The man in the cloak moved swiftly through the village. The children playing in the street moved out of his way, instinctively realising that he was not someone who would play trick or treat with them.

He at last came upon the house he was seeking. It's location having been revealed to him, he could find it at last. The foolish people who lived here had entrusted their secret to one who betrayed them, now he would destroy them and remove the threat against him.

He pushed open the gate and walked up the garden path, seeing the parents playing with the toddler, the father making coloured puffs of smoke appear to amuse the child.

He reached the door and cast a spell to blow it apart, so he could enter the house, but nothing happened, he looked at his wand in shock, and cast the spell again, still nothing happened.

"It has stopped working you know" said a voice from behind him. He jumped, spinning around and tried to cast another spell, in vain.

He saw a man in strange clothes, not wizarding wear, and unlike any that he usually saw muggles in, sitting on a swing, he could swear was not there when he had just walked up the path.

The man was now laughing at him, as he next tried to apparate away, when that failed, he tried to activate a portkey, that also failed.

"Who are you" he asked, now, for the first time, very afraid.

" Call me Q" the man answered, "I am here to stop you from making my life boring. Three centuries from now, I will approach mankind, to judge them on their policies. Specifically, I will bring a Captain Jean-Luc Picard before me, using him as an example of mankind. The problem is, that if I let you go in there and kill the Potters, Captain Picard will not be born. The problem then becomes, do the needs of Voldemort, outweigh the needs of the Q. Unfortunately for you, Tom Riddle, I voted for the Q."

The next moment, Q and Riddle had vanished from the yard.

Three centuries later, whilst the Voyager, was trying to return from the Delta quadrant, they passed a planet that when scanned showed no inhabitants. They did not realise that there were inhabitants, all hidden by a fidelius charm. They were the descendants of a group of wizards from twentieth century earth, who all believed that the only people worth being around were pure blood wizards who shared their beliefs. Q had thus transported all of them from earth, along with Voldemort, when he had removed Voldemort from the Potter's yard, even those in Azkhaban.