got on, heading home. When they got there, Kian was waiting.

"What were you thinking?" she cried. "Taking off with my daughter?"

"Stop it Mom." Lucy said. "There was a fire at Penn Stables! She was worried about her friends and had to check!"

"Just go." Lyuna said. "No charge."

After the trio left, she walked over to a stall, going in and sitting down as her dragon looked at her. "It was Penn Stables." She said. "I didn't see anyone, so I think they're safe." She yawned. "I believe I'll go watch the race tomorrow."

She laid down and dozed off, Cerabus doing the same.