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Chapter 7- One Big Family


"Tou-san, C7 keeps biting me!"

"Tou-san, I need to go potty!"

"Tou-san, I'm hungy!"

"Are we there yet?"

Naruto couldn't stop the violent twitching in his right eye as he sat at the front of the carriage stirring the horses. For the last three days all he had heard was one complaint after another, it was driving him insane! It didn't help that Anko, who was sat next to him, found the whole thing hilarious, or that she had told them to call him Tou-san. For Kami's sake he was only twelve years old, he was too young to be the father to seven kids!

The other had taken up defensive positions around the carriage; after all they were moving seven children with bloodlines.

After that first night Naruto had learned which kids had which bloodline, though he would have to find them real names after they returned to Konoha.

C1, along with C2, a four year old girl, and C4, a four year old boy, had the Cursed Blood Stream. While C3, a three year old girl, C5 and C6, the twin three year old boys, and C7, the two year old girl had the Shukketsugan. None of them actually know how to use their abilities, though C1 was able to control his blood a little, which made them a danger to both themselves and anyone around them, just one more reason to get back to Konoha as quickly as possible.

There was also the fact that he was running out of blood.

The seven children all needed to drink blood, just like him, and between the eight of them they were quickly draining his supply. He had enough for about two more days, but that was only if he limited the amount he drank. But as far as Naruto was concerned it was better for him to feeling a little thirsty because at least he had so control. He didn't want to think about what would happen if they all went into a Feeding Frenzy at the same time.

They were about two days away from Konoha, providing they kept up the same pace, he only hoped the old man had gotten his message. Naruto was honestly starting to wonder just what he had gotten himself into when he signed the Bat Contract so far the only normal one he had met was Shikon. Between the colony full of creepy mini bats and the apparently blind messenger he had summoned so far, he didn't hold out much hope for the rest.

"Tou-san, C5 peed himself!"

Letting out a tired sigh, Naruto turned to see Anko trying to hols in her laughter with her hand.

"Why did you teach them that word? I'm only twelve years old and I'm not even their dad! How would you feel if a bunch of kids you just met started calling you Okaa-san?"

Smirking at him a while patting his cheek, the purple haired kunoichi stuck her tongue out.

"Anko Okaa-san!"

The smirk actually froze on her face, Anko slowly looked up to see C3 looking at her from on top of the roof of the cart. She was quickly followed by the other, all looking at her with large smiles.


When she finally did look back to Naruto, who had suddenly go very pale, the smirk she gave him didn't help in the least.

"Awww, would you look at that, we have kids! I guess that means you have to marry me now."

"Wha-I- bu-you-I-"

Before he could think of what to say, Anko looked around and, see that none of the other were watching, grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into a kiss. It only lasted a second, but it happened so suddenly that he didn't have time to stop the blood rushing to his head. When she pulled back, Anko couldn't stop the smirk on her lips when she saw the bright red tail of blood coming out of the blonde's nose.

"HA! I told you I'd get you to have a nosebleed!"


They didn't even get to the gate before the Hokage came to meet them. The moment it was in sight the old man, along with several ANBU, ran over and had the ANBU surround the chart in a defensive formation the last mile to the village. From there they were taken straight to the hospital, where Doctor Sato had already prepared a room for the kids with seven beds so they wouldn't be separated. But even then Naruto had to stay in the room with them the whole time to assure them nothing bad would happen.

Luckily Sato had experience from dealing with Naruto for so many years, meaning he knew what he could and couldn't do. The test didn't take too long, just a physical, some scans and finally blood samples. It wasn't too hard to get them from C3, C5, C6 and C7 because it seemed they couldn't control their blood outside their bodies, something that Sato had made a note of. C1 had just made some float out of his skin, though it took a lot of concentration to do it. As for C2 and C4, Naruto actually had to talk them through a small mediation exorcise that Asuma had taught him when he was young to stop their blood from attacking everyone.

The results were more or less as expected, off of the kids had almost the exact same DNA as him, but only carried one of the DNA markers for his bloodlines, meaning that they only had one each. It was actually as if they really were his kids. They even had stronger then average bodies like he had after Orochimaru's experiments. But they weren't exact clones, whether that had been on purpose or something had gone wrong while they were being made it was unclear, but they weren't exact copies.

When he was finally able to leave the room to talk to Sarutobi in privet he left Madoka and Anko to keep an eye on them, just encase. Kurenai and Shino had left after giving their reports.

"We are expanding your compound, and doing some renovations. Until they are old enough to take care of themselves they will be living with you and Madoka in the same house so I am arranging for it to be bigger. Their will also be several more houses for when they are older."

Nodding in understanding, Naruto took a moment to think before adding his own ideas.

"Thanks old man, but I can add a few things to the plan?"

Getting a small nod, the blonde continued.

"We are going to need a bigger Blood Vault; with seven extra mouths to feed we are going to need a lot of blood stored up. Also I was thinking about an underground training room, that way I can start their training without risking the surrounding area like when I was learning."

It was true, there had been several accidents while he was training, luckily the only casualties had been trees and boulders, but there were still risks. After taking a moment to think it over, Sarutobi nodded his head in agreement before say he would see to it right away and leaving, saying the work would take about two days so he and Madoka would have to find somewhere to sleep until then.

With that done Naruto, taking a deep breath to prepare himself for the madness that was his newly expanded family, pushed the doors open and walked back into the room.

"Shit Fucker!"

It turns out that leaving Anko and Madoka unsupervised in a room full of kids was not a good idea. In the few minutes he had been out of the room they had taught them several swearwords, set two of the beds on fire and super glued C5 and C6 together back to back. How they had managed to do all of this in so short a time, he didn't know, nor did he want to, but one thing was definitely clear.

"My life just got a lot more stressful."


Several hours later found Naruto sat at a bar, a bottle of sake in front of him and a tired look on his face. Madoka had run off, saying that she was going to stay at a friends house until the reservations to their compound were finished, leaving him to sort himself out. So far all he had done was drink enough sake to get a good buzz going, meaning he was on his fifth bottle and was showing no sign of slowing down. The kids had fallen asleep just before he left, the beds they had burned being replaced and the twins being separated. He had made a run for it the moment the last one had closed their eyes, practically running through several walls.

He had been mentally going through the different people he knew and could ask to stay with for a few days. There was Kakashi, but he didn't want to have to listen to the man giggling every few minute while he read his books. Asuma would of gladly put him up for a while if he asked, but he hated the smell of smoke and the man never stopped unless he was asleep, so that was out two.

"So about that drink you owe me."

The sudden appearance of Anko at his side was almost enough to give Naruto a heart attack, she was back in her usual mesh shirt and trench coat, practically flashing everyone in the bar, and was giving him a knowing smirk as she wiggled her eyebrow at him.

Naruto was actually surprised to see her so soon, he had assumed that with the mission done, and her finally getting him to have a nosebleed, that she would have lost interest in him by now. But her she was, wrapping her arm around his shoulders in a one armed hug, smirk in place and a teasing gleam in her eye.

"You were serious about that?"

"Hell yeah I was serious!"

Quickly grabbing the mostly full bottle in front of him, Anko tipped its into her mouth and drank the whole bottle in one go, before slamming the now empty bottle on the counter and calling over to the barman.

"Keep them coming!"

Turning her attention back to the blonde, the alcohol seeming to have no effect on her at all, Anko patted him on the back with a large grin on her face.

"So I hear you need a place to stay for a few day's?"

"...who told you that?"


It was official, Naruto hated his sister.

Laughing at his expression, chugging another bottle of sake the barman had just placed in front of her, Anko took a moment to look at him before grinning.

"I've decided! You're coming to stay with me!"

"The last time I slept in the same room as you stole one of my shirts and climbed into bed with me wearing it, what makes you think I would willingly stay at your house while mine is being renovated?"

"What make you think I'm giving you a choice?"

Letting out a sigh and laying his head on the counter in front of him, Naruto took a moment to think before letting out a deep sigh, and turning tired eyes to the purple haired kunoichi next to him.

"Why are you here Anko?"

Pausing with another bottle of sake half way to her lips, Anko looked at the boy with confused eyes.

"What are do you mean 'Why am I here'"

"You won your little game, you gave me a nosebleed, there is no reason for you to keep hanging out with me."

Her face suddenly brightening in understanding Anko let out a loud laugh, drinking from her bottle, before grinning at him.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I've decided that I'm going to make you my boyfriend!"

"...excuse me?"

"Yeah, you are so much fun to tease that I decided to keep you around. Plus the whole blood thing is a real turn on."

After saying this she gave him a sultry wink, before finishing another bottle.

Suddenly getting an angry expression on his face, Naruto stood up and walked out of the bar, ignoring the Anko's question about where he was going. She had gone too far, there was a point when teasing gave way to cruel mocking and she had just passed it. How dare she try and play with his emotions like that! He didn't really mind it when she was flirting with him because it was just harmless fun, but this was too much. He wasn't even watching where he was going, all he could think about was putting some distance between him and Anko.

Unfortunately for him, that plan was ruined when she came running out of the bar after him, quickly catching up and grabbing his shoulder , before turning him around to face her.

"Hey, what's your problem? Was it something I said?"

"Just leave me alone!"

Backing up slightly at the outburst, Anko lost all playfulness and looked at him with worried eyes.

"Hey, what wrong?"

"There's a difference between joking around and being cruel Anko! And you just crossed the line. I don't care if you want to flirt with me to get a few laughs; I don't even care if you mess with my head a little, but don't joke about something so serious because while it might not seem like a big deal to you it is to me!"

Frowning slightly at his words, Anko suddenly grabbed the front of his shirt in her fist and pulled him forward so that their faces were only inches apart.

"You think I was joking? You listen Naruto Uzumaki and you listen good! I am being completely serious, one way or another I will make you my boyfriend and you're going to be happy about it, even if I have to tie you to a chair and beat it into you! As of now You! Are! MINE!"

Before he had a chance to respond, she pulled him the last few inches forward and smashed her lips into his, her tongue darting into his open mouth before he had time to realise what was going on. Despite what his mind was telling him, Naruto's body started acting on its own, returning the kiss as he moved them over to a wall and pushed her against it, running his hands up her back. It lasted for about five minutes before they broke apart to breath, giving him the first chase he had since it started to think clearly.

His eyes wide with a mixture of fear and confusion, Naruto pulled away from the purple haired teen before running off down the street without a word, his mind a whirl of confusing thoughts.

This time Anko didn't chase after him, giving him time to think things over while slowly touching her slightly swollen lips, a small smile on her face as she watched the blonde run off down the street.


Without even thinking about he Naruto found himself at Kakashi's house that night, the one eyed jonin welcoming him with open arms. He didn't miss the worried looks the silver haired jonin kept sending him, but one of the good things about Kakashi was that he knew when not to ask questions. He spent the night and the couch, but didn't actually get much sleep. Every time he closed his eyes he would see Anko, hear her words over and over again in his head like a broken record.

It scared him, the though that she had been serious, Naruto had long accepted the fact that the chances of him finding someone were slim to none. After all, he had a bloodline that people, no matter how much they tried to hide it, were scared of. He actually needed to drink human blood on a daily basis just to live, his eyes could see the exact spot on the human body to kill them in one blow, and he could control his blood to attack at will. He was the perfect hunter, and his natural pray was humans. He saw it everyday in the villager's eyes; they respected him for having a powerful bloodline, but at the same time feared him for it.

After what had happened in Wave it had only confirmed his fears, that all he would ever be was feared. As much as he tried to deny it, the fact was that he had killed all of those men without a second thought, and now it was getting so much easier to kill. He might not like it, but could do it.

What woman would ever want a monster like if?

But then Anko comes along, teasing him, treating him like everyone else, and he never saw that hint of fear in her eyes like other people when they first see his power and that meant more to him then he had realised. But this was too fast, too confusing, it was easy to convince himself that it was just another of her jokes then it was for him to believe she really liked him.

But then the question, what if she wasn't kept sneaking its way back inside his head. It was this question that kept him up most of the night.


The next day found Naruto stood in front of the old man, who was sat behind his desk pipe in hand, and a serious expression on his face. The room was in complete silence as the blonde took his time to comprehend what he had just been told, while Sarutobi waited for his reaction. Finally taking a deep breath, Naruto clam himself down before speaking in a quite voice.

"Your taking me off of active duty...may I ask why?"

Giving the boy soft, understanding look, Sarutobi let out a small sigh before explaining.

"I'm sorry Naruto, but you know that with the addition of seven more children with your bloodlines, even if they only have one each, is more important then sending you on missions at the moment. They need to be trained, and you are the best to teach them to control their powers. You understand better then anyone else, the dangers of both the Cursed Blood Stream and the Shukketsugan not being properly controlled. You will be paid the price of an ongoing A rank mission for the duration of the training, of course."

Taking a moment to mull it over, Naruto nodded his head in understanding.

"What about my team, they can't go on missions without a fourth member, and I know that Kurenai was planning to enter us in the chunin exams in a few weeks."

"I believe you know of a girl by the name of Sakura Haruno who is currently training to become a med-nin? The doctors have recommended her for field experience with a team, apparently her training his going well and they think it would do her good to be out in the field for a while. She will be taking your place until such a time that you are able to resume active duty."

"...thank you."

Letting out a sigh, Sarutobi got up and walked around his desk to place a hand on Naruto's shoulder in comfort.

"I know that this is hard for you Naruto, but it is for the best. You can also take this time to train yourself."

Naruto wasn't sure what he thought about this, but the fact was it did make the most since. He was the best choice to train them, and it would give him a chance to better understand his bloodlines. But more then that he had a goal. He wasn't able to go to the academy because they didn't know how to train him until after the time had passed, but that didn't mean the same thing had to happen to them. He would make sure that they were ready to join just like everyone else when the time came; giving them something he never got the chance to do until recently.

Make friends


Madoka had not been too happy about the news that he was temporarily taken off of team 8, but understood the reason for it. But that didn't stop her from sneaking into the Hokage's office and replacing his stash with gay porn, let it never be said that Madoka wasn't scary when she put her mind to it.

They had taken the kid to get some clothes before coming to the compound, the looks on the villagers faces had been priceless when they saw the group of blonds walking down the street with the old man. The first thing they bought them, with the old man paying of course, were some basic training clothes, sleeveless white shirts and black training shorts, before buying them some casual clothes.

C1 had actually decided to get the same cloths as Naruto, with the red sleeveless shirt, black pants and fingerless gloves he looked almost like a mini Naruto. The only thing he was missing was a forehead protector, which was substituted with a pair of red goggles. C2 and C3 both wore a sleeveless red dress that went down to just above their knees, with a pair of black shorts for C2 and Blue for C3 underneath. C4 had gone with a sleeveless black shirt, with grey pants, a red bucket hat and a pair of red fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back. Both C5 and C6 wore matching blue shirts with long sleeves that covered their hands, loses fitting white pants had tied training bandages around their hands and wrists. Last but not least, C7 now wore a light blue jumpsuit just like Madoka's.

The reason C1, C2 and C4 didn't have sleeves was simple, when he was younger Naruto had learnt the hard way they if he had sleeves they would be torn to shreds it he either used or lost control of his blood.

After that was done they had made their way towards the compound, C7 being carried by Naruto.

To say that they were impressed with the renovations would be an understatement. The house that he and Madoka had been living in for the last few years was three times the size it had been before. It now had three floors, not including the training ground underneath it, and there were seven more six more houses added to the three that had already been there.

The compound itself was also bigger then before, now looking like a small street, and had a small park in the centre, which the kid had shot towards the moment they had seen it, screaming in joy and laughing. Madoka ran after them, a large smile on her face as she pretended to chase them around.

Turning to the old man with a small mile, Naruto let out a small chuckle.

"The park is a nice touch."

"I thought so too, I know that it will be hard for them to be around other kids until they are able to control themselves, so I thought they would like it."

Nodding, the blonde turned to his right when he spotted Zabuza walking towards them.

"So it's true, I admit I wasn't sure what to think when Haku told me you got a bunch of brat clones."

"You and me both"

Laughing, the ex Mist-nin patted him on the back as he turned to watch the kids playing, his eyes softening slightly. After saying a quick goodbye, Sarutobi left to get back to his office, leaving the two to watch the smiling children.

"So they all have one of your bloodlines? I take it you will be training them?"

"Yes, I have been assigned an ongoing A rank mission and taken off of the active ninja list until they are able to control their bloodlines."

Nodding, Zabuza let out a sigh as he ran a hand through his hair.

"If it's alright with you, I'll offer my help. After all, I have experience from helping Haku with her Ice release. It's not the same, but I think you could use the extra hands...and eyes."

Nodding in agreement, Naruto took a moment as he watched the kids and his sister running around, before speaking.

"Thank you, I think your right. I am planning to give them a few days to get settled in before starting their training, but you should know that for the first weeks or so it will be most teaching them to meditate so that they can calm themselves down if they lose control. When they get that down I was thinking of physical training to build up their stamina."

"Sound good; let me know when you start, and good look, your going to need it."

Without another word Zabuza turned and walked back towards his and Haku's home.


Naruto life had definitely become...louder, since the kids moved in, it didn't help that only four of them were out of diapers either. Then their was the fact that C4 had been having nightmares every night, C2 and C3 had drawn on the walls, and everywhere he went he had C7 in his arms because she was too young to leave on her own. It seemed lick five things were happening at once and he could only do one at a time.

It was for this reason that the blonde Uzumaki had invented a new jutsu.

He got the idea from seeing Zabuza sparing with sparing with Water clones and it took three days to work out all of the details. The idea was to make a clone out of blood, hopefully making them more durable then the shadow clone, which would fall apart after one good hit. The results had been...surprising.

The clones didn't actually look anything like him, if anything they looked like demonic baby imps. They had red...he couldn't even call it skin because it looked like they were constantly melting, almost like moving puddles of blood. They were about a seven inches human like in shape, with large mouths full of sharp teeth made from hardened blood that took up most of their face, with the rest being taken up by two large nostrils. They didn't have eyes, but were aware of their surroundings from the way they moved and had little wings on their backs. But the thing that had really surprised Naruto was when he had dropped one of his gourds and the imp had launched itself at the blood, actually split into two when it absorbed it.

This had lead to several experiments in privet, Haku happy to babysit for a few hours while he worked on it, which had turned up some interesting results. When he had first seen the results of his work into clones, Naruto had been disappointed, thinking that they were of little use, but he soon found out he had been wrong. The clones got faster the more blood they drank after being made, becoming little more then blurs. He had made a group of them at one point and had them 'attack' a dead dear he had caught and found out that they acted almost like a school of Parana. They had swarmed the dead animal, blocking it from view, and when they had finished all that was lift of the dear was a pile of torn up meat, the blood completely gone. Not only that, but they seemed all but immune to physical attacks, their not quite solid bodies letting them pass through without harm, almost like trying to cut water with a knife. As far as mistakes went, this was a happy one.

He had added it to the Cursed Blood Stream scroll with the name 'Blood Imp Swarming' and after talking to the old man had made it an A rank jutsu. Unfortunately it wasn't until after all of that work was done that he realised that it didn't actually help him with the kids.

When it finally came time to start training them, Naruto was just happy that he had accepted Zabuza's offer to help. For now they would only be training C1, C2, C3 and C4, the others still being too young. To be honest they all were, but the fact they had active bloodlines meant it was necessary. The training room he had asked to be build under the compound was basically a large cave, with a level floor and training dummies for later use.

They had actually taken to mediation surprisingly quickly, C3 and C4 more so then their older brother and sister two, and were up to a level he was happy with within only four days.

After that he had them go through several simple exorcises such as from running until they dropped, seeing how many press-ups they could do, and anything else he could think of. It wasn't to actually build up muscle or anything, but more so that he and Zabuza could get an idea of what they could and couldn't do. Just like he had been when he was younger, the kids were above average for their ages.


It had been about two weeks since the kids had moved in to the Uzumaki Clan compound and Naruto had finally come up with names for all of the kids. C1 was now named Ichigo, C2 was Manako, C3 was Akarui, C4 was Yaiga, C5 was now Kumori, C6 was Ranpu and finally C7 was Youji. They had all been so happy to have actually names Naruto had given them the day off from training to play in the park.

Right now he was making his way through the village towards a ninja supply store to buy some training kunai, planning to start teaching the kids to throw them the next day. It was actually the first time he had left the compound since they had moved in, all of his time up to this point had been mostly taken looking after them. He was just lucky that Madoka was back form mission, and even luckier that Zabuza was there to keep an eye on her.

It wasn't that he didn't trust her to look after the kids as much as he knew their was a chance she would burn the house down.

He was so caught up in his thoughts that Naruto didn't realise that someone was coming up behind him until he felt the arms wrapping around hi neck from behind. His whole body freezing, the blonde Uzumaki didn't even have to turn around to know who had just jumped on his back, the familiar pressure on his back telling him all he needed.

"If I didn't know any better Naru-kun, I'd think you had been avoiding my."

Turing to see Anko out of the corner of his eye, Naruto couldn't stop the shiver that went down his spine when he saw the smirk on her face.


Hey, just a little list to help remember who is who :)

C1- Boy, Five, CBS- Ichigo

C2- Girl, Four, CBS- Manako

C3-Girl, Four, S- Akarui

C4-Boy, Four, CBS- Yaiga

C5-Boy, Three, S (twin)- Kumori

C6- Boy, Three, S (twin)- Ranpu

C7-Girl, Two, S- Youji

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