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The Avengers surely recognized something odd about Tony Stark.

For example the fact, that he always wore sunglasses, even inside (okay, the genius didn't wear them in the suit, or at least as far as they were aware he didn't).

Or the fact, that JARVIS is never ever off, not even for a second of maitenance.

Or the fact, he lets nobody read his private books, enter his private lab or something like this.

Pepper, Happy or Rhodney didn't seem to think Tony's behavior was odd. Maybe he did that since they knew him, and they accepted this. Maybe they even knew the reason.

But the Avengers didn't, so naturally they asked themselves why. And sooner or later they had to discuss this with each other. What they didn't know was, that the billionare heard them.

Not that he was in the same room or something. No, his hearing was just good. It has always been good, but after his capt- after something it was even better.

"Do you know why is he behaving this way? There's got to be a reason why," Bruce asked the others.

Easy. Just ask him. Then they'd know.

"Easy," Natasha answered. Tony's words exactly. "He's a bloody attention seeking brat. He just wants everybody to talk about him."

...or not. That was it. It's kinda obvious, but this was the point, the exact second, the Merchant of Death decided to step in.

"No, no. I'm not. All I want is to see. Is that attention seeking? Just wanting to see? I'll tell you something: Without these sunglasses, or my suit, I'm fucking blind!"

He had to admit, it was not like it was obvious.

"You're – you're WHAT?!" Clint shouted in protest. At the same time Steve demanded to know, "Since when?"

"Yeah, I've been since Afghanistan. Those evil bastards where to egoistic too clean my eyes, after the bomb exploded and something hit me near my eyes. They've even forbid Yinsen to do it. Pretty damn stupid of them, considering they wanted me to built them weapons. Well and so I blinded more and more and soon after I came back, I think two days, I fully blinded. I don't have a single percent of sight left. So I invented these special sunglasses."

"What is so special about them? They look totally normal!" That was exactly the sentence he expected from Clint.

"Well these glasses sent pictures to a little chip, which can cheap and easy be put in the head. This chip sends these pictures to the brain, so I can see. It happens every quarter of a quarter second."

"You. Invented. Something. Like. This. Blind?" Bruce, his science bro, seemed overwhelmed.

Steve added, "You should make them public."

"I'm far ahead of you. In fact tomorrow will be the final decision about the name and such minor things."

The philanthropist had been planing this, since he invented them.

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