Chapter 1

Hinata's POv

I screamed in terror and clutched my boyfriend's shirt, Naruto laughed at that scene and shoved some popcorn in his mouth. I didn't lay a finger on the bowl frightened that it will grab me and suck me up. A man came in the room and grabbed the women as she let out a horrifying scream, I squeaked and hid my face in Naruto's shirt again. Naruto took my hand

" Relax Hinata it's only a movie" Nauto flashed one of his famous smiles. I blushed in embarrassment and tried not to scream again. A person in all black came in the room with a sledgehammer and a chainsaw. The girl yelled

" W-who's there?" She said and her blood was everywhere Naruto laughed

" Off with her head" he said . I blinked in shock when there was a cute scene with two couples kissing. I smiled a bit, I looked over to Naruto that was disgusted with that. I sunk into my chair there was no way Naruto was into that crappy stuff.

" Uh Naruto-kun..." I whispered

" Yeah Hinata?" Naruto said

" Well I was wondering you don't like it when a couple is kissing each other...?" I blushed Naruto's face grew bright red

" N-no Hinata that's not it at all, if it's not you and me then well of course it's gonna look gross" Naruto blushed with confidence scratching his head. I smiled still blushing

" Thanks Naruto-kun" I said I screamed during the movie, Naruto picked me up and put me on his lap. His lips were only inches away from mine,

" Hinata don't you want to try out what the couple did in the other scene?" Naruto asked with a husky voice.

" But what about the movie didn't you want to watch it" I asked trying to get of the love triangle I was in.

" Nope well do you want to watch the rest?" He asked with hurt in his eyes.

" It's not like I don't want to kiss you Naruto" I muttered, Naruto nodded his head and watched the rest of the movies.

" Great now he's upset with me, what am I going to do now? I bet he wants to dump me now" I thought

" Naruto lets forget the movie" I said I bet you're wondering how I got all this new confidence, well ever since attack of Pein and my confession to Naruto and a few years later He confessed to me. Now Naruto is still teaching me not to studder, and have eye contact with people. Naruto smiled and kissed me. His lips were warm and soft well a little soft, His hands wrapped around my waist,

"Mmm Naruto-kun" I said

" Hinata please call me Naruto" He said

I grabbed his hair when I felt his lips on my neck, long trails of love bites on my neck. Naruto's kisses continued to my collarbone. He sucked hard on it. His warm hand slipped into my shirt and he lightly tugged on my bra strap

" N-Naruto" I moaned ,

" Hinata-chan" Naruto muttered.

" uh Hinata-chan that's the way he calls Sakura eww and he still does. It hurts when he calls her that IN FRONT OF ME! and then calls me Hinata- chan after he calls her that. I don't mean to be mean but I guess I get jealous" I thought I lightly pushed Naruto away but he didn't get it, His kisses continued to trail around my neck, to my face.

" Naruto um mm I got to go you know what my dad would do if he sees that I'm missing he'll kill you" I said Naruto pouted

" Aww but Hinataaaaaa I want to make you feel good like a make out session." he whine I blushed and rolled my eyes.

" I got to go" I said getting off Naruto and grabbing my sweater.

" Hey you want me to take you home?" Naruto asked

" No it's okay I'll go home alone" I said

" No Hinata that wasn't a question" Naruto said

I blushed " Fine let's go" I said

Naruto smirked and stole a kiss from me.

" Hey Naruto no fair you cheated" I pouted

" Life's not fair" Naruto laughed

We walked away together out of Naruto's home , we went to my house

" Hinata may I have a kiss goodbye?" Naruto asked

" Maybe maybe not" I smirked Naruto stole another kiss from me ,

" Naruto why" I whine Naruto chuckled

" What you don't like it when I kiss you?" Naruto asked

" Yes I do and - I kissed Naruto before he said anything I ran my fingers into his soft spiky hair Naruto kissed back with passion. " Eh-em" Naruto and I pulled away from each other. " Um hi farther" I said shyly " What's up" Naruto said awkwardly scratching the back of his head. " Nice to see you to Naruto and you took great care of my dear Hinata" father said.

" Y-yeah um she's wonderful and beautiful" Naruto blushed

I blushed and kissed his cheek " Bye Naruto" I smiled

" Bye Hinata love you" He grinned

" Love you to" I said

Dad patted Naruto's shoulder and whispered in his ear. Naurto looked scared and nodded his head. Naruto waved goodbye and left. " Father what did you tell Naurto-kun" I asked

" Nothing at all and what do you want for dinner?" Dad asked changing the subject.

" broccoli , shrimp and rice" I said

" Oh and on the side sushi" I added

" What kind of drink?" Dad asked

" Um ice tea" I said

I sat down and ate my dinner, I took a bath and went to bed.

" How am I going to tell Naruto about my feelings about his first love Sakura?"

Naruto Pov

I grumped as I worked back home " Uh why does Hinata's dad treat me like a wild animal and Hinata as an angel?" I thought

I opened my door and through my body on my bed. I ran my hands threw my hair. I got up and took a shower, came out and got dressed and dropped my body back to bed. I went to sleep.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I woke up and took a shower I grabbed my phone and texted Hinata.

Naruto bold

Hinata Italic

Hey babe you up?

Yeah good morning

wonna hit the ramen shop with me?

I don't know Naruto is it a date?

Maybe do you want it to be a date my loving girlfriend?

Yes yes I do um I mean yeah cool ...

What time you want me to pick ya up?

Um how about 1:00?

Sure see ya then? :P

yeah love you :O

Love you 2 :D

Bye :)

Bye :)

I stopped texting Hinata and tried to clean my room. 1:00 was so far away all I wanted to run in and kiss Hinata then take her to my room and take her clothes off and touch her to hear her sweet moans and fucking her so hard that she cums like crazy.


" Uh Hello?" I said

" Hey Naruto it's Sakura" Sakura said

" Um hey whats up?" I said

" I hear you and Hinata are real sexy together" Sakura chuckled

I blushed in shock

" Uh um what?" I asked

" You heard me and anyway go easy on her you know Hinata" Sakura said

" And if I don't" I asked

" And if you don't I will hurt you run you over with a truck then beat you senseless, then drown you in water and do everything all over again" Sakura said darkly

I was scared and muttered some words in chinese

" Whatever you say" I said and hung up the phone. I ran outside

I ran to Hinata's place. I banged on the door. The door swung open to show a Hinata with a light purple sleeveless shirt and a short and I mean very short ( being dramatic) dark blue shorts. Fish- net socks and black shoes, my eyes went up to see cherry red lips and pale skin. Hinata fiddled with her hands

" D-do I look bad?" Hinata asked

I sweepted her off her feet and captured a kiss ( more like a stolen one). I pulled away and smiled. " You look gorgeous shining like the moon and brighter than a star" I smiled blushing and scratching the back of my head awkwardly.

Hinata blushed

" T-thank you Naruto you look great your self" Hinata smiled

" Thanks" I smiled

" Lets go to the Ramen shop I'm starving" I pouted Hinata hugged me and smiled

" Okay" She said

I picked her up and put her over my shoulders, Hinata squealed like a child I hold on her legs and started to walk , I got to the Ramen shop and started drooling.

I put Hinata down and took her hand into mine.

" Hey dude can I have booby lamb?" I asked staring at the ramen

The chef looked at me funny,

" Did you mean spicy swirl?" He asked I rubbed my eyes,

" But it looks like boobs" I said

" No I can't become like Pervy Sage!" I screamed Hinata shook her head,

" No Naruto-kun it clearly says Spicy Swirl" Hinata said.

" Fine I'll have that" I said

" What do you want Hinata?' I asked

" Honey sweet sexy ramen" She smiled the chef gave us our food. I paid for it and we walked to the park.

" Hey Hinata did you say sexy?" I asked The chopsticks to Hinata's cherry red lips,

" Huh Naruto what are you talking about" Hinata asked with a soft sweet voice.

" Nah forget it come with me we can go somewhere sexy and sex like view" I smiled

Hinata blushed a bright cherry red,

" Uh um Naruto- kun is so dirty" Hinata whimpered.

" Uh Hinata I didn't mean it like that" I said with a sweatdrop

We finished our food and had a romantic walk around the town. Hinata curled up into my arms. I put an arm around her. I kissed her. My eyes lingered into other places such as Hinata's breast,

"let's go somewhere" I smiled

" Okay" Hinata said and we walked some more. we rested on top of a roof,

"The sunset is pretty" Hinata smiled,

" But not as pretty as you" I smirked I tried to steal a kiss from her but she jumped away causing me to kiss the ground.

" Ow aw come on Hinata no fair" I pouted

" Life's not fair" Hinata giggled

I ran my fingers through my blonde hair,

" What will it take to get a proper kiss from my girlfriend?" I asked

" You got to catch me Naruto if you catch me then maybe you'll get a more loving kiss" Hinata giggled

" If I catch you your mine right?" I asked

Hinata smiled slyly " Sure Naruto" she said

and with that she was gone

This is goining to be fun

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hinata's POv

I jumped and fell down and continued to run, I hid in the dark alley BIG MISTAKE Naruto was able to smell me, " Found ya" Naruto said and scooped me up into a hug. " ow let's go home" I smiled

Naruto carried me bride style and took me to his place which was a mess. " Um let me clean this place" I said and in 5 seconds the place was clean and I was dirty. " I'm going to the hot springs" I said " Alright just be careful" Naruto said

I grabbed a clean towel and my phone and ran off. I got to the hot springs and relaxed, I realized that I had no clean clothes I called Naruto to get me some. I called my dad to let him know that was hanging with Naruto tonight. Naruto came in and stared at me. " What are you doing here?" I asked covering my chest. Naruto showed the bag a clothes for me, and stripped and came in the hot spring with me. I covered my eyes but couldn't help but to steal some glances of Naruto, He came over and pressed his hard chest against my soft one, Naruto started to kiss me his fingers rubbing my clit,

" Oh Naruto n-not here" I whimpered Naruto slipped one finger in me , and sucked my neck to create a love mark.

" Oh ah ah" I moaned Naruto removed his finger and rubbed his dick against my clit really hard and fast, deepening every time.

" Naruto I said no" I whispered, Naruto stopped

" You don't like it?" He asked

" I do I really do it's just not here" I muttered. Naruto picked me out of the water and grabbed everything leaving nothing and in a flash we were in his place. Naruto placed me gently on his bed and threw everything else somewhere ,

"Lets have sex now" Naruto said and kissed me, one hand rubbing my clit and the other pinching my nips.

" Oh Naruto I " I moaned

" What is it you want Hinata?" Naruto asked rubbing harder,

" Want you to finger me" I blushed

"Is that all?" Naruto asked

" Oh just fuck me!" I yelled Naruto smiled and fingered me tongue me and finally gave me what I wanted, He slipped his length and started to thrust, naruto changed position and went faster every time, Naruto put my legs up and slammed his monster into me

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I moaned I opened my legs wide and Naruto shoved his animal in me harder.

" Damn Hinata your tight" Naruto said slamming hard on my G-spot, I cummed on Naruto put he wasn't done, he didn't cum yet.

" Hinata this time I'm going long can you handle that?" Naruto asked, in out in out in out in out, Naruto changed his position and I wrapped my arms around him as he bounced me up and down. Naruto stopped and let his dick stay in me as he began to grine,

"Oh Oh ah ah" I moaned and Naruto picked up the pace. He pulled out of me then slammed back into me and continued this until he cummed. it shot out and fell off Naruto's dick, and on to the floor. I fell asleep in Naruto's arms.

Naruto's Pov

I woke up and looked around my room one Hinata wasn't there at all

" Damnit it was just a dream" I groaned rubbing my temples

There was a knock on the door, it was Hinata I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and looked at her still sleepy.

" Hey what's up Hinata" I said cheerful

Hinata smiled and hugged me

"We need to talk" She said

" Uh okay" I muttered

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What will they talk about? Review oh and Naruto & Hinata shared the same dream. Sorry if you didn't catch that