They gave an XL engine Block
I said "what's wrong with the one I got?"
cause if my torso's ever showin holes
don't want no triple engine rolls!

They tried to sell me some of that ferro fib stuff
but I says "My Mech is way too tough",
cause if your mechs ever stripped to da buff,
ferro fib aint gonna make it any less rough.

They sold me some of that Endo Steel
I said "No thanks pal, it aint no deal"
I like my old aluminium fillament...
the space endo takes up aint worth a shit!

They gave me some of them double heat sinks
I took em back and said "No thanks"
They says I rides a heat wave
I told em I got a soul to save
I like the smell of sweat and stink
Its better than drivin some friggin mechy skattin rink.

they gave me a box of them streak srm
I threw them in the garbage can
I said "spraying missiles just sooth's the soul"
I want my old fashion rocket rolls

"Give me that hard fighting old tech
tons of armor piled awn my mech
Don't never want to tangle with no clanner star
I'd rather be fightin a Succession War"

Aint ever gonna use no new tech
gonna pilot my old two legged walkin wreck
and until the day I hit the deck, my mech's
gonna keep it's old book specs.

-traditional moral building song
(Thanks to anonymous...modified heavily by me)
By Justin Xiang