A.N. First of, I'm stoked that you all loved this story. I meant this to be a one-shot, but I got a few requests for an elaboration. Well, I've tried to put something together. I hope this is good and you all like it. If you guys still feel it is incomplete, please tell me. I'll try my best to wrap it up in a better way. This takes place exactly ten years after the first part. Entire thing in Nightwing's POV.

We held a memorial service for her. If anyone deserved it, she did. Every single Titan, even Honorary ones, came. Heck, most of the villains turned up. They all wanted to pay their last respects to the person who was responsible for the Titans forming. She was the one who maintained them, even through all the terrible missions. She was, in the real sense, a Teen Titan. The four of us gave speeches. Raven read a poem she had written especially for Starfire. Titans East put up a special display in her honour. Red X brought her a staggering bouquet. Control Freak came, guitar in hand, ready to sing a sad, soulful song in her honour. He never got to finish it, because he was electrocuted by a well placed arrow and birdarang, which Speedy and I might just have accidentally-on-purpose fired. Blackfire came and lit up the sky with her starbolts, in her sister's honour. I unveiled a statue of Starfire in the park, and one in Titans Tower. It showed her the way she was, carefree and joyful. She was flying, her hair blowing in the wind. Her face had that typical Star expression, one of pure joy, her eyes wide with wonder. A plaque read: 'Starfire. Forever and always a Titan, a good friend, a worthy warrior, and a true love.'

It became a ritual for me. Each night, I would go to the roof, sit in our usual spot and just look at her star. My Star. It is true, you do not know what you have until it is no longer with you. I just wish I had realized this a lot earlier, when I still had her. Initially, I locked myself in my room for three whole days, even ignoring alerts. After that, I responded to alerts normally, and was on my normal behaviour with the Titans. But, a part of me was missing and would forever remain so.

In my heart of hearts, I knew Star would never want me to mope. She would never want to be mourned. Her loss would be felt by all of us, but she would never want us to grieve. She lived her entire life with joy, not grief. She was Starfire, one whose joy burned bright like a star, the flame of her happiness warming everyone's hearts. I could not, would not let that memory die. I was her best friend, her love, and she was mine. It was my responsibility to live for the both of us. She was a warrior, a proud princess. She deserved to be honoured like one. She deserved to have her life celebrated, not her passing mourned. So, I did what I'm best at; I put on my mask. Everyone else saw he mask. It was only when I was alone that I would reveal myself to Starfire.

Robin or Nightwing, they were incomplete without their Starfire. She was light, I was darkness. She complemented me, kept me sane. Without her, I saw who I truly was. I was a broken teenage boy, who was completely lost without his best friend and love. Not a hero anymore. Oh, the irony. My only solace lay in her room and the roof. Often, I would go into her room, and just lay on her bed, drinking in her scent, her essence. I felt closer to her in her room. When on the roof, I would talk to her star, hoping she could hear me, wherever she was. I told her everything, what happened during the day, what the villains did, Cyborg and Beast Boy's meat-tofu arguments, Raven's dry humour, and about me. I told her how much I missed her, how sorry I was, and what wouldn't I give up just to be with her for a few seconds.

Today, once again I find myself here, at her statue. I'm sitting on a bench next to it. A huge bunch of orange roses lies at the feet of the statue. Orange was her favourite colour, after all. I'm in my civilian clothes. Jeans, t-shirt, jacket, sneakers and sunglasses. My hair isn't spiked up as usual. I'm just thinking about her, the way her smile filled me with light. Now, my light has long since been snuffed out. It ceased glowing ten years ago, when my Starfire was forever taken away from me. "Why?" I moan. "Why did I let this happen? Why did I wait so long? Why was I such an idiot? Why didn't I listen to my heart for once? Why did I never see what was right in front of me, staring me in the face? Why did I keep that stupid mask on? Why did I never see you? Why did you leave me? Why?" I looked up when I felt someone tap my shoulder. "Hey mister, what happened?" A little girl, no more than eight years old. Ruby red hair, tan skin, and emerald eyes. When she spoke, I saw that her front two teeth were missing. "Why are you crying?" I hadn't even realized I was crying. "I'm not crying."

She giggled cutely. "You are, I can see it. I'm Kori. What's your name?"

Kori. What a coincidence. "I'm Dick."

"Dick. That's a funny name!"

"No, it isn't! Dick is a perfectly normal name!"

More cute giggles. "Kori is the best name."

I smiled. A real smile. "You're right, it is."

"You look better when you smile. So, why were you sad?"

"It's nothing."

"Do boys usually cry when it is 'nothing'?"

Ah, smart kid. Got me there. "Well, uh…"

More high-pitched giggles. "Your ears are red."

No, really? I mean I'm obviously not embarrassed that an eight year old totally owned me. A twenty-eight year old superhero. "I just miss my best friend."

She calmed down a little, her eyes wide with concern. "Oh. What happened?"

Next, I did the most whacked out thing I have ever done. I started telling my sob story to an eight year old girl whom I'd met five minutes ago. Way to go, Dick.

"Well, my best friend, I loved her. But I never told her that. Instead, I acted like a stupid fool. Slowly, I started pushing her away without knowing it. Then one day, I said something that hurt her a lot. I told her that she meant nothing to me. She was really sad. That same day, she died. She had written a last letter to me, where she told me that she loved me. And then, I realized how much she meant to me, and how much I loved her. I also realized that I was a prize idiot for losing the one person I truly cared about. And today, it's exactly ten years since she died. And I miss her a lot."

She was listening to me with rapt attention and a very thoughtful expression on her face. Then, she reached out and clasped her arms around my neck, hugging me. I was surprised and found myself hugging her back. She pulled away and sat down on the bench again. "You know, you are a prize idiot."

My indignant 'Hey!' was smothered by her voice as she continued talking. "It sounds like you really care about her. And she sounds really nice, if she could put up with you."

"Yeah, she was. She's my whole world."

"What was her name?"


"That doesn't sound like a real name."

Okay, this kid is smart. "That's her nickname. Her real name was Kori too. She had beautiful red hair, lovely green eyes and tanned skin, just like you. She was really beautiful, though I have to say, you're cuter."

She was giggling again. "Thank you!" She calmed a little. "You still love her, don't you?"

I sighed. "Yeah, I do. With all my life."

"I think I would I have liked to know her. You're nice, so she can only be much, much nicer."

I smiled at her again. "Do you want me to tell you about her?"

She nodded vigorously.

"Well, I already told you what she looked like. Her nature… Hmmm… Okay. Do you know the Titans?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Do you know what Starfire was like? That was exactly the way Kori was. Down to every last detail."

She tilted her head, and bit her lower lip thoughtfully. "I haven't ever met Starfire. I have only heard about her. She sounds so nice. She died two years before I was born. Wait, isn't today the anniversary of her death too?"

I nodded sombrely. "Yeah, it is."

"I would really have liked to know her. She's my hero."

"She was everyone's hero. She was a real Titan till the end."

"I think the person who misses her most is Nightwing."

My ears perked up. "What makes you think so?"

"Well, he was her best friend. And I can tell by the way that he talks about her, that he loves her. It's the same way you talk about your Kori."

Great. An eight year old kid figured that out. Some master of secrets I am. All I could manage was an "Oh."

Then, suddenly, she jumped off the bench. "I've gotta go now. My mum's waiting for me. It was nice talking to you, Dick. Bye!"

I waved to her and smiled. "Bye Kori!"

She jogged off, but suddenly took an about turn and came back. "Do you know who my favourite Titan is?"

I shook my head.

"It's Starfire." Then, she kissed my cheek, and trotted off.

I smiled at the gesture, and called, "You know what? She's my favourite Titan too."

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