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Chapter 1: Bolt From the Blue

It had been a hard-fought battle against the hybrid creature that had once been Kristina Boaz, bearing traits of human, insect, and even that of the hostile Nephilim race; ultimately however, there was a victor. As the Boaz-Fly twitched and struggled to stay conscious, the opponent loomed over the creature in its death-throes as it finally lay still, defeated by Kurtis Trent.

Pointing his gun down at the monster, Kurtis looked defiantly at what had become of Boaz. And as its movement stopped, his expression turned to one of momentary pity for what her fate amounted to.

And yet, as Kurtis turned to leave, Boaz uses her last ounce of strength to rise back up and skewer him through the gut. Relishing the underhanded attack against the man, Boaz pulled back her spiked arm and watched as Kurtis started falling. It was in her false sense of victory that it couldn't react in time to the Lux Veritatis throwing his Chirugai at the treacherous monster, cutting the head clean off and as the rest of the body fell to the floor unceremoniously, Kurtis was falling as well. He fell to his knees in pain, gripping at the hole through his stomach with one hand and the other holding him up, then he slumped to the floor with a groan.

"Noooo!" Lara screamed at the top of the catwalk. She had recently arrived back from Eckhardt's lab after killing Eckhardt and Karel as she bore witness to Kurtis collapsing to the floor. Lara started to search for a way down, gripping the edge of the catwalk; upon finding a safe enough height to drop down to, she lowered herself down to the in her rush to try and save him, she twisted her foot, crying out in severe pain.

Trying to bear with the pain, she looked toward Kurtis with a pained expression and got up. She limped to his side despite her current predicament, knelt down with a sharp gasp and turned him over onto his back, blood still flowing out of his injury. She placed her palms onto the wound and applied pressure.

"Hey Stranger," He murmured, making her look at him in those blue eyes. Even as he bled out, he still tried to take her mind off the situation. "Don't... don't worry about me."

"Oh bugger, Kurtis I can't lose you," She babbled and closed her eyes, attempting to keep herself from crying. She hardly knew him, but it was like she knew him her entire life. There, in her heart, developed a pain she had once ignored a long time ago, the pain of loving someone, losing them.

"Lara, thank you." He whispered under his breath, Lara laid her head against his temple, tears came running down her cheeks and falling onto him. She knew every second that flew by his heartbeat was slowing down.

"Shh!" He said quietly, Lara opened her eyes and moved a lock of hair out of his face to see those ocean blue eyes. "I love you, Lara." He said with a wheeze in his breathing and coughed a little bit. She leaned in and kissed him on his lips. When she broke the kiss, he closed his eyes and took his last breath.

Lara looked down at him as more tears streamed down her cheeks. Her heart ached as hatred for that Boaz creature grew, if she just had made it back in time, she could have stopped this from happening. Her hopelessness grew as she thought back at her life so far, someone like her always made it out alive, where others never did.

"I love you too, Kurtis." She mourned and laid her head on his chest, falling asleep sobbing.

Several hours later, she woke back up confused, noticing that she was alone. Kurtis's body was gone. Picking herself back up on shaky legs, she looked around and saw the pool of blood in the middle of the floor, Kurtis' mystical shuriken, the only other sign that he was there.

Picking it up, the weapon vibrated and the blades along its edge extend. Lara has to struggle a bit to hold onto it as it spun her around, pointing into a shadowy tunnel. Her lips curved up in a subtle smile as she made her decision and walked toward the tunnel entrance and disappeared...

(Six months later...)

Lara was standing before her father's grave, thinking back at the stranger who she had formed feelings for in those two days. Now he was gone like everyone else. That just made her more upset; the last few months continued to torment her. She had attempted to obtain all records toward the Lux Veritatis, but not much was found. Tears of frustration rolled down her cheeks. She just needed explanations for why she woke up alone.

Sighing, she reached for her backpack and zipped it open, taking out a letter she had written and began to read it over again.

'Dear Winston,

I am leaving for a while. I need to clear my head. Sorry if I did not say goodbye, but I am just not in the mood for any small talks. After what had happened in Prague, I have reached to the point that there is more to life than raiding some ancient tomb with priceless artifacts inside. You remember after Alex and Terry I never imagined I'd fallen in love again, but I did, in the process and I lost him.

I need a break from everyone and find myself again. I am not the Lara you all know and love anymore. Don't trouble too much about me, I'll be fine and will be back soon.

Sincerely with love,


Satisfied with the contents, she entered her home and left the note on the kitchen counter. She then walked down to her garage, roaming all her cars and motorbikes. She stops at the newest one in her collection, Kurtis Motorbike. A memento of her dear friend.

She stood regarding it with a melancholy smile before putting on her motorcycle helmet, sitting on the seat cushion and started the engine, hearing the blissful sound of the vehicle cranking up. Shifting to first gear, Lara sped out of the courtyard and onto the road. She had no idea where she was going, but she just drove as images of Kurtis crossed through her mind. She sped up as the road stretched on, going even faster without regard for where she would end up.

Anywhere was fine if it helped her forget the pain.