happy St. Patrick's day for you all!

Since my story takes place in Ireland, I felt it necessary to post at least a little bit of the further story today.

So, enjoy the St. Patrick's day wherever you are!



13. Chapter - A bookworm's paradise


Cong, Co. Mayo, about the same time

He managed to follow them discreetly. Apparently they didn't notice him, for which he felt a little bit proud, since the landscape didn't provide a load of possibilities to hide, and there was not a lot traffic either. At least, there were the small stone walls around the pastures and some groves. It was just a question of timing, distance and intuition. As soon as it was clear to him, that their destination was Cong Abbey, he passed the entrance to the parking lot on his right side, noticing the position of their car in the car park and drove along.

The village of Cong was very near, and one of the first houses that appeared along the road was ‚Pat Cohan's Bar', which was open. The man used the car park in front of the pub and walked back into the direction of the abbey. He automatically checked out the touristic traffic around, noticed possibilities to hide or alternative ways to escape. Perhaps this abbey was the perfect occasion to eliminate the target.

….."And why didn't you arrange an appointment?", the archivist asked.

Auggie noticed the uneasiness of Logan and quickly took the initiative - as a trained agent he was able to think and react quickly. Calmly Auggie answered: „It's my fault, we couldn't plan in advance. I just now had a free time slot to help him get around here."

The archivist stared at Logan's wheelchair, obviously considering the mobility issues he might have.

At least he said: „It's allright, come in. But this way I couldn't prepare anything, it might take some time to find the documents. See, that's why we want to make appointments, so everybody can be prepared."

It was obvious, that he hated to be unprepared. He turned and said to Logan: „Gentlemen, please follow me."

Thus invited, Auggie didn't hesitate to step down to Logan, smoothly find his backrest of the wheelchair and then help him push up the stairs. After the little effort, they gladly were inside the building with a mosaic stone flooring. Logan's wheelchair spun nearly all alone on that smooth surface, but Auggie kept on holding on Logan's wheelchair. In a nonverbal understanding, Logan let Auggie push him completely and just put his hands in his lap. It just made a better impression for the archivist. Only as they reached the end of the long hall, Logan began to push again to set the directions. They entered a big room that was stuffed with paper and books. It was in shelves, in stacks, opened books lay on tables and there were even standing desks with special table lamps to lighten up the manuscripts.

Logan was overwhelmed and his heart as a journalist and researcher pounded higher. Auggie noticed the intensive smell of old paper, books, old wood and dust. This was heaven for any bookworm.