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11. Ben's growing older

Fogle Towers, Penthouse, 15th october 2024

They started the day more busy than usual. Logan was already stirring a pastry to bake a so called 'Baby-Cake', even though they didn't have breakfast yet. Max was hardly engaged in distributing several kinds of party decoration mainly around the living room. They wanted to use the time while Ben was still sleeping to surprise him later on. Even if he still was a baby, this was his day. Exactly five months ago he had been born.

At around half past eight Original Cindy came around. Ben was woken up by the doorbell, but that didn't matter since Max and Logan were nearly finished with the rough preparations. While Max tended to Ben, Logan opened the door. OC smiled at his appearance, still clothed in his kitchen apron smeared with remnants of pastry ingredients. She gave him a careful hug and said: "Hey Boo! The little man already up?" - Logan beamed back at her. "Come in, Cindy. Yes, Max is getting him ready. You can congratulate him in just a couple of minutes." - Cindy stepped in and headed directly towards the living room. She took in the decoration and the good smell from the kitchen. Then she remarked: "Wow, must be nice being a Cale spawn. Bet there ain't no kid getting more attention for not even his birthday. You did nice!" - Logan only grinned at that remark. He knew well that it must look totally exaggerated to do a party for 5 months. But then, it was their choice. Max wanted it, and to be honest, she couldn't wait until the real birthday was, because she never had the chance to celebrate in her childhood. So, Logan gave in. At least, now he could create a gorgeous meal and pastry. He was not so sure if he still would be able to cook all of that in May next year. So they decided to celebrate now and just enjoy it. At least, they hoped that Ben would enjoy it.

Logan headed back to the kitchen to finish the cooking for now. Later on there would be a lot more cooking. Now there was the pastry inside the stove which he had to get out in a couple of minutes and the boiling eggs were already a little overdue. Logan sighed. Since he completely lost the functions of his pinky fingers, things started to get more annoying. One thing was that he had to be a lot more careful when he wheeled around, that his fingers didn't get into the wheels. But what he really hated was the fact that his typing at the keyboard of his computer was slowed down by it. The numb fingers simply often got in the way or he pressed the wrong keys by accident. To avoid that, he had started to tape his numb pinky fingers simply to his hand with duct tape in advance. But he did that only on days that he knew he had to type a lot. Today he only knew he had to celebrate a lot and his pinky fingers were dangling limply and freely at his hand.

Logan considered his options. Normally, Max would rescue the eggs out of the boiling water. But now she was with Ben and Logan didn't want to disturb them. So he simply turned around and asked OC: "Ahm, Cindy, could you give me a hand with the eggs, please?" - "Sure, Boo!" she answered. After the eggs had been retrieved, they finished with the rest of the breakfast preparations and even got the pastry out of the stove. Original Cindy liked cooking sessions with Logan, since he was one of the rare males she knew who really could cook. Not that she bothered to look for a lot of males with this skillset, but also aside from the cooking she had deep respect for Logan, ever since the incidents with the reds and together they had rescued Max at her old working place.

And then the big moment arrived. Max brought Ben into the living room and Ben looked around stunningly. He crawled towards the nearest paper streamer and explored it. Then Max fetched out the first gift for him to open and placed the parcel in front of Ben. She gave him a kiss and told him that this was his first gift because he got already five months old. Logan shook his head at that. It was clear that Ben was oblivious to the meaning of Max's words, which didn't stop her to explain everything to the toddler. At least the concept of unwrapping gifts was something Ben already mastered. He rapped off the paper rather roughly and then tried to put it into his mouth. Again, Max explained the baby with many words why it would be a better choice to have a regular breakfast instead. Logan now smiled to himself and thought that if Max kept this much explaining up, the years to come would turn out quite interesting and surely very talkative. Original Cindy seemed to wonder about the same subject, since finally she got out: "Hey Boo, he doesn't understand you yet. Just come to breakfast without explaining the world to him! He'll get that soon enough."