"I am one with the wind and sky..." She whispered, letting go of the creature's mane slowly. Her large oval eyes fluttered shut as her arms raised higher and higher until they mirrored the wings of icy creature beneath her.

The Pegasus whinnied and darted forward through the snowstorm like white lightening, and Elsa let the wind tumble smoothly through her hair and set her alight with its icy glow. She could feel her dress billow out behind her, and it appeared that she had a smudge of clear blue sky following her path, parting the clouds as it went.

Letting one eye slip open, she peered through the snowflakes that tipped her thick lashes. The creature beneath her was almost invisible up amongst the purity of the sky; the only sign it was present was her own watery reflection on its smooth back. Its wings were still a beating flurry of snowflakes and they winked at her and let out a shower of sparkles into the shadowy white night like a stream of glittering water.

Elsa lowered her arms and curiously leant forward across the back of the creature, wanting to touch its wings. Her thin dainty fingers, white as marble, brushed up against the fluff carefully. The wings were thick, and they felt like running your fingertips over a fresh blanket of snow – sharp but gentle at the same time.

Suddenly the Pegasus turned up its majestic head and galloped up towards the frosting of the clouds. Elsa gasped softly and threw herself upwards, her arms wrapping themselves around the Pegasus' smooth broad neck for safety. She could feel the tensing of the creature's muscles and the cold sweat matting its crystallised surface. Elsa squeezed her eyes shut as it doubled its speed, the air getting thinner and thinner...

They burst up above the clouds with a soft puff, and Elsa opened her eyes. The creature reduced itself to a steady trot and Elsa sat up, smoothing down a few creases in her dress. The sound of the storm had ceased once they were above it and Elsa looked around slowly, her eyebrows raised delicately and a soft smile teasing her red lips in the sudden beautiful silence:

They were gently soaring through a clear velvety sky, a sea of pure white clouds sifting beneath them like gentle waves. The stars were bright and startlingly white, that at first Elsa had thought they were falling snow. They seemed so close to touch...

Elsa felt her hands itch and she stared down at them in surprise. Snowflakes were lacing themselves into her palms and freezing over her fingertips. She felt a snowstorm brewing between her hands and she moulded it together with precision, her eyes narrowed with concentration. She sharply extended out her right arm, her palm pointing out towards the sea of cream beneath her.

Suddenly the icy clouds obeyed her and burst upwards in a fanfare of swirls and sculptures like clear fireworks. Elsa breathed a glittering laugh and did the same on her left. She felt the itch disappear from her hands and she continued; sending up explosions of beauty around her as the pegasus propelled her forward. Another creative explosion released a dule of white snow doves, and one approached her, its eyes dark like black jewels. She offered the crook of her arm and it perched softly next to her, its beak nuzzling the soft waves of her hair. The dove then departed and nosedived into the clouds, following the rest of its dule.

Elsa paused before looking up ahead of herself, where a warm golden glow was cresting the clouds. The light burst through and Elsa closed her eyes again, letting the glow bleach her clean.

"Here I am in the light of day," She murmured, raising her arms like she had done before. Feeling all the majesty of the snow dove and the Pegasus she hushed a victorious laugh. "I am rising like the break of dawn."