The career's, that what they call us, we are expected to be powerful and we go to an academy, training for this time in our lives. They don't expect us to get distracted by stupid things like love. My mistake. I am called Clove and you've probably seen me in the Reapings and in the Tributes' parade. The Reaping is where I fell hopelessly in love… with the other boy from my district, Cato. I had never met him before and I instantly felt butterflies as he approached the stage. When he shook my hand I almost fainted. We have started our training, and he keeps staring Glimmer, the pretty blonde from District one. I'm not going to lie, I am jealous, Glimmer is so pretty and she's not very shy about it. But then again Cato is not shy about his gorgeousness. I just wish Cato would notice me instead of that dumb blonde.


I looked around the small cafeteria; all the tables were full with designers and other tributes apart from one table that contained Cato and Glimmer; Cato was whispering into Glimmer's perfect ear and she was laughing, I really hate her laugh, it sort of tells all the others in the room, "He's mine, back off" it made me want to start the games early. Ignoring Glimmer's false laugh/warning I walked the table and sat down, Cato smiled at me, Glimmer glared. Then another tray hit the table, I looked up. Oh great, why do I get the feeling that Marvel's following me. Marvel's the boy from Glimmer's district.

"Hey, Clove right, your pretty good with knives you know," Cato complimented.

I smiled partly from the fact that Cato had just complimented me and because Glimmer looked as though she fallen down a very deep pit.

"Nah, I'm not really but thank you anyway," I didn't want to sound arrogant; I know, that is the first for a career.

"Don't doubt yourself, your fantastic, I want you to join our alliance," Cato said.

"Thank you."

"What?" Glimmer snapped. Cato caught the look on Glimmer's face.

"Both of you should join us," Cato quickly correct hoping that would satisfy Glimmer who was absolutely fuming. Me and Marvel glanced at each other quickly and agreed to join them.

"Thank you, Cato I would love to work with you," I said, then quickly correcting myself, "Both of you." Cato grinned. I laughed. You should've seen the look on Glimmer's face; she could've killed me on the spot.

"That's okay," Cato replied, and then he turned and kissed Glimmer on the forehead. This seemed to please her but not for long as she gave me an evil look as I looked down to the contents of my plate, out of the corner of my eye I could see that Marvel was sitting so close that we could touch without stretching. I awkwardly edged to the other side of my chair, the silence and Glimmer's looks were intimidating. I then turned all my attention to eating, and watching as again the person I loved whispered sweet nothings into the person I had just started hate's ear. Definitely awkward.