So basically Aang is about to turn 18 and is finished with his training and it's time for him to get to work. Katara is 20 and tired of people telling her what her responsibilities as the chief's daughter are. They both find their escapes online.


Aang was beyond glad to have his day over with. The day was getting closer and closer and the pressure was killing him. He sat at his desk and rubbed his hand through his short black hair. It was still a strange feeling. He hadn't had hair since he was a very little boy, but he decided that he wanted to see what he looked like with hair before he gave his whole life to the world.

It's not fair.

he thought as he pulled out his sketchbook and pencils, dropping them heavily onto his desk. He groaned as he sat down at his desk. Aang realized that he was the Avatar at twelve years old when he'd accidentally bent water while he and the other boys were out swimming. They didn't notice the water lift toward him as he dove in, but he did.

Later that day, when he was alone, he tried the other two forms of bending just to see. When he pulled a rock to him he got excited and nervous. He didn't want to be the avatar. He wanted to be an illustrator, or a cartoonist.

As he put the charcoal pencil to the paper he thought about when he tried fire bending and burned his foot. He felt bad about lying to his guardian, Gyatso, about what had happened, but he felt worse when the old man believed his flimsy lie about dropping hot candle wax on his foot.

His hands moved across the paper mindlessly, making lines, circles and curves in different shade of black. Before he knew it, it was done, his hands just stopped. The picture that was just supposed to be a series of angry scribble had ended up being a picture…of a girl.

Katara came in and placed her books an her side table, then dropped down on her bed, pulling her laptop from under her pillow. She huffed and laid her forehead on the bed.

Big stupid Sokka

she thought about her older brother who had been teasing her about the fact that she was twenty and still not married and about how she'd rather have her nose in a book or her laptop than go out. So what if I have hopes other than being some chauvinist asshole's wife. I wish I would marry Hasook. He just wants to be able to say that he's married to the chief's daughter anyway. She inhaled deeply and exhaled before she opened her computer, started a new file and began to type a character description.

He was tall and thin, but well muscled. A prodigy, he mastered air bending and received his arrows at an early age, embarking on further studied with the monks. His steely gray eyes took in all the information they threw at him and committed everything to memory, dumbfounding the stanch old men.

But as intelligent as he was the young air bender was even more playful. His eyes would dance as he played with the younger boys or pulled pranks the older men. His nimble fingers carved toys and made flowers dance on the air currents he commanded with expertise far beyond his years.

A happy smile or a mischievous smirk often graced lips and bright smiling eyes accented his handsome face.

Katara stopped typing and read over the document "Well damn. Where did that come from?" She shrugged and saved the file as AIRBENDER GUY in her folder named ORIGINALS.