Hey there,

thank you for still reading the story of Logan and his health issues.

I thought, that I was done with this story and in my mind it had been concluded...

...until today I found a "lost" beginning of a chapter in my notebook. I was looking for something else and then the handwritten text was there. Since this is also about journalism in times of censorship, which is unfortunately rather a current topic, I decided to give it to you as well. Enjoy and cheers!

PS: Just for your information: This little bit of fiction takes place somewhere between the chapters 12 and 14. And just as a reminder, in the Virtual Season 3 there was a big political conflict between several US-states. Namely a secession process of Texas. I warmly recommend you to read it again. It is brilliantly written.

outtakes - the lost chapter

Logan was sitting at his desk, typing away an article about the results of a research he had recently done. Typing had become a pain in the a*… , *since his numbed fingers always got in the way. He had solved this problem in the beginning by taping his pinky finger to his ring finger with duct tape. But as more and more fingers got affected, it was not practical to just tape them together as he knew it from rugby. He began to tape them down on his thenar, so it was fixed and didn't meddle with his deliberate movements. Like this, his typing pattern always functioned more or less. It developed towards a weird two-finger typing method.

At the moment, Logan didn't think about those issues. He was totally occupied with the content of his research results and the question how to publish them. Since in times like these it was a delicate procedure to find the right words without tipping on the politician's toes too much or firing up the secession process of Texas or something like that without leaving out the truth.

He balanced every word, chewed on it and asked himself if somebody could interpret it in the wrong way before actually writing it down. Nowadays, it was an annoying and tiring craft to be a journalist. Logan was well aware that this was a form of self-censorship, which is one of the worst forms of censorship in general. If you already eliminate words that come to your mind before writing them down, you don't dare to think of them anymore eventually. If the government gets you to banish thoughts off of your mind, the next stage would be mind-control.

Logan shrugged, as he shortly pondered how it all could have become so bad. But pondering didn't help him to finish the article in the first place. He shoveled through his papers that he had gathered for this case. His notes he had taken as he spoke with the watchman of the object Logan suspected to be the location where all of the incident had taken place. This was about a hidden project of a governmental agency. The problem was to find out which governments and which agencies were all involved and how their status was to each other.

To publish facts about it, he had to be absolutely sure about them; Logan needed proof and credible sources. Was the testimony of a watchman enough? On the other hand, he needed the article to be out soon. This was hot stuff, and the sooner the public knew about, the safer would all the informants be that gave him their inside wisdom. Publishing was a god way to save lives, that was a lesson he had learned during his years of experience. If the intel was out, often there would be no reason to harm people who knew ‚secrets'. But considering all he had, he decided it to be too precious to span it out like this, without carefully having brought the research to a good end. That would harm his honour as a journalist, if only in his own eyes. So he shrugged, fetched his calendar, headed towards the phone and started the recently elaborate procedure to dial the number that stood in his openend notebook, which was lying in his lap.