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For those of you that have read 'The Frozen Flame', yes I am using the same basic plot, but it is not the same. For one thing, Minato and Kushina are not still alive and Madoka, Naruto's sister for those that haven't read my other story, is his twin in this one and is the one with the Kyuubi and know she is.

Both Naruto and Madoka will have the whisker marks, seeing as the Kyuubi was sealed inside Kushina and she carried them they got a small dose of it's chakra while in the womb.

Also like in the frozen flame Orochimaru is more obsessed with creating the perfect shinobi then he is with immortality or learning every jutsu.


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Summary- In his attempt to create the perfect Shinobi, Orochimaru created a whole new bloodline, one that had never been seen before. But just as he was about to finish his perfect creation, he was forced to abandon Konoha, leaving behind his lab and his work, leaving behind his creation. Rated M.


Chapter 1- Lost Then Found


The smell of decay was thick in the air as Sarutobi stepped into yet another of his ex-students labs. It was just like all the others, dark, damp and filled with equipment that he didn't understand the purpose for, and wasn't sure he wanted to.

This one was set up more like a corridor then a room through, with what must have been hundreds of large tubes filled with a strange green liquid that bubbled as they passed. Floating in each tube was a small shrivelled thing that at some point might have been a human baby, attached to a cord implanted into their stomachs that connected them to a tank set above the tanks.

The aged Hokage couldn't help the sad look that crossed his face as he thought about how he could have stopped all this years ago. He had seen the signs, the look in his student's eyes that showed a hint of madness, the unexplained disappearances, but he didn't want to believe it. He couldn't bring himself to see it and now hundred, if not thousands of innocents had suffered all because of his refusal to act.

Along with a group of ten ANBU he had stormed all the labs they could find, only for Orochimaru to have already gone, along with most of his research with him. This was the sixth lab they had found so far and, after taking a moment to collect themselves, started to look around the facility, trying to find survivors of the sick experiments.

So far they had found 5, but were forced to kill 4 of them. The things that had been done to them too much for them to handle, those that could speak had begged for death, to be realised from their pain, Sarutobi had given it to them. It was the least he could do.

The only one that didn't beg for death was a young boy no older then thirteen. He had short brown hair with black eyes and an almost completely blank expression on his face. They didn't know why he was there or what had been done to him because from what they could see he was the most normal living thing they had come across in these godforsaken tunnels. They found him in a locked room with cameras monitoring his every move.

After a few words Sarutobi had sent him up with one of the ANBU to the surface for medical attention just to be sure.

Then they came to a room that wasn't like the others, in this lab or any of the others they had raided. It looked like some kind of stadium, a round pit with viewing platforms hidden safely behind reinforced windows. There were two entrances on either side of the room and the walls and floor were covered in blood stains both new and old.

Leaving the room quickly, not wanting to think about what it was used for, and moving on to the next, Sarutobi could feel his anger grow more and more towards the snake like man that he once thought of as a son. Room after room of mutilated bodies, bloody surgical equipment and detailed notes on the things he had done were everywhere. The notes proved his fears; Orochimaru had completely lost his mind, his pursuit to 'create the perfect shinobi' had driven him to madness and beyond.

He was about ready to burn the whole place down when they came to a corridor that led to a large, steel door with so many locks on it they couldn't count them all set into the wall. A desk full of papers had been set to one side and as he looked from it to the door he could feel the dread rising in the pit of his stomach at what might be on the other side.

Making his way over to the desk, the man once known as 'The Professor' started to read through the notes while the ANBU that were with him started to try and get the door open. All the notes on the table talked about something call 'Project Perfection', and Sarutobi recognised that it was all in his former student's handwriting. That could only mean that whatever was on the other side of the door was important enough that it required Orochimaru's personal attention, instead of one of the men and women he had been using as lab assistants.

It started off with the basic information about a baby boy, though there was no mention of a name it did say that he was of Uzumaki blood, which caught the old ninja's attention. The notes spoke of the experiments that had been done to the boy, the 'improvements' to his body in order to make him stronger and faster, how the nerves in his body had been dulled to make it so he was all but immune to pain. The list seemed never ending, the things done to the boy seeming unreal.

In a way the notes told a story, a story of the Snake-sannin's decent into madness.

One paper stood out more then the rest, and though he wasn't sure exactly what it meant, what he did was enough to make his blood run cold.


I have successfully created, and implanted, the perfect bloodline into the boy without any negative side effects, so far. I have high hopes that the Uzumaki blood in his veins will prove strong enough to ensure his survival of the treatment. He has so far proved to be the perfect test subject, his body providing a much stronger base structure to work with then others I have used in the passed, as proven by the earlier experiments. As it is, I have calculated that he will grow into a perfect specimen of the human body, and beyond. He will be stronger, faster and will feel almost no pain, the perfect solider, and with the new bloodline I have engineered, he will be unstoppable.


He was pulled away from his reading when the ANBU were finally able to open the, with the use of several well placed Explosive notes, causing a small cloud of smoke to raise and bloke their view of the now open door.

Walking over and standing in front of his ANBU, Sarutobi waited patiently for the smoke to clear before entering the room.

What they found made the group pause, their minds not able to process exactly what they were seeing. The room they had entered was white, everything from the floor to the ceiling was so completely clean and white it actually hurt their eyes slightly if they looked at it for more then a few seconds. The only other thing in the room was a small steel cot set against the far wall, and sat with his knees pulled up to his chest on top of it, was a small, six year old boy in a white medical robe.

He had shoulder length spiky blonde hair, pale skin almost as white was the walls of the room, and bright blue eyes with slit pupils. He was staring at them with fear filled eyes and seemed to be trying to make himself smaller, practically curling into a ball as he shook. But the thing that most stood out to the old Hokage were the three black birthmarks on each of the boys cheeks, his pale skin making them stand out even more then they normally would have.

Marks that looked like whiskers.


Four hours later


After getting the boy, along with all the notes he could carry, to the hospital, Sarutobi stood watch as the doctors ran around the room, running tests, reading the notes he had taken, and seeming to be in a slight panic at what was going on in their rush to check the boy.

Throughout the whole experience the blonde boy had just stayed curled up in a ball, his eyes watching everything going on around him. The only time he had acted up was when one of the nurses had attempted to take a blood sample, the moment he saw the needle coming towards him the boy had started screaming and the heart monitor they had hooked him up to had started beeping at a terrifying rate. It got so bad that the nurse was forced to abandon the task before he went into cardiac arrest.

When everything had calmed down Sarutobi, after ordering three ANBU to stand guard over the boy, had moved to the room next to the blondes where they had put the only other survivor of Orochimaru's twisted experiments.

He sat in the chair next to the boy's bed, and for the first few minutes neither said anything, until he decided to break the silence.

"We found another survivor in the same lab as you; I was wondering what you could tell me about him, if anything."

"I'm sorry, we were only aloud out of our rooms for experiments and battle tests, I wasn't told anything about the others."

Nodding his head in understanding, Sarutobi took out a photo from his pocket that had been taken of the blonde boy shortly after arriving at the hospital, before handing it over to the teen. He didn't miss the widening of the boys eyes when they landed on the picture, or the fact that his hands started shaking slightly.

"You recognise him"

It wasn't a question.

"Once...when an experiment wasn't progressing in the way the scientists wanted, they made him fight that boy for their Battle test. We were forced to watch, so that we knew what would happen if we disobeyed..."

"...What happened?"

"...I don't know, it was so fast, one minute they were facing each other from opposite sides of the arena, the next the other experiment was laying on the ground and his blood was splattered on the wall behind him."

After taking a moment to think over what he had been told, Sarutobi nodded his head, patted the boy on the shoulder, and left the room. When he was outside the room, the old Hokage turned to the ANBU that had appeared at his side with a stern expression on his face.

"Bring Madoka Uzumaki here right's time she met her brother..."


Madoka Uzumaki was hyper, you could ask anyone that knew her personally and they would tell you the same thing. She was slightly short for her age, with her hair tied up into two pigtails on either side of her head, bright blue eyes and tan skin. She also had three whisker like birthmarks on each of her cheeks. She wore a plain white T-shirt with a bright orange jumpsuit over it with the zip mostly undone, and plain blue sandals.

She could barely keep still as she followed the Cat masked ANBU through the hospital, her eyes darting around to take everything in as she walked, causing her to knock into several people and tables as she did.

The six year didn't know why she was here, all the ANBU had told her was that her 'Grandpa', as she called the Hokage, asked her to come and that he had a surprise waiting for her, and that was all it took to put her in a good mood. She loved the old man like family, between him and the Ichiraku's at her favourite ramen stand they were the only people that didn't glare at her every time she went outside.

She didn't even think to question why her surprise was at the hospital, all she could think about was seeing him. When the ANBU leading her suddenly stop, Madoka walked straight into the back of her legs, getting a sheepish look when the expressionless mask turned to her, before the older Shinobi shook her head and tuned to face the door they had stopped in front of.

"Wait here"

Doing as she was told, Madoka waited outside the door as the ANBU walked in. She could hear several words being exchange, through they were muffled by the door so she couldn't hear what was being said, before it opened again and she heard the voice of the Hokage calling her to come in.

The moment she walked into the room all of the energy seemed to leave her body as her eyes landed on the boy on the bed next to Sarutobi, a boy that looked almost exactly the same as her except for his pale skin. She barely even looked towards the old man or nurse as she slowly walked into the room, her eyes locked with the boys.

She knew who this was; the old man had once told her that she had a brother, a twin, but that he had been missing since the day they were born. She didn't know how she knew, she just did. There was a connection between the two of them, she could feel it as tears started gathering in the corners of her eyes.

She wasn't alone anymore.

The only thing that stopped her from running forward and throwing her arms around him was the fact that the moment she took a step towards him, he flinched away from her as if he was struck.

Finally turning to the old man, who she could now see had a mixture of happiness and sadness at what was happening in front of him, happiness that thy had founds her brother and sadness that he seemed scared of everything that moved.

"Naruto, this is the girl I was telling you about, Madoka, this is Naruto, your brother."

Getting up from his seat and walking over to the now shaking girl, Sarutobi lay a hand on her shoulder and lead her back out of the room and into the corridor. When the door closed behind them, the small blonde girl looked up at the man she considered her grandfather in all but blood with confused eyes.

"What's wrong with him?"

Letting out a sigh, the old Hokage knelt down in front of the girl with a soft expression on his face.

"He has been through a lot, Madoka...more then even I can hope to understand."

Before he could say anymore they were interrupted by the sound of a woman screaming coming from Naruto's room and as fast as his old bones allowed him, several ANBU hot on his heels, Sarutobi threw the door open, only to freeze at the sight that greeted them.

The nurse was crouching in the far right corner of the room, as far away from Naruto as she could get, staring at the boy in horror, a discarded needle shattered on the ground. Floating in the air from a break in the skin, which the old Hokage assumed was from the nurse trying to take a blood sample, was a stream of bright, red blood. It seemed to move like ink in water, swirling around in the air with a mind of its own. Pulling his eyes away from the sight, Hiruzen turned his attention to the boy's face, which was scrunched up in concentration, sweat collecting on his forehead as he stared at the blood as if his life depended on it.

Slowly walking into the room, keeping to the wall so as not to get to close, Sarutobi motioned for the nurse to leave, which she did without question. He speared a look to the door, happy to see that one of his ANBU had had the forethought to stop Madoka from entering the room, before setting his full attention back on Naruto.

He watched as more and more blood floated in the air, collecting into a large blob above the bed, but the second he took a step forward it seemed to react to his movements, almost as if it was following him.


Looking back at the whiskered boy, Sarutobi saw something in his eyes that he hadn't seen there before, fear.

"I-I can't control it, d-don't come any closer."

Raising his hands to show that he understood and taking a step back to the wall; Sarutobi waved his hand to the ANBU to signal them to do the same before turning back to the blonde.

"What's happening, Naruto tell me what's happening so I can help you."

Without taking his eyes off of the blood, his skin getting paler and paler by the second, Naruto let a small tear fall out of the corner of his eye.

"I can't control it, she wouldn't listen to me, I told her to stop but she wouldn't listen to me!"

As his words stared to get more and more frantic, the blood seemed to be getting more and more aggressive, lurching towards the others in the room before seeming to be pulled back before it could reach them. It was then that Sarutobi realised that Naruto was doing everything he could to stop the blood from attacking them, and the reason he ha acted up so much when they had first tried to take a blood sample.

Before he could ask anymore questions, Madoka somehow manage to slip away of the ANBU that was holding her back and, before anyone could stop her, ran into the room straight towards her brother, throwing her arms around him in a hug.

For a moment they all froze, half expecting the blood to suddenly attack the girl, but as the seconds ticked by and nothing happened they could only watch as the blood, slowly at first but picking up speed, seemed to be sucked back into Naruto's arm. When it had all return the small break in his skin seemed to heal almost instantly, almost as if it had never been there in the first place.


It had been two weeks since they found Naruto, and Sarutobi was stood in the office of the chief of the hospital Sato with a worry expression on his face. After what had happened with the blood Sato had taken the case personally, being one of the only med-nin on staff with enough experience to handle it, and had ask to be given two weeks before making his report.

He made it a habit of visiting the boy at least once a day, and by extension Madoka. The girl had been practically living in the hospital since that first day. several of the doctors and nurses had protested at first, but when it turned out that she was the only one that could get within ten feet of him during one of his 'episodes', they had let it go.

Sato was a man in his late fifties, with short grey hair and hard, black eyes that hardly seemed to be open. The only time Sarutobi had seem him in anything other then the black business suit and white lab coat was back when the man was a field medic. Sato had actually saved his life once, years back in the Third Great War, and the scar on his chest was a reminded of it.

"I gave you the two weeks you asked me to Sato, now what can you tell me?"

Letting out a sigh, the old Hokage watched as the man seemed to slouch into his chair, shifting through several of the papers on his desk, which he recognised as the notes he had taken from Orochimaru's lab.

"First of all I would like to say that if I ever run into your ex-student I will shake his hand...right before I rip his arm out of his socked, that bastered is without a doubt a genius. From what I have seen in these notes, along with the findings from my own tests, Naruto is a perfect human specimen. His bones and muscles are three times denser then a normal person and his senses are enhanced to the point it could rival an Inuzuka. His chakra core and coils are more developed then most genin, though that might be because of his Uzumaki heritage, and he has a healing factor I have only ever seen in Madoka before now. Everything about him is perfect."

Nodding his head, having read as much from the notes already, Hiruzen nodded for the man to continue.

"As for the Bloodline, which I confirmed it is with the standard tests, it is a body based one and is like nothing I have ever seen before. Naruto's body produces five times the necessary amount of blood he needs to survive and has no type, his blood is literally compatible with everything other type of blood. As for what he can do with it, the only thing I could compare it to would be the Kaguya clan with their 'Corpse Bone Pathways' bloodline. He is able to control his blood at will, though he has trouble doing so. Another thing that you should know is that he craves blood."

Blinking several times, sure that he had missed heard the man; Sarutobi sat in one of the chairs in front of the desk and laces his fingers together in front of his face.

"Did you just say that he...craves blood?"

"Yes, but don't misunderstand, to him it is the same as a normal person eating food, his body takes sustenance from it, and from what I have seen it even helps to refill his chakra. He can eat normal food as well, but his diet is mostly drinking blood. I have been giving him transfusion bag since I first discovered it."

"...dose anyone else know?"

"No, I thought it best to keep it secrete, at least until I gave you my report, I even had Madoka leave the room every time I brought him a bag."

Nodding his thanks, Sarutobi stood up and after shaking the man's hand, left the room, lost in his thoughts as he did.

The fact that Naruto drank blood wasn't actually that big a problem, after all their were many different clans and bloodlines that had strange side effects, such as the Aburame and their bugs, though it might scare people a bit at first. No the problem was that Naruto needed to learn to control his abilities and there was no one to teach him.

It wasn't the first time a new bloodline had sprung up out of the blue, but it was the first time one had activated in one so young. Normally when a new bloodline appeared it wasn't until the late teens, the bodies hormones and the stress of being a ninja would normally start a chain reaction to kick start a recessive gene otherwise hidden. When that happened it wasn't that hard to learn to control a bloodline, having already a descent understanding of chakra and the discipline brought about through training. But Naruto was only six years old and, while having been in combat situations before, had never been trained to control his Chakra.

Then there were the ramifications to a new bloodline being activated, the moment the council found out about this they wouldn't leave him alone. He had been able to keep the whole thing quite for the most part by telling them he was waiting for the report, but now he would have to tell them. Then again if he worked it right he might be able to get the two Uzumaki declared as the start of a new clan. Madoka might not be able to activate the bloodline, but she was still Naruto's sister, and according to the village laws anyone with a bloodline was able to partition for a clan licence.

His thoughts taking on a lighter note as he thought of the benefits to both the young Uzumaki if he played this right, Sarutobi let a small smile cross his lips as he made his way to Naruto's room.


Six years later


Naruto stood patiently outside the door to the classroom, waiting for the Chunin teacher inside to calm his class so he could be introduced. It had been six years since he had been rescued from the labs, and honestly he couldn't be happier. The old man had been good to both him and his sister, he had even given them a small clan compound to live in and a nice allowance once a month to live off.

He loved his sister, more anything, but sometimes he wondered if she injected coffee into herself several times a day because even he didn't have as much energy as her, Kyuubi or not, and he was genetically enhanced to have more then most. Then there was her addiction to ramen, if he hadn't learned to cook and tied her to the dinning room chair she would never eat anything but ramen. Not to say he didn't like it himself, it was the food of the gods, but he had enough sense to eat other things as well. He wasn't even going to think about her obsession with the colure orange.

Madoka had been sent to the academy when she turned eight like most kids, but Naruto had been trained from the moment he exited the hospital, the old man arranging for a wide variety of sensei over the years to help him control his bloodline. He would have gone to the academy like his sister, but even now he wasn't always able to fully control it and the old Hokage decided that it would be better for him to stay in 'privet tutoring', and graduate with the others his age instead.

That was way he was here now, the test had been the day before and although he hadn't taken it, Sarutobi had given him a 'pass', having already known he was more then qualified. The only condition had been that he would need to do a small demonstration for the class, clan heads and the sensei, who from what the old man had told him knew almost nothing about him, to show that he was indeed capable and that he had a bloodline.

Naruto's clothes consisted of a sleeveless red shirt that clung to his body like a second skin, a pair of lose fitting black pants with a brown belt and brown boots. He had a pair of fingerless gloves with metal plating on the backs, and his forehead protector tied to his forehead. Tied to his belt were six gourds with a cork in the top, with a kunai pouch on his right leg. He wasn't as pale as he used to be, but he wasn't as tanned as his sister either, and his slightly longer then normal canine teeth could be seen when he opened his mouth.

As he waited the blonde found his hand moving towards one of the gourds he kept on his belt. He had made it a habit to always have six gourds at any one time, each holding about a pint of blood supplied by the hospital, which he could drink whenever he got thirsty.

After taking a sip and wiping the blood off of his lips, Naruto had to wait another two minutes before he was finally called into the room. However before he got a chance to look around, the blonde Uzumaki was hit by a speeding orange blur that, while not being strong enough to move him, did seem to latch itself onto him. Letting out a sigh at his sisters antics, Naruto grabbed the back of her collar and pulled her off, holding her in front of him with one hand and giving her a blank look as she pouted at him.

She looked more or less the same as the fist time they met, her hair still in pigtails and still wearing the hideous jumpsuit, the only real difference was that she was taller and had started to...fill out, in certain places.

After holding her in the air for a few seconds, Naruto ungraciously dropped her to the floor, ignoring her protests, before turning to the scard teacher, who was looking at the two of them with a smile, seeming to enjoy their interaction.

"I take it you are Iruka Umino?"

Getting a nod from the man, Naruto quickly handed him the paper the Hokage had given him, more a formality then anything seeming as the man already knew he was coming.

After reading the note over Iruka motioned for Madoka to return to her seat, before turning to the class with a smile on his face.

"Alright everyone, I would like you all to meet Naruto Uzumaki, he will be graduating with you all."

"What! But that's not fair! We all had to go through four years in the academy to pass, why does he get to just show up at graduation?"

Looking to scruffy boy with a dog on his head that had called out, though others could be heard agreeing with him, Naruto waited patiently until he was told to speak.

"Calm down Kiba, Naruto is a special case, one that I will allow him to explain to you himself."

After getting a nod from the scard chunin, and ignoring the glares several of the boys in the class were shooting him, Naruto let out a sigh before turning to face them.

"The reason I haven't been to the academy is that I activated a new bloodline when I was young. Because of this I have been in privet tutoring since I was six years old because it was decided it would be too dangerous for me to attend until I had better control over it."

Seeing the mixture of shock and confusion on the faces of the new genin in front of him, Iruka decided to explain a few things while they waited for the jonin sensei to arrive for the demonstration and team assignment.

"Naruto will be doing a small demonstration in the training grounds outback when your jonin sensei's arrive, along with a few other important people, so if you have any questions feel free to ask."

At his words several genin put their hands up, and after thinking a moment Iruka pointed the boy that had shouted before, Kiba.

"Are you related to Madoka?"

For a moment Naruto just stared at the wild looking boy with a blank expression and was about to answer when he was interrupted by said girl turning to look at the young Inuzuka with a small smirk.

"He's my twin brother, Kibble breath."

Several of the others in the room started laughing at her words, while Kiba just glared at Madoka, muttering about getting her back later.

After that everyone seemed to break up into small groups to talk to each other so, shrugging his shoulders, Naruto made his way over to his sister and took the empty seat next to her while she spoke to a girl with blonde hair and another with bright pink.

"So you're Madoka's twin, my names Ino, and this is Sakura."

Nodding in acknowledgment, Naruto took one of the gourds from his belt and took a sip, being careful not to let any spill.

"What are you drinking?"

Looking at the two girls out of the corner of his eye, Naruto shrug and answered, not caring if they knew or not.


Seeing the confused looks they were shooting him, the blonde was about to explain before Madoka slapped him in the back of the head, a small frown on her face.

"Gramps told you not to say anything until after the demonstration, remember?"

"How am I supposed to remember anything when you keep hitting me in the head?"

"If you actually used your brain I wouldn't have to!"

"Ramen freak!"


"Colure blind!"

This continued for several minutes, the other newly passed genin just watching with raised eyebrows as the two Uzumaki argued, completely forgetting the question in the first place. They were still trading insults when the Jonin, clan heads and Hokage arrived, all staring at the two as if they were insane, except for Hiruzen who watched the two with a small smile on his face.

After another five minutes had passed and they showed no sign of stopping, the old Hokage cleared his throat, drawing everyone's attention to him, including the blonde twins who were now smashing their heads together. The moment they saw the old man looking at them, along with the others in the room, they separated, Naruto blushing slightly and rubbing the back of his head while Madoka just grinned and waved at the old man as if nothing was happening.

"If you two are done, could everyone please follow me to the training ground behind the academy?"


It took about ten minutes for everyone to gather outside at the training ground, the genin that were part of a clan moving to stand with their parents after getting over their confusion as to why they were there in the first place. Stood away from everyone else, Naruto, Madoka and Sarutobi were facing the training dummies, the old Hokage saying a few words to the blonde boy before leading his sister back to the others.

The academy training ground was little more then a large open space with fifteen training dummies set up on the far side, a post with a bulls-eye in the middle and a circle painted on the ground as a sparing ring.

Naruto was stood on the opposite side of the field from the dummies, facing them with a slightly bored look on his face as he took another sip from one of his gourds as he waited for the old man to tell him to start.

Turning to face the genin, jonin and clan head, Sarutobi coughed into his hand to get their attention before speaking.

"I will ask you all to save any questions you may have until the end of the demonstration, and that you remember that Naruto has the right not to answer any that he dose not wish to."

With that he turned back to the whiskered boy, nodded, and moved to stand next to his son, Asuma.

Taking a moment to stretch and taking in several deep breaths, Naruto slowly raised his right arm out towards the dummies before calling out his technique.

"Bloody Bullets!"

The small crowd watched with wide eyes as several cuts suddenly opened up along the blonde's arm, the blood slowly floating up and hovering for a moment before forming into five perfectly round balls and shooting straight at the dummies. Each bullet hit one of the dummies, two in the chest over where the heart would be, two in the liver, and the last hitting one directly in the forehead, and each bullet left a perfect hole in the dummy.

Before anyone could comment, the cuts on Naruto's arm healed back over as if they had never been there, only for another to open up on his wrist.


This time instead of small droplets, the blood formed into a long thin whip, which Naruto swung around several times before throwing his arms forward, making it stretch across the field and wrap around another of the dummies necks. Holding it there for a moment and taking a deep breath, the young Uzumaki then gave a sharp tug, causing the whip to cut straight through the dummies wooden neck before being sucked back into his wrist.

After taking another swig from his gourd, Naruto took a moment to think about what he would do next before smirking.

"Bloody Javelin!"

Everyone watched as the cut reopened on the blonde's wrist and several pints of blood floated into the air, before stretching out into a long stick with a sharp point, and when it was in the shape he was happy with, Naruto hardened it. Grabbing the newly made spear, Naruto spun it in his hands several times before throwing it at another of the dummies, hitting it directly in the chest.

Turning to look at the gathered crowd, returning the smirk that Madoka was sending him, Naruto brought another gourd to his lips, letting a few drops fall onto his chin so that they could all see that it was blood and grinned, showing off his now bloody and sharp teeth.

"So, how did I do?"


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