A Minute to Late: Prim's Hunger Games

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I stand in a mob of faceless people. I search for Katniss and my mother but I find no one.

"Ladies first!" A cheerful voice called from the midst of the crowd "Primrose Everdeen!" Every single person turns and stares. I burst into tears shaking my head.

"No, no. I'm too young I'm only twelve!" I shouted out.

"That's old enough!" Screeched the once cheerful voice now turned venomous.

"NO!" I yell once more as I am pushed through the crowd towards my death. I-

I gasp as I jerk myself awake. I turn on my side and try to calm my heart beat. I see Katniss lying peacefully beside me. She looks so… happy. The only time she ever does is when she's sleeping. Or with Gale or me. Most think she is hostile but I know she is just guarded. Luckily she has Gale. That makes me think of Rory, Gale's brother. It's his first Reaping too. I sigh and drag myself from bed. I know I won't be getting any more good sleep for a while. I walk into the kitchen and search around for something special to give Katniss for Reaping day.

I wander around listening to my bare feet pad against the hard floor, searching the cabinets, and humming to myself. Soon my eyes are drooping again and right before I decide to give up on the search and head back to the room to try and get some more sleep something catches my eye. CHEESE! I almost laugh in delight but instead just give myself a soft giggle. Katniss will be so happy! I wrap it in basil leaves and place it under a wooden bowl where I know Katniss will find it.

I pad back into the room and survey my mother and sister. I tiredly give up trying to figure out their issues and climb into bed with my mom.

"MEOW!" I giggle as Buttercup objects to me sleeping without him and pat the bed right next to me. He jumps up happily and circles twice before laying down. I cuddle up with him and my mom and for now everything is alright.

***page break***

"Prim!" I feel something shake my shoulder and bat it away. "Come on baby it's time to get up." Says my mother's sweet voice.

"Five more minutes." I grumble back.

"You know we don't have that time Baby, its Reaping day." I open my eyes tiredly.

"Do I have to?" I whisper

"Sorry sweetie." I nod and sit up. "I'll get the bath water ready." She says and hurries out of the room. I just groan and plop back down on the bed. But as soon as I close my eyes that dream starts plaguing me again. I quickly open them and run out of the room.

"Here you go Prim." Mom says and gestures to the bath. I quickly jump in and scrub myself as fast as I can. I get off all the dirt I have gathered on me from helping Mom with her patients and taking care of Lady my goat. As soon as I am done I jump out and grab my towel. I shiver from the rush of the cool air.

I see Katniss's first reaping outfit set out for me. It looks HUGE! I step into the khaki skirt and it fits me better than I thought but it is still big on me. Next I put on the blue blouse with ruffles on the front and tuck it in.

"Uh mom?" I call out "I think I need some pins." Mom walks in and surveys me.

"Yup, luckily I got some right here." She starts pining my skirt and shirt so it somewhat fits. Katniss walks in and heads to the tub. I towel dry my hair and make two braids on either side of my head. I see the back of my blouse is un-tucked. I hurriedly tuck it back in. I'm glad Rory wasn't here to witness that. He would have laughed at me for sure. But what does it matter? He has seen you in many embarrassing situations before. I blush just thinking about that. What is wrong with me? Rory is my best friend. My very best friend that I will never ever forget, even when I am all grown up. Why am I even thinking about this? I ask myself

Because you like him a new voice answered.

WHAT! I do not. I argue with myself

Do too

do not




Ugh you're so annoying. I walk into the room where Katniss was getting ready and see her gazing into our cracked mirror.

"You look beautiful." I say in a hushed tone.

"And nothing like myself." She answers and reaches over to give me a hug. I sigh, I love Katniss and she makes me feel so protected. "Tuck your tail back in, little duck." She says smoothing my blouse back in place. I giggle and blush, of course Katniss sees my clothing issues.

"Quack!" I say to Katniss in reply.

"Quack yourself." She says with a light laugh that only I can get out of her. "Come on, let's eat." She gives me a kiss on the head and we head to the kitchen to eat some of the bread made from tessera grain and drink some of Ladey's milk. I pick at my bread and sip at my milk, and of course Katniss sees.

"Prim I got something for you at the Hob." I look up surprised. Katniss got me something? I hop off my chair and rush over to her.

"What is it! What is it!" I say jumping up and down begging her to tell me.

"Alright here you go Prim" She reaches into her game bag and pulls out… a pin. I take a closer look and see it's a Mockingjay. A mockingjay is a hybrid bird. They came from Jabberjays. Jabberjays were meant to overhear conversations, and bring that information to the Capitol, and repeat what they heard. It all went well until the rebels caught on and started feeding the jabberjays false info. Once the Capitol figured this all out, the birds were useless to them. They let the jabberjays into the wild to die off but instead they mated with female mockingbirds. Now mockingjays can carry a tune and repeat songs and melodies.

I gasp and jump up and down some more. "Thank you Katniss soo much." I squeal and Katniss laughs.

"Yup and Prim," I turn to her again "Don't forget the birds stop for you." I look at her confused.

"What?" I say

"They stop and listen and repeat. I remember learning that when we were in the meadow gathering roots. You were humming and all the birds fell silent then took up your song." She smiled "you didn't even notice." After that we made some small talk but mostly sat in silence and at 1 o'clock we head down to the town square. Normally I drag Katniss to look at the Bakery cakes but not today. No today is reaping day. My palms start to sweat and we are soon herded into our age categories. Katniss goes towards the front in the 16 year old category and I'm in the very back with some other kids my age.

"Hey." I turn and see Rory dressed up and slouching with his hands in his pockets. How can you look so cute like that? What! Told you so.

"Oh… Hi" I squeak back "Nervous?" I whisper over to him.

"Terrified." He hissed back "How many you got in?" He asked next. I look down ashamed. Katniss wouldn't let me take any tesserae.

"One." I say still looking down.

"Same." Replied Rory. I look up shocked. "Gale and Vick are so protective but I would do the same exact thing for Posy."

"Katniss absolutely forbid me from taking any." I say back. He nods and we turn to face the stage. I rub my sweaty hands up against my skirt. Then Rory reached over and grabbed my hand. I nearly fainted from shock. But I gripped back just like when we were little kids.

On stage there are three chairs One with Effie Trinket, another one with Mayor Undersee, and one more, empty one. At two O'clock the Mayor starts to read the history of Panem. I am so nervous I don't hear a word he says. All I can focus on is Rory's hand in mine.

Suddenly my attention is snapped back to the present as a very drunk Haymitch Abernathy stumbles onto the stage and falls onto the third chair. I giggle quietly as he tries to give Effie Trinket a hug, which she barely manages to fend off. The Mayor then introduces Effie Trinket who rushes up to the microphone with a crooked wig.

"Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!" My stomach clenches as she goes on about how she is so happy to be here and I can't help but feel the odds are not in my favor. I only have one slip in there I tell myself. One slip compared to the twenty Katniss had hers in and forty two Gale has his in. But something is wrong I just know it. Then Effie as always calls out,

"Ladies first!" Then sticks her hand into the glass bowl and searches around for a slip. As she selects one the crowd draws a deep breath. She smooths out the paper and reads out in that stupid capital accent "Primrose Everdeen."

I am paralyzed. All I see is people with no faces just like my dream. But then I take a deep shuddering breath and look down at my pin. I take a step forward but then a feel something holding me back. Rory. He's still gripping my hand staring at the stage in disbelief.

"Rory," I whisper "let go." If possible his grip gets harder "Rory," I try again "I will see you in a few minutes now. Let. Go." I hiss and finally his grip loosens and I take another step forward. Then I am pulled back and he kisses me on the cheek.

"Stay safe Prim." I walk forward and see shocked faces as I pass by I nod to the people I know and when I pass Katniss I see her in Gale's arms passed out. He must of slipped past the officials to take care of her.

'Take care of her Gale' I mouth to him and he nods. I pass my Mother sobbing into her hands and as I step onto the first steps of the stage I hear a commotion from behind me. I glance back to see my sister waking up. I take another step up.

"PRIM!" Katniss shouts from behind me "PRIM!" I take the final step up and turn to face the crowd. "I I-" she starts to say.

"And you are?" Effie says addressing me.

"Primrose Everdeen." I answer emotionlessly, still in shock.

"I bet my buttons that is you sister." I just nod. I can see Katniss fighting to go up to the stage but everyone is blocking her path. I gasp Katniss wants to volunteer. I slowly shake my head at her. Then she stops her mouth open.

"Well it's time to choose our boy tribute." Effie says. She selects the paper and walks up to the microphone. "Peeta Mellark!" I try to stay emotionless but Peeta was such a nice fella it's such a shame….

"I volunteer!" A voice shouts through the crowd. A voice I would know anywhere. Rory.

*****The end*****

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