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Chapter 1 - Prologue

Shannon Airport, Two weeks earlier

Logan sat inmidst the waiting area and watched the people passing by. Max was busy with getting something to eat, claim their baggage and rent the car. Logan mused about his slowly increasing weaknesses. Since he had about three blood-transfusions by transgenetics – two times from Max, once from Joshua – his auto-immune-reaction was giving him more troubles. There even had been a scandal about using transgenic blood at diseased people and the devastating consequences back in Seattle. Something like this was happening with him aswell. His spine was degrading slowly further up than it had been after the shooting. He would loose more and more bodyfunctions over the time, but this was going very slowly and would take a lot of years to play out. And his doctor, Sam Carr, was already developing a remedy to stop it and prevent further damage. At the moment, the only two inconveniences Logan really had of this, was that he couldn't use the exoskeleton anymore, because to move with the exo inquired muscle- and nerve- function around his waist to trigger the movements. Since his boundary of feeling was moving upwards, he was not longer able to handle that. There were also increasingly cramps and tremors in his legs if he used the exo. And the second consequence of this was, that he needed something to steady himself while sitting. He could not longer sit freely without prop himself up with one of his hands. While sitting in the wheelchair there was no problem, because he had his back-rest. As long as there was something to lean on, he was good.

The only thing that bugged him at the moment was that the car rentals at the airport didn't provide any disabled-adapted cars with hand-controls. Max would have to drive all the ways. She said she didn't care, but Logan knew it would be a little bit of a challenge for her to drive the other way around first place in a totally strange car, and then having to drive all the long ways on probably narrow roads, which would cost a lot of concentration. He would have liked to take turns and share that burden. But he could not help it. And so they had booked a small van in advance, where they could put all the equipment into. Max had insisted to manage their baggage into the car all alone, because it would only draw attention to them if he was seen while loading boxes of equipment into a van while getting around in a wheelchair. Since their mission required to lay as low as possible, Logan reluctantly agreed to this. But now he regretted it. He hated to sit around, useless and waiting, while Max had all the labour to herself.

Knock Airport Several days earlier

The humid western wind caressed gustily his face. Auggie could taste the salt in the air. Indeed, no doubt, he finally was in Ireland. As the stewardess led him gingerly down the stairs to the airfield, his head felt totally empty. The wind seemed to blow off any thoughts concerning his mission or anything painfully related to Annie. For the instant, he just enjoyed the fresh chilly air and the calmness of the place. - Wait a minute, tranquillity? This was an airport! Airports are not supposed to be calm places! Auggie's senses kicked in, and his mind rotated. Was he hijacked and didn't notice? No, the taste of the air told him, this was Ireland, no doubt. Could there really be an airport that remote, that you could hear no big fussing or other planes? He settled on asking the stewardess, who was still leading him slowly across the airfield. He began: "So, what is this place called?" - "Oh, it's 'Knock airport'. I love it, because it's the most tiny airport I have been to." - "Tiny? As in small?" - "Yes, indeed. It was built back in the 1980s to cover a visit from the pope for a holy shrine." - "Ok, so I gather, there are at the moment not a lot of other planes around?" - "No, in about an hour there will be a charter coming in, I think." Auggie nodded. "That explains it." - "Explains what?" - "The tranquillity of this place." Auggie could hear the stewardess smile as she answered: "That's why I like it so much. That and the scenery around. Oh, sorry, I didn't mean..." - "No, it's ok. Perhaps I can participate if you describe it to me?" He turned his head as if to point to the scenery. But at this point of the conversation, they were interrupted. Apparently, they had arrived at the terminal building. There was a man coming towards them, asking aloud: "Auggie Anderson?" - "That will be me. Hello. And you are..." - "Kieran O'Dea. Nice to meet you! The agency sent me to be your assistant during your sojourn. So let's get you home at first." They said quickly goodbye to the stewardess, Kieran picked up Auggie's suitcase and finally led him to a sturdy pick-up car. It was scheduled, that Auggie would simply stay at Kieran's house with the family. They had a guest room and like this he already had the necessary cover – a sibling of Kieran on vacation. Nobody at the village would ask a lot of questions, so they hoped. All the way from the airport to his place, Kieran talked to Auggie. About his family, about the weather, about how things were now in the US compared to Ireland, about the secession problems, about fishing. Auggie's head began to swirl with a throbbing feeling, that first began muffled and then developed to a real headache. Since the bomb blasted back in Iraq, he sometimes had problems with headaches, which was quite normal, according to the doctors. He would have to take his pills as soon as they arrived. He shrugged to himself, while shielding out Kieran's tirade. There was worse in his life than a little headache. Much worse. He instantly thought of Annie. And Helen. How could he have been such a coward? How did he dare to betray Annie? How could he play with Helen's feelings and send her to an act of desperation such as sacrifice herself to give Annie an advance? He felt guilty, he felt shame, he felt as the least acceptable person in the world, and yet Kieran was happily rambling about fishing. This didn't match his emotional and mindset in the least. He was just sad. About everything. He saw no future, no perspective. Then he smiled a little bit towards himself about this train of thought. 'No wonder I see no perspective. I'm blind. And in more ways than just the physical.'

After it felt an eternity to Auggie, the drive ended finally at Kieran's house. Auggie was forced to stop musing and was confronted with about three loud and happy kids, which surrounded him. Wow. He was reminded at his guiding tour at the Smithonian with Annie's niece. And he smiled. 'Yes, happy kids are always a good agent to lighten up moods.' Then, Kieran introduced Auggie toward his wife Niamph and his kids.