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Chapter 12

2 days later

Unknown POV near the cave

it seems that they had more troops as we thought but how are we supposed to lessen their numbers of monsters and minons.

If only they would only know that we both are going to destroy them I promised it my friend.

Third Person POV

Near a cave which is mostly blown off were two man walking on a road both in black cloaks.

The road is more like dirt and a the stones but which is more interesting is that monsters and other creatures flew till the road which is 200 feet away from the entrance or better the remains of the entrance.

They were walking like nothing happened in the cave of the mountain.

The right man who is 6 feet tall (1.95 meter) began to talk to the the other one on the left side who is 5 feet tall (1,80 meter)

(right man )

(left man)

"Are you still willing to help me?" the right man asks with worry in his voice

"Hey man why should I leave you now? Ehh that was fun and also I owe you one, remember?" the left answered with a smirk on his face

"Sure but I won´t force you to you to join my squad or in my plan" the man said with a thoughtful look

"Come on you know that I love your squad and also they not know what will hit them thats for sure" the man says with an evil smirk.

"Hopefully next time we will not interrupted by this fools" the man asked with voice which would send children to cry and scream for their moms

"Hmm do you know what spell this was because I don´t really know" the man asked with new interest in his voice


-Meanwhile in Camp Halfblood-

Kevin´s POV

It´s now tow days since I lost my little brother. Many thought bad about him or insulted him but I always liked him because well he trained with me like a rival and more important he helped me every time I needed him. He gave advises and stood by my side even then we got in trouble

But now he´s gone and I will probably never see my brother again and the worst part of it is that it is all my fault. If I were stronger I could had save him but I failed him. His plan was good as always and it would have worked but I failed.

Now I am sitting an a tree in the forest still slightly crying from our lost with Natasha sitting in my lab snoring with wet cheeks from crying. He was a good friend of her and helped her a lot even with my birthday present which was a high end gaming station. He build its part of my room to be exact my room was upgraded by him with many speakers and other stuff , a xbox one , playstaion 4 and many other cool stuff which a boy could wish for even a mini-frigde.

It hit Alexander also very hard because they both spent much time meditating together which at first was hard for Alex but after many hours training with Mike he got it.

You may wonder why is it hard well, I want to see as Demigod to sit quietly on one spot not moving and only concentrating. You could treat that as punishment.


"Come on Mike that is boooooring" Alex whined to a still sitting Mike who looked really relaxed

"Alex sit down and try again you know what Chaos told you, you have to learn to be patient " Mike said really calmly

"But that its more of a punishment, and you know it" he retorted

"Hmm just think of something like animals or a valley" Mike said ignoring Alex´s comment

"ok I will try" Alex said

End of Flashback

Dennis POV

Why did´nt he return, I miss him.

But something isn´t right, I mean he is our strategist not for nothing and also his speech to me before we gone was a little strange.


I was walking in his room of our cabin. Its really beautiful and I would spent all of my time playing in there but he says that I need my time out of the building.

"Brother do you think everything will work like in your plan" I asked like the millionth time

"Hmm you know Dennis everyone can make mistakes so it could be possible that this plan won´t work" he said in a voice like I know he only speaks to me. Calm sincere nice

"But your plans work every time you never fail" I said stubbornly not believing what he said

"Dennis please don´t get me wrong, I am happy and honored that you think so highly about me, but everyone makes mistakes so do I" he said


"No little brother, it´s ok every one makes mistakes so have I, a sample I left you all to finish this quest all think that I am a traitor or a weakling but I had my orders and reasons, but it will be a mistake in some ways do you understand this?" he asked me and I nodded

"Remember that even If something happen to us that we all love you and each other, even than all of the soldiers would say other wise so let them I don´t care what they think, but I care about you guys. Also I have a back up plan for every plan "he said smiling to me which cheered me up but also I felt a little sad

End of Flashback

Now he is dead and all soldiers and warriors are happy and cheering even after our outburst.

I will never understand why they hate him, he only did what he had to, to prepare our arrival and to inform Lord Chaos. Oh crap what will Chaos think

Percy´s POV

I am walking at we beach thinking about Mikes death. And I also have a feeling that something strange is happening.

"Percy your friends are so weak now the lost even their brother and you couldn´t do anything against it you loser" John shouted from behind me with his minons

I didn´t answer I just think it´s my fault that we lost Mike, I could have helped them even if I had to break accident laws.

"Lost of words punk" he shouted again

"Just shut up will you I´m in no mood of your baby behavior okay " I said in a stern voice

"Make me you loser" John said again building a tidal wave to hit me , but I simply snipped my fingers and all his efforts are gone

I walked back to my cabin to get some sleep but I was teleported to the Olympian throne room.

"What is the meaning of this !" I shouted at them but they looked also a little confused

"I will answers now" a voice shouted out of a black vortex, stepping out It was Chaos

"What happened to your friends Perseus" he said emotion less ,

I flinched by my full name

"Mi kk ee is ss d ad" I stuttered and his look told me to repeat my self

"Mike is dead" I whispered

"Hmmm I hope you will protect the other they are the reaming generals on this planet and sector and I can´t send more right now" he said wow really cold

"Yes sir" I said and he left with his stern look on his face.

After that I left immediately the throne room.

Unknown POV (Girl)

Why Mike you told me you would come back. I didn´t had the chance to tell you that I like you.

Please you can´t be dead NOOOOO!

I cried since my best friends dead in my cabin. My brothers and sisters tried to improve my mood and lessen the pain but it didn´t work.

"I seriously doubt that he could have survived that explosion " one of my brothers said

"Are you dump that is the false thing to say right now you know how close they were " one of my sisters said to him but I know he must be right.

I walked to my bed and cried until I drifted of to sleep.