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Rose's POV

Stoic. Strict. No fun. Uptight. Rule following. Unbearable. Bitch. Cunt. Fucking crazy ass boss. These were all words, and descriptions my employees used to describe me. All of which fit, all of which were given to me, because of how they saw me at work. I took my job seriously, I always had. My parents raised me right, I was never let to have fun, or play around. All work and no play, it was the motto I had grown up with. It had worked for me my entire life. But it was more than that. I acted this way, had to have them see me that way, because they could never know me. They could not, and would not ever learn who I really was deep down inside.

If anything my parents taught me that appearances meant everything in this world. As long as everyone saw you as the perfect being, composed, living a good life (meaning money wise), nothing else mattered. So in not so many words my parents had made me into the perfect liar. I was everything and anything people wanted to be. Or so they would think so. I knew better, there was always something missing. I was always craving more.

Funny though, I really did have it all. I was a big shot FBI agent, well known for solving some of the most complicated and cold cases. I worked day and night, and was well respected. Of course my employees, the ones I gave orders to would say otherwise, but never to my face. For an agent I was making amazing money, mostly because everyone wanted me working on their case. And me, not really having a reason to say no, would take on as many cases as they let me. What could I say, I loved the glory that came with solving a case.

I had an amazing home, or more like a mansion. It was gorgeous. Huge. Amazing. Indoor pool, indoor track, 10 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a kitchen that would make any chef cream themselves. I had a ton of land surrounding it, and even an iron gate to keep those unwanted out. I had not paid for it all myself, daddy dearest insisted he pay for ¾ of it, seeing as he was oh so proud of his baby girl. But at the end of the day it was mine. It got lonely though, my cooks, maids, and butlers were not the company a 30 year old woman needed. A woman my age should have a man, kids, something. But thats something we will get to later. Its something not so easy for me to accomplish.

My prized possessions being my amazing and wide ranged collection of cars and motorcycles. Old Shelby mustangs, dutcati's, you name it I had it. I have always had this fascination with things that are fast, fast flashy and beautiful. Cars brought out this side of me that not many got to see. I could drive one of my babies around all day and be content, be happy. But like I said before something was missing. And I had found a way to fill that void, with more than one person.

I mean I shouldn't be missing something, but I was. I was five feet seven inches, and according to most I was a goddess. I worked out routinely, so my figure was well kept. My tits perky big C's. My ass round just the way I knew men liked it. My face flawless, thanks to my use of the best products known to man. My long brown hair, wavy and waist long was silky again because of products, but also good genes. I knew the effect I had on men. But for some reason, I did not have one in my life. Though I had many.

See what many people didn't know about me was that I Rosemarie Hathaway, FBI extraordinaire, good girl, hard working, daddy's girl, millionaire, am a sex addict. I mean I fucking love sex. Every position, every day, every fucking way. And with as many men as I could get. Don't get me wrong, I was in no way a slut, no. Sex was not something I just did for the hell of it. No I had sex because I had to. My body craved it, begged for it, and if I didn't give it what it wanted bad things would happen. And no one liked it when bad things happened, when I was the cause of it.

Back when I was a teenager I blamed it on hormones. Every teen wants sex, or so I thought. I mean my friends were doing it, but I just didn't know it was not as much as I was. The thing was not everyone I knew wanted sex as badly as I did. Once I had tasted the sweet nectar I never wanted to stop drinking it. The problem was that once I tasted a certain man, I would soon grow tired of them. I craved something new, something exciting. And when I failed to get this, things would go sour. I just wanted to find a man that would please me and then some. I wanted a man I would not grow tired of one that would be able to keep up with me, but that was apparently something that was not possible.

Work was one way to get out the frustration, if my nightly hunt did not work out my way. It was why lately my poor employees were getting yelled at, the reason I was giving them shitty jobs. I was suffering and so I thought they should too. I mean was it too hard to ask for a good fuck. I mean seriously all the guy had to do was put it in my vagina and just make me cum. Honestly one orgasm would tie me over, well until the next day.

These last couple weeks had not been working in my favor though. I had been working overtime. And working overtime meant I had no time to go out and hunt after work. I mean you did not find good men at 2 or 3 in the morning. Not only that I made sure to go to a club that was two hours away. That way I never bumped into anyone I knew. That way I did not have to worry about anyone ever finding out. I mean how horrible would it be if I was outed as a sex addict. No one wants one of those on their team. And I was sure daddy and mother dearest would blow a gasket. I may be 30, but I wanted to make them proud.

Not only did I not want to be found out, there were rules I had to follow. One never bring the man home. Do it at there place so I can get up and leave whenever I want to. Two never forget my cell, there are some messed up people. Three no names. Yes, I know men like hearing their name screamed, but seriously I want your dick not you. Four no seconds. Never go to someone more than once, I was capable of not getting emotionally attached but everyone else seemed to think fucking more than once made you a couple or something, men sometimes were pussies. And number five always always use protection. These guys were sick, and I was not going to go down with them.

My father was trying to run a good agency, and I wanted to not be a problem to him. Those rules made it easier. I say this because Agent Alto just recently caused a stir in the office, because of his lack of control. He had been harassing the females of the office, and finally one of them had enough. Sexual harassment suits never go well in government offices. It makes everyone look bad, and then you lose your job. I know I wasn't harassing anyone but come on, it would still look bad. Big bad agent boss's daughter sex addict, yea that would end well.

As it was daddy was already in over his head. People yelling at him that he should have known, and should have done something. In actuality I knew the truth. Yes Alto was an ass, he was an older man with no life, but Meredith had asked for it. She would tease and taunt him, and when they finally did it he dropped her like a bag of hot potatoes. I thought it was funny, apparently she did not. Either way Alto lost his job, and our branch looked bad.

If anyone ever found out I was a sex addict, one that went on the hunt almost nightly, our branch would be in deep shit. Daddy would for sure lose his job, and no one would ever hire me again. It was why I was trying to calm down, but you got to understand two weeks without sex is a fucking long time. And I am physically in pain. My body hurts, I cannot sleep at night, and I am starting to lose control of my thoughts.

I'm snapping at everyone. And earlier in the day I had punched Jesse when he asked me where the printer paper was. No one reacted to me punching him though, I was lucky no one liked him and just assumed he deserved it. But I knew soon enough I was going to punch the wrong person and get myself in trouble. So I needed to make sure I got out early today. I needed to go on the hunt and fast.

Dimitri's POV

Fucking bitches. I swear, woman are the most vial, annoying, useless beings. Well I suppose they have one use, but thats only to keep me sexually pleased. But lately none of them had been doing their job. Work had been stressful lately, and not having a way to get my frustrations out, only made everything even worse. I had not been able to go out and catch a woman in ages, nearly two weeks, and that was way too long for me. This damn FBI agency needed to keep their agents in check. I mean a sexual harassment suit was horrible for them, I knew better than to think it was real though. Meredith had once been one of my own conquests a breach in my rule system yes and I regretted it but I was horny, man was the woman a clinger. So not worth the time either, I was better off masturbating at least then I would have felt something, bitch was as loose as they come.

I worked as a lawyer for many of these FBI agencies. And it was always something stupid. You would think they were stupid or something, weren't agents suppose to be smart, and keep out of trouble. I couldn't complain too much though. Their stupidity kept me with a job. A job that I was really good at. A job that gave me everything I had, and everything I would ever want.

Dimitri Belikov, thats me of course. And it is a name not you or anyone should ever forget. Especially if you are female, cause I am sure I could have you screaming my name in seconds. Cocky? Maybe. But I can say it simply because it is true. Woman may not satisfy me from time to time well mostly all the time, but I am more than certain that I satisfy them and then some. I know this because I spent years perfecting the art of Tantra Sex. Endless fun, for how ever long I want it.

Of course this persona, I am telling you about is not something anyone knows about. To the public eye I am Mr. Perfect, Mr. Do no wrong. I am well respected, and sought out. In front of co-workers, clients, and my family I am the quiet one. I am the man everyone keeps from, but respects. Its funny knowing what everyone thinks of me. I'm a Mama's boy, and would do anything for her. Her and my sisters are the only woman I can take seriously. My mother has no idea why I am not married yet, her perfect son should have the perfect woman.

That is why the rules are so important. One always go away from home, going about two hours away. Two never mix pleasure with business. No one from work, cause they man sell you out. Three no repeats, woman form these damn attachments and then you can never get rid of them if you fuck them twice, this was proven with fucking Tasha. Four always use protection. Bitches are dirty, especially the desperate ones. And five always make sure they cum at least once, I'm an ass, but sex is sex and they need to at least enjoy it, even if I am not.

Truth is woman after meeting me, hate me. Like I said before I use them, but what else am I suppose to do with them. No one wants broken promises, so don't get me wrong, I promise them nothing but one night. One fucking hell of a night too. But woman like always want more, need more. Trust me I would stick to just one woman if I could. But sadly if I do them more than once they want something, a title, a relationship, and that is the one thing I stay away from. Half the time I don't even give them my name, or not my real one.

I mean in all seriousness I have everything I could ever want. I have a killer penthouse, designer clothes, cars, motorcycles, and the looks to match. I love everything fast and flashy. And no one has been able to keep up with me. Woman complain too much. All asking why I fuck so hard and long. I mean seriously why wouldn't you want that. Why wouldn't you want just one good fucking great time. Do woman just want boring sex, missionary only? Have it last 5 minutes and boom done.

Deep down I know something is missing, but I have not found it yet. And honestly I have no idea what it is. Well, I know but I refuse to admit it. All I have ever needed was my cars, my job, and sex. I have always been like this, though no one ever knew. I found sex as a teenager and just ran with it. It was like there weren't enough women or time in this world. But no matter what I did, it was like I was never sated. I never got what I was looking for, and damn it I needed to find it soon, I was going crazy.

"Watch yourself. Seriously pay attention" A sharp high pitched voice brought me back to my setting. I was going to talk to the boss of this agency about his creepy old agent. But suddenly it held no interest to me.

"And why should I?" I have never in my life responded back to someone I don't know like this. Especially when I am working but this woman's voice immediately brought out something in me.

"Ha. Do you not know who I am?" I took the time to take her in. Man was she beyond fuckable. Hourglass figure, tits and ass. And that mouth. God I was sure I could find a few things to do with it.

"No idea sweetheart and I don't care." Her eyes narrowed and she stepped closer to me. I had a hard time focusing on her face when her body was just so damn tempting. I was sure her tight little body would feel wonderful with me in it. Even if her little suit was covering it, I knew she looked amazing.

"Agent Hathaway asshole." She stood now in front of me arms crossed as everyone else seemed to be holding their breath. God so this was the bitch the boss called his daughter. I had heard a thing or two about her, one of them being how uptight she was. Nothing a good fuck couldn't fix.

"Dimitri Belikov, dear." Her eyes narrowed slightly as the name sunk in. I was a badass lawyer, and her agency needed me to win this case.

"Whatever go find my father little boy." She moved to turn but I was not going to let this one go. How could I not hunt the prey in front of me, it was perfect. There goes one of the rules, but hey I liked breaking the rules from time to time. I grabbed her wrist and brought her closer to me, leaning in and smelling the wonderful intoxicating scent of her shampoo.

"There's nothing small about me sweetie." I whispered this in her ear and she froze. Her body tensed and her eyes darted around. Oh fuck no, she liked it. She wanted me. That spark, I fucking knew that spark.

Not only that I saw something that I was sure no one else had ever. I could tell, this stuck up bitch couldn't hide that fact from me. It was usually the woman like her that made having sex worth while. A woman I could fight for dominance with, a woman who could keep up with me. Her demanding nature would make a night in bed with her worth it all. But it was more than that, she was hiding something. Something close to what I was, I just knew it. Her tongue darted out and she licked her lips, before the smile, a smile I knew so well crossed her features. I had put out the bait and she knew what I was doing, and this fish, fuck this fish was biting.

"Office 4B. Maybe I can give you some insight on the case after my father give you his files." I nodded slightly and walked away, hiding the smile that was fighting to come out.

Something told me this one was not going to disappoint. I had made a rule not to mix business with pleasure, but hell it had not been working for me. That and how could I pass something like Rose. She was well known for being a great agent, but also a tight ass. People hated her for being such a bitch, and I had once never wanted to meet her. But what many failed to say was how fucking hot she was. That woman was amazing to look at.

"Ah Mr. Belikov come into my office come." Ibriham Mazur, extended his hand out to me and I shook it with a small smile on my face. How could this man have no idea what his little girl was. It was clear as day to me. And I was sure she knew I was the same, the only reason she bit was because she knew I was hiding it too.

"Its a pleasure Agent Mazur. I am more than certain that you have nothing to worry about. This case your former agent has against him will soon be dropped." I was making sure of that, Meredith had not been so good covering up her tracks. I had more than enough evidence, she was going to look like a fucking liar come court.

"Good thats exactly what I want to hear my boy. Now please let me know what you have."

Rose's POV

Fucking hell. Dimitri Belikov, why I had I never met him before. Cocky mother fucker was sly, he was good at hiding what he really was, but I knew. I could always tell when I met someone else like me. It was a spark in their eyes, when they saw the prey they wanted. I knew I held the same look when I did. I had never come on to a guy near my work place, yet alone at work before but how could I not know. He was here, and clearly more than willing.

Something told me he wouldn't be the one to go around and tell my secret, not when I knew his. If anything this would be one hell of a night, I could only hope his ego was as big as his cockiness. I was sick of these damn boys, who were all talk and no play. And by the size of him, damn I hoped everything about him was as big.

"You know, I could wipe that smile off your face in seconds. Is that something you would like?" I looked up from the computer I had been staring at for the last thirty minutes and into his dark chocolate ones that had told me so much with only one look. He locked the door behind him and walked towards my desk, gracefully sitting himself at the edge, just far enough away so I couldn't touch him.

"Words Mr. Belikov. I am a woman of action, of proof. So the real question is can you back up your words?" I knew what I was doing, the smile was on my face. The one not many got to see, at least not anyone who knew me personally.

"I can promise you one thing, sweetheart and one thing only. One night. One night beyond anything you could imagine." I eyed him warily. Could this man give me what I had been seeking for, for what seemed like forever.

"Your place or mine?" A smile lit up his face, he had won this round, but there were many more to come.

"Mine." He reached into his pocket, to a paper where he had already written his address. Cocky bastard.

Dimitri's POV

I could honestly say I was excited. It had been a really long time since a woman was able to bring this out in me. You have to understand, yes I love sex, but there is more to it. I want great sex, amazing sex, and I want someone who can keep up with me. Not only that but I want it all the time. No one understands what its like to want sex, to need sex so badly or else you feel like you are going to die. No one could understand, but meeting Rose I knew she could.

I had tried to find woman before with the same need, but they were oddly hard to come across. And I for one refused to go to one of those stupid meetings. Sex addicts anonymous. Ha seriously what a waste. Sex was not a problem, it was not a bad thing to crave it, to need it. Sex was a natural need and want your body craved. Human nature was sex. Without it none of us would be here right now. And no sex was not just for the sake of reproducing.

Sex was meant to be pleasurable. Sex was meant to make you scream and sweat, and just fucking give everything you had. It was why I spent so much time perfecting it. Tantra was not easy, but for someone like me, it came naturally. Sex gave me a sense of control. I loved knowing I controlled when I came and when my partner did too. Tantra just made it better for both of us.

"That dress is quite a contrast to what you were wearing earlier." Rose had just arrived, and what a sex vixen she was. Her suit was gone, and now a small strapless blue dress clung to her body. A body that looked even better now with less clothes.

"I wore it just for you." I helped her out of the small jacket she had on, and spun her around making sure to take it all in.

"Come on dinner is getting cold." Her eyes widened but she let me lead her to the dinning room.

"Nice place. Mine's better." She looked at me a smirk on her face.

"I'm sure of that darling. Anything must be better with you." She stopped suddenly.

"We don't need dinner. I know what it is you want." I gulped loudly and stared at her, as much as I wanted to ravish her, this fucking goddess needed something more than what I usually gave the girls I took home.

"I made dinner baby. I made dinner and I need you to be a good girl and eat it." She bit her lip but did not protest when I brought her to the table pulling out the chair for her.

"So what are the rules." She looked up at me taking a bite of her steak, a gesture that was sexy as hell.

"Rules... There are no rules in here baby." She laughed softly but I knew what she meant. "I won't tell a soul, if you return the favor. I am sure you, like me, want to keep your reputation spotless."

"Deal." With that we stopped talking, but instead took the time to take the other in.

My eyes studied her, her and all her perfection, something I had never thought was possible. Not on a woman. Her eyes took me in as well. And it was clear we both liked what we saw. I cleared off the plates, and then led her to my bedroom. The quiet walk there, making the tension grow. A tension I so loved.

Rose's POV

If I thought he looked good in his suit, he looked even better in simple jeans and a t-shirt. His room, was something I expected from a man like him. Everything big, dark, and wooden. All in all it was sexy, and mysterious. Taking a closer look I saw things that made my nipples stand at attention. A whip hung in the corner. A sex chair close by. Love ropes on the bed posts. Oh god this man was sure prepared. I reached for the hem of my dress but he stopped me quickly.

"Give me the honor of being the one to take that off you." His eyes were dark, filled with lust, and a chill ran through me.

"Only if I can do the same to you." His eyes looked me up and down and suddenly his lips attached to mine.

I never liked kissing the men I slept with. It was far too personal, and brought things to a level I never wanted. But this was different, his kisses made me even more eager for what was to come. His large hands touching me, squeezing me, taking me in as the sexy woman I was. Normally woman thought these touches were sick, making them think they were some piece of meat. Oh how wrong they were. I was meat for him. I was suppose to be touched, and liked for me body. Sex was natural, sex was suppose to be this. Deep inside we were all animals, and sex was just our way of acting it out.

My hands were just as frantic on him though. His body hard and large under my hands. I could only imagine the hard muscles under his shirt. I could already picture them flexing as he moved over me, under me, in me. I moaned into this kiss as he hands squeezed my breasts even harder. One thing men were afraid to do was be rough with me, something Dimitri had no problem with.

"Lay down." He gave me a shove and I toppled over onto the bed. Moaning the whole time. His hungry look locked me into place as he slowly made his way over to me.

Before I knew it he was over me as I laid on the bed. His lips sucking my bottom lip open, and his tongue darting in, leaving no room to argue who was in charge. But I could not let this happen, it was in my nature to be in charge. I needed to dominate him just like he needed to dominate me. I shoved my tongue out and into his mouth, and was rewarded when his grip on me tightened and a growl filled the room. His hands travelled to the bottom of the dress, and a ripping sound filled the room.

"Fuck yea baby!" The act of being torn out of my clothes was just such a fucking turn on.

My bra and underwear soon joined my dress, but I did not care. His roughness was exactly what I had been craving. It showed he wanted this just as much as I did. His hands now wondered my bare skin, and god did those big hands feel good. Not only that he knew what he was doing. His every touch deliberate. Everything he did was aimed to cause a reaction. And my body responded without me even knowing.

I took his shirt off. And let my hands wonder the strong plains I knew would be there. He kissed me even harder as my hands took off on their own. His pants soon followed and his black boxers clung to him barely holding in what they were meant to keep hidden. Fuck he was going to be so big. That thought alone caused me to moan. Dimitri detached from my mouth and instead took to sucking hard on my neck. My sweet spot that he found without even trying.

Before I knew it his head was between my legs and he was taking a long hard lick. My hands held onto the sheets, knowing if I grabbed his long brown hair I would rip some out. A small scream left my lips but this only encouraged him to continue, his efforts that much more as he worked my body. No one and I mean no one had ever licked me this good. Most men half assed eating out a woman. Thinking it was gross, thinking they did not need to. Dimitri knew how much it was needed. Oral sex could be just as good as actual sex. It was fucking hot as hell.

My body thrashed and convulsed, but throughout it all Dimitri held me down, and never once took his mouth away. His fingers soon joining as he finger fucked me hard. Again his roughness so very welcomed. I was a woman god damn it not a doll. Never had it felt this good to have a man down there. Usually I had to semi fake it, no not here. This man was the real deal, and it seemed like he would not be content until I came, he was going to make me explode if it was the last thing he did.

"Mmmm." His humming on me was minding blowing.

"More... FUCK give me more!" And that was exactly what he did.

"Dimitri! Fuck!" His chuckle vibrated on my lower lips and that was it for me. I came hard and fast and he just as quickly cleaned me up.

Dimitri POV

Never has anyone ever tasted so fucking good. And the fact that my hard and rough hands only turned her on further, reminding me that I had made the best decision ever. Most woman complained I was being too rough, that it hurt. Rose was practically begging me for me. She begged for it harder, faster. I wanted her so badly now. I knew I could give her my all and she would enjoy every fucking inch of it.

"Your turn." Fuck yes it was. Another thing woman never wanted to do, and she was all too willing.

She looked at my dick like it was the best lollipop in the world. I could almost see her mouth watering. She licked her lips and leaned down, licking off the drop of pre cum. She moaned her liking of it and I laid back ready for whatever she had in store for me. Her lips wrapped around me but her eyes never left mine. She bobbed up and down and I could not help the smile on my face.

My cock was too big for her tiny mouth, but that did not mean it did not feel amazing. She used what she had and made this mind blowing. Her little hands joining in the game as she worked me towards bliss. I normally would be an ass and would hold out, making a woman work hard to get me to cum. But I wanted to give in a lot sooner to this little devil. Her lips felt so good around me. And honestly I could feel myself losing control.

She hummed onto my shaft and my hands worked into her hair. Not to lead her, or help her, but to just hold some part of her. This woman knew what she was doing, and the best part was she knew she had me in the palm of her hands, literally and figuratively. I let myself get lost in the feel of her mouth around me. And for the first time ever I let myself go. I trusted her with my pleasure, I knew she was going to give it to me, hell I knew she wanted to give it to me.

"Rrrrrooozaa." Her name left my lips and I was startled. Now this was something new to me.

I had never, and I repeat never moaned a woman's name. They always screamed mine. They always begged me for more. This was all too new to me, but I was not going to stop it. This was going to be something I had never experienced before. It was what I had been waiting for, for what seemed like forever. Me calling her name egged her on even further. I felt her tongue swirl around me, her mouth muscles tightened and she suck me as hard as she could.

And I decided to let go. I came into her mouth, and the feeling was nothing like I had ever felt. My orgasm was true, and I was satisfied. Well maybe not completely, I would be as soon as I took her, in every position, in every part of this damn room, maybe the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and balcony too. I ripped her off me and brought her lips to mine. Both our flavors mixing in, causing both of us to moan.

"God Dimitri." Her lips met my neck and she sucked hard. Probably leaving the same dark mark on my neck as I had left on hers.

"Roza... Do you want me to show you what I can do." I pulled her away and looked into her dark, lust filled eyes. And I knew we both had on that stupid smirk.

"Yes... Fuck yes." I growled and lunged at her tackling her onto the floor. Something that she screamed in delight at.

I dragged her carelessly to the chair and threw her on. Now don't go saying I was being mean, the woman loved it. Moaning and groaning as I tossed her around like she weighted nothing, which she practically did. I loved how she wanted me to do this, had no one done this before to her. Of course not, I had it in good authority that no one had been able to handle Rose. She was a woman who knew what she wanted, men hated that. But in bed, in bed it was a turn on. I knew what I wanted, she knew what she wanted, and we could work together to make it work out.

Rose's POV

My legs opened automatically, inviting him in. This chair was going to make him come in so good, good and fucking deep. I had used one of these before, but the mans cock was no where near as big as Dimitri's. Ugh his fucking dick was so big and juicy. And I knew he only came cause he wanted to. Something told me Dimitri could last forever, but I also knew I gave a great blow job.

"Ahhhhh!" He entered me with no warning, and no time to adjust. It hurt yes, but what you have to understand is that the pleasure felt so good. He filled me completely. Something no one had been able to do.

"Fuck Roza..." He began to thrust hard and fast. "Tight... SO fucking tight." His eyes met mine as he kept thrusting. Nice to know I still feel good, even after all the sex I had had.

"Nugh!" He kept hitting my g-spot and I loved it. How he knew where it was was beyond me. Very few men had ever been able to find it, and definitely not so quickly.

I had no idea how long this had been going on. Long enough for me to orgasm about 4 times. And another one was on its way. Sweat was covering both of us, and sex reeked the air. A smell I loved. I fucking loved what this man was doing. But I was getting tired of being on my back.

Dimitri's POV

I was not expecting for her to get me under her. I was planning on riding her for a while longer before I flipped her over and took her from behind, but once again she did something no woman had ever done. She got me on the chair, back down, and rode me. She took charge and showed me some fun. And let me tell you the view was fucking amazing.

She kept pace with me and swirled her hips. Small soft moans escaping her lush lips when I would fill her to the brim. Her tits, ah fuck her fucking breasts bounced happily along with her and were just begging to be grabbed. So I did just that. I squeezed them and as my hand slipped off them I made sure to pinch her hard. A scream filling my room, a scream I was wanting to hear again and again. This woman sure knew what she was doing.

Never and I mean never had a woman looked so good on top of me. I had few try, and even more fail at actually getting a reaction from me. Those who would get on top had no idea what to do. Yes, it helped them get pleasure from me, but hell I was here too, I needed it to be good as well. And she, oh fuck she was so giving. She knew how to move her hips to make me feel her. She knew what to do, making her walls tighter, if possible, around me.

I knew this was going to be a good time, what I did not know was how much I was going to like this. My dick going in and out of her was a sight no man or woman could get sick of. I sure as fuck could stare at it forever. And the way she felt. God damn, did she feel amazing. Her wet little pussy, yes it was still wet after two hours, went right along with that small little body of hers. She was small, but her sex drive was anything but. She took every thrust, every squeeze, everything I gave her and she went with it. It was more than that though, she liked it.

As much as I loved her on top I needed to get behind her. And we would have to go back to the bed for that one. There was a reason there were ropes on the posts. Without much effort I stood up, her still attached to me. Her hips still moved, me still inside her. She was mid orgasm so I figured I could help her finish. I slammed her against the wall and railed into her. Soon enough her walls clamped down and I threw her on the bed stomach down.

"Don't move." I grabbed her little wrists and held them behind her. I grabbed the rope and decided against tying her to the bed. Instead I tied her hands behind her back, giving me something I could grab onto. She giggled slightly, and a chill ran through me. Was there nothing I could give her that she didn't like. Fuck where had she been all my life.

Rose's POV

Sick, I must be so fucking sick. Because every part of me loved what he was doing. I was sure to have all kinds of bruises tomorrow, but hell it was all so worth it. Everything he did was better than the last. I had never been this satisfied and he was not even done. Hell he looked like he had barely gotten started. And to think, tomorrow was Saturday neither of us had to work. A smack on my ass, made sure my attention was fully his.

"If I'm hurting you let me know." It was all he said before he grabbed my tied hands and pushed himself into me.

"OH FUCKING MOTHER OF HELL." How in the world did this feel even better. SO deep. So... Sooo... And I was gone.

A feeling filled my chest, one I had no idea what it was. Something that felt like completion, it was not anything I had ever felt before. No one and I mean no one had pleased me this much before. We weren't even done and if he stopped I could be sated for days. Something told me it should scared me, but I was too busy swimming in pure adult ecstasy.

"Scream my name Roza. Scream it to the heavens. Let them know who is making you feel this." One of his hands held my wrists tighter, his thrusts became harder, and his other hand snaked around me to rub my throbbing aching clitoris.

"DIMITRI! DIMITRI! OH GOD DIMITRI!" The words left my left without my consent. But fuck he deserved every scream. He was a fucking god.

"That's right baby... Baby, are you ready for me?" I knew what he was talking about. After hours of fucking Dimitri was ready to come with me.

"Please Dimitri, cum... cum.. cum." His breathing hitched and his movements became aggressive, not that I cared, he was catapulting me into the best orgasm I had ever had.

"Where Roza... Where am I coming?" OH god could this man get any sexier. I loved this.

"In me! Cum in me... Cum in me damn it!" He needed no further probing.

Dimitri came with me hard, I could feel his seed fill me. Every part of him filled me. I slightly thought about the fact that we had used no protection, something I had never done. But I had no time to worry, I was on the pill, and clearly he had no fear seeing as he went in without a care. It was something I would not worry about. Not after that amazing sex.

Dimitri's POV

Shit, no condom. Not that at the moment it bothered me. I was glad I gave her everything I had, and her to me. It had felt good doing her bareback, I had never done it before, never trusting anyone. God did I really trust her. Must have been the lust taking over. Whatever she felt amazing, and I was not going to start regretting this.

"Fuck Dimitri." I untied her quickly and she laid down on my bed her chest heaving. She looked so fucking good.

"Hmm Roza." I laid down next to her, trying to calm myself as well.

"That was exactly what I had been needing, craving. God!" Her hand reached over and stroked my now soft cock. A shiver ran through me, also pride.

"Tell me about it. Where the hell have you been?" She laughed and sat up.

"At the agency being called an uptight bitch." I laughed at this. It was true I would have never thought she would be like this, well not from what I had heard.

"Did you like that Roza?" She simply nodded her head and laid on my chest. And in an rare show of affection I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer.

"Hmm loved it I never want it to end." I scared myself with my next words.

"It doesn't have to." She tensed next to me, but did not move. "I mean seriously, that, that, no one has ever been able to keep up, and like everything I give them."

"Fuck." She sat up and stared at me, I sat up as well, re thinking what I had just said. "You mean you and me fuck buddies." I nodded.

"Shit Roza no one has been that good before. I could do the same for you every time. You, we could do that every fucking day baby. Unless you don't want to." Where the hell was this all coming from. I mean sex had been lagging lately, but was this girl, woman worth breaking all my rules.

"No I do. Fuck every time, everyday?" I nodded my head and she giggled.

"Round 2?" She lunged at me and I held onto her as I kissed her lips passionately.

A fuck buddy sure sounded like a lot of fun. Especially if she could keep up with me. No need for a hunt, which was not as fun as it sounded. No random woman clinging. No wondering if she would be good or not. And she craved this just as much as I did. Perfection.

Ok so first off, know I am already planning on adding more chapters to this story. It's going to be a short story, but longer than my other ones. I have some major ideas for this story, but the next chapters will not be this long. This was just me being a freak. So what did you think? What's your favorite part? Dimitri and Rose are just plain dirty aren't they? Fuck buddies huh? Do you think it will last? Will they grow tired of each other? And better yet how was their sex? Thank you all again for always supporting me I hope this pleases you all!