Perseus primordial of the seas and oceans

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Chapter 1 Past and the present

Third Person´s POV -unknown planet-

A man in sea-green armor looked in to the skies, breathing deeply the fresh air of the night sky near a beautiful beach. His face showed hatred and sadness of memories.

As an other person in pure black armor appears, the man in the sea-green armor turned slowly his head and then he asked "What brings you, Solider?",

"My Lord Perseus your presence is ordered by Lord Chaos it seems to be important" the other said.

"I´m on the way" and with that spoken they entered the suddenly appeared black vortex.

-line break-

Percy´s POV Void

As we entered the massive throne room of Chaos I was impressed, I mean sure I am often

here but it impressed me every time.

With the big statues of all the primordial gods and Lord Chaos.

I thought a long time ago the Olympian throne room would bee big but this is only huge.

A room with colors behind each throne like black for Lord Chaos or golden for Chronos.

Okay you will no thinking wow the call you "Lord" well

yeah since what at camp half-blood happened I had an interesting life.

Flashback - 5 years ago

I was heading for the beach today I was going to propose to my Wisegirl. I thought the twelve labors of Heracles would be hard but of course the fates mean to prove me terribly wrong.

As I reached the beach I heard voice from the my special point I showed only Annabeth.

At first I did not understand what the voices spoke therefore decided to go nearer.

What I saw shocked me, my girlfriend laying on the ground, making out with my stupid half -brother John. My shocked body turned soon to a state of pure rage and hate and as I ran to there they lie.

"What is going on Annabeth?!" I nearly screamed to say I was angry was an understatement I was furious.

"Oh hey Seaweed Brain whats up?" she asked Your kidding right?! I thought.

"Why do you cheat on me what have I ever done wrong to you?" I asked now tears appearing in my eyes.

"Ohh, well you made me just boring and as you left 4 months ago I fall John, you have to see Seaweed Brain that I only loved you until your brother came" Annabeth said still smiling in his arms

What she said broke by every word one piece of my heart, but something wasn´t right but I was to sad and angry to think about that.

"Well even a Seaweed Brain like me, knows then I am not wanted but before I go..."

I reached into my jacket and took the box with the ring and threw it at her feet

"...I only wanted to say I was about to propose to you today but I see, the quest I finished for Athena to grant her blessing to marry you was for nothing. I wish you a good life Wisegirl"

and with that I walked to my cabin still hearing giggles from her. I reached my cabin and started to write a letter for the campers, Chiron and Annabeth to say good bye.

I then saw pictures with me and her I was overthrown with hatred and destroyed all pictures of her with no mercy.

As I walked out of my cabin I headed to the forest ready to leave.

They think they can handle everything with my so fantastic brother, okay as they wish! I thought still walking and never looking back.