"Donna", scream The Doctor. Nobody answers him.


Finally an angry voice from the other side of the TARDIS answers:

"Whaaat? "

"Have you seen my sonic screwdriver?"

Donna gets really angry, she was sleeping, the day before had been absolutely crazy, the battle against the Daleks, the earth and all the planets into the darkness, the second doctor who was in fact a perfect copy of his friend but just with one heart, and who was now living somewhere in a parallel world with Rose. That was too much for her and she really needed to sleep for a while.

She couldn't understand now why her friend was so in need of his sonic screw driver. Yes of course she knew this little object have been useful but now she hated it.

She screams:

"Thank you for waking me up. I was sleeping."

"Sorry, sorry, I didn't know you were sleeping."

"Now I'm not, and I don't know where is your sonic screw driver"

"Ok, I will look for it. Sleep well"

" Yes of course, sleep well"

He didn't realize Donna was behind him

"Donnaaaaaa, you frightened me"

" Oh poor little boy"

"Ehhh Ohhh "

"Poor little boy who is lost without his sonic screwdriver"

"Yes, I'm lost because I can't open the door of the TARDIS"

Donna went to the door and turn the locked and open the door

"If you hadn't drink too many Banana Daiquiris you will have remember that you turned the locked yesterday evening after we left Rose"

He didn't answer and when back to his usual occupations.