Unbeta'd. This fic is now a WIP, 'cause- well- do I really need a reason to write Destiel smut?...I didn't think so. This chapter is the result of a melding of my hand/wrist fetish and Misha's mouth-watering hands. I don't own Supernatural and I make no money from this or anything else (seriously guys, I need a job.)

Cas' arms are wrapped around his hunter, the big spoon to Dean's little one. Dean is staring at one of his angel's hands with fascination. He never realized before how beautiful Cas' hands are, big and soft and strong with long, thin fingers.

'Not beautiful,' he amends, 'sexy as all fuck.'

Licking his lips, Dean can no longer hold himself back and he grabs hold of his angel's hand, gently grips it and kisses the tip of Cas' pointer finger before taking it in his mouth and sucking gently.

He bobs his head; running his tongue along the underside of Cas' fucking delicious finger and nipping at the pad. He's so engrossed in the taste and feel of Cas' hand; he doesn't realize that the angel is question has woken up until he hears a lust-and-sleep husky voice asking him, obviously amused,

"What are you doing, Dean?"

Dean removes his mouth from Cas' finger and gulps, blushing furiously.

"I'm sorry Cas. I couldn't help myself. It's just- your hands are so fucking sexy."

Cas chuckles. "You like my hands?"

"I love your hands, Cas."

Dean can hear the smile in his angel's voice as Cas presses two fingers against Dean's lips and growls lightly, "Then get back to work."

Dean's mouth once again descends onto Cas' fingers, sucking and swallowing around the beautiful digits. He gently scrapes his upper teeth against Cas' second knuckle and begins to hum.

Dean is so caught up in giving his angel a- well- hand job, as it were that he doesn't hear the snap of the gun oil cap being opened but he certainly feels the press of two fingers against his still stretched hole and he moans, pressing his ass back against Cas' fingers as the ex-angel begins slowly fucking in and out of both his hunters mouth and ass, Dean groaning with pleasure as his angel breathes filth against his ear.

"So fucking gorgeous, Dean. And, fuck, your fucking mouth. Can't wait for you to suck my cock."

Dean redoubles his effort as Cas' dirty talk fans the flames of his arousal and the angel speeds up both hands.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted this, how long I've had to wait to be with you. How I hated every single woman you were with. Wanted to rip their heads off; tear them apart. I want to open you up with my tongue, split you open on my cock, fuck you raw. Want you to ride me like the cowboys in those Western's you love so much."

Dean groans with so much pleasure that he has to take his mouth off Cas' hand and moan, begging his angel, "Please, Cas. Can we do that? Let me ride you?"

Cas shoves his fingers back into Dean's mouth, "Anything you want Dean. You can even wear the hat while you do it, if you'd like."

Dean's approving moan is cut short as Cas curls his fingers in Dean's ass, brushing over his hunter's prostate on the way in and out and spreads the fingers between Dean's lips, scissoring his lover's mouth. Dean grinds his ass back against Cas' fingers and the angel rubs Dean 's prostate raw and the hunter's orgasm slams into his, leaving him a shuddering, cum-covered wreck.

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