Hello, my name is Jose. I've been a Sailor Moon fan
since 1995 when english-dubbed episodes started to
air on WPIX in New York City, now a WB station.

Recently I led an effort to Return Sailor Moon
to the Cartoon Network. I started an online petition
shortly after Sailor Moon was purged from the
television lineup, and towards the end of July,
I submitted a 1,400+ signature petition to
Turner Broadcasting.

Ever since creating that petition, my feelings for
the Sailor Moon series have been strong.

After reading countless fan fiction stories, I have
decided to start one of my own. This is called
"THE SAGA OF MERCURY", and it focuses around
Amy and Greg, a duo whom I wished had some kind
of future like Serena and Darien in the actual series,
but never did.

I have written eight chapters, totaling to about
forty pages, in Microsoft Word, and the process is
still ongoing.

I have decided to release the first three completed
chapters and release other chapters on some kind of
regular basis, but first I would like to see some
fans provide their input and "Constructive Criticism"
on this series.

My ideas for a portion of this series came from the
incomplete "Mercury Knight Stories" by Ryuuen No Miko,
which is currently available at

I wanted to contact Ruyyen No Miko about the Mercury
Knight Stories, and my idea for The Saga of Mercury,
but I have been unsuccessful so far. (E-mail bounces
back, "USER DOES NOT EXIST", etc.)

Therefore there is some risk, if the Mercury Knight
Stories author finds this story and demands that I
remove his or her content, I will ask
to remove the story. A risk, but nevertheless I feel
I should continue with this project.


As usual, "Sailor Moon" and all related characters
are copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha, TOEI
Animation and other agencies.

The Saga of Mercury story is copyrighted by me, however
some content in later chapters is based on the Mercury
Knight Stories as described in this Chapter 1 Introduction.

Please feel free to write a critique or send your
comments to with the subject line,
in all caps, SAGA OF MERCURY. If you do not do this
then the filter will block your e-mail.

Although most of the chapters can pass with a rating of PG,
some of the chapters, especially those with attack scenes,
necessitate a PG-13 rating.
Therefore, I have given the entire story a rating of PG-13.

With that, on with the show! And please enjoy.

- Jose

You can view released chapters in PDF format by visiting:
The Saga of Mercury is also available in text format at

The Saga of Mercury
Chapter 1
A Princess' Dream

Princess Amy of Mercury was horrified at the sight
she saw.

A huge cloud of dark energy was becoming visible east
of the Sun, and was closing in fast.

Princess Amy thought that it could only be one thing.
It was the Negaverse coming to attack her palace and
her planet.

"Mercury is ours for the taking!" said a dark,
booming voice. "Then Venus, then Earth, and
eventually, the entire Moon Kingdom! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-

Princess Amy looked back at her palace, then looked
into the sky, and thought, Oh no! Our deflector
shield is losing power!

The deflector shield, fully operational at all times
to protect the palace from any threats, was indeed
losing power, to the point that gaps in the shield
were starting to become visible lines tearing apart
in the sky.

The dark cloud then shot through one of these gaps,
and was aiming for Princess Amy.

Princess Amy let out a huge scream, a scream that
seemingly could have been heard for miles, and
started running towards the palace. She knew that the
palace would come under attack real soon, but had no
choice but to run there, because her Mercury Power
Transformation Pen was left in her bedroom.

When Princess Amy was a few hundred feet from the
palace gates, she was stopped by an invisible force
field that flung her back to the ground. "Oh No!" she
cried. "The palace is surrounded by dark energy!" The
palace was starting to crumble into dust under the
intense dark energy. "Mother! Father! Someone! Help
me!" she said as she collapsed onto the ground, tears
of sadness flooding her eyes.

Princess Amy then turned around, and saw the dark
soldiers of the Negaverse staring in her face. They
were all dressed in black, with black capes, silver
swords and black masks. Princess Amy tried to crawl
back, but was once again stopped by the Negaverse's
force field. "PREPARE TO DIE, MERCURY!" said a
soldier. Three others stepped forward, swords drawn,
and charged toward the Princess.

The Princess, eyes opened in horror, quickly shut her
eyes, covered her face, and let out what would have
been her last horrifying scream. A few seconds later,
she could feel the wind blowing across her face,
blowing her hair back and blowing the tears away. She
opened her eyes to find herself in the air, moving
away from the palace at an incredible speed. She
looked back to see that someone was carrying her...

"Are you all right, Princess?" he yelled, trying to
make his voice heard over the loud gusts of wind in
the air.

Princess Amy looked back... and saw holding her...


"Everyone is safe at the palace on the other side of
the planet, I'll take you there."

"Oh, Mercury Knight! Thank you for saving my life."

"Princess, I must protect you... because it is my duty...
and because..."


"Because... I love you."

"Oh, Mercury Knight!"

Princess Amy and Mercury Knight, flying back to the
other palace in safety, stared at each other, closed
their eyes, and bent their heads toward each other...


Amy's eyes went wide open, and she sat up.

She was in her bed, fully awake, and her alarm clock
read 7:01 AM.

Amy looked left, looked right, and then covered her
mouth in shock.

That must have been a nightmare, she thought, but it
seemed so real, as if I was really back on my home

There was a knock on Amy's door.

Amy snapped out of her thought... "Come in!"

"Good morning, Amy. Sleep well?"

"Oh, good morning, mother, uh... yes, I slept just
fine, thank you..."

"Good. When you've showered and dressed, come down
for breakfast."

"Yes, mother."

When Amy was ready to leave for school, she noticed a
fax coming in from the fax machine. Amy decided to
read the fax to see whom the fax was for.

The fax was addressed to Sailor Mercury.

At first, Amy thought that one of the other scouts
sent her the fax, so she decided to read the fax on
the way.

As Amy was walking to school, she read the fax:

Sailor Mercury...

I love you with all my heart...

Amy stopped walking.

...And I want to get back together with you, because
there is something I need to talk to you about.

Amy's eyes went wide open.

Please meet me tomorrow at 6 PM, at the Tokyo train
station, track 19.

I'll see you there.


Amy thought for a moment, then opened up her
wristwatch communicator and contacted Raye, who was
on her way to school, too.

"Raye, can the scouts meet up today inside your
shrine?" Amy asked.

Raye replied, "Amy, I thought you were smart!
Chuckle we always meet here on Thursday

"Oh dear, that's right, well anyway, I need to talk
to you about some things."

"Wow," Raye said, surprised. "It isn't that often
that you want to talk! All you normally do is study
more than listen to us talk about stuff... ok, I'll
tell the other scouts and we'll see you this

"Ok, have a nice day, Raye. Good bye!"

End of Chapter 1

So, how will Amy be able to describe the dream that
she had? And who wrote that love letter?

Find out in the next chapter of, THE SAGA OF MERCURY.