I could not help myself. I had this idea, and I had to write it. XD

I wish I could always write in second-person, but I'm afraid my stories will get taken down.

Working at 'Little Shop of Whores' was an interesting job. Shameful, but interesting. You were a college student, and you had to get by somehow, especially since your parents cut you off so that you could learn "responsibility". If they only knew where you were working... You'd be in so much trouble, but it's their fault. Or at least that's what you told yourself when you had to encounter more...picturesque customers. The job ,however, was also embarrassing at times. Especially when you came face to face with people you knew, but that was also embarrassing for them as well. But, you had mutual agreements with them which was: You don't tell, I don't tell. It seemed to work so far, because no one you knew, except for the people who saw you working there, knew you had the job.

Yes, working at a porn shop was interesting indeed. You rarely had a dull day. Although you could sue for sexual harassment at times because your boss was kind of handsy. Even though you would complain at times, you would never admit that you sort of liked it. Your boss was really really attractive. And one time, when you were stocking dvds, you saw one with him on it, and he was passing by, when he saw you looking at it, he winked. That was embarrassing.

Another interesting character at your job was your coworker. You had no idea why he was still working this job. He got so jittery and was almost always blushing. He was in a similar situation as you, but at least you could handle working in this place. You caught him several times closing he eyes as he restocked items. You would sigh and do it for him. You did think that his innocence was adorable though.

Now it was another day in your 'fine' job, and you were at the register while your coworker was ,once again, closing his eyes while stacking 'toys' on a shelf. Business seemed slow, so you decided to leave your post momentarily to help him. You walked over to him, and took a rather large pink toy from his hand.

"You've been working here for how long? And you're still not comfortable?" You said with an amused smile on your face. He opened his eyes, a blush was apparent on his face, and when he saw you holding it he adverted his eyes.

"I can't get over it," Alibaba said, "This just isn't for me." You laughed.

"Trust me, I know," you said, and began stocking the shelves. You heard the door ring and realized that you had a customer. Alibaba walked over to the cash register. You sighed, this wasn't unusual. As you continued to stock the items, you felt the presence of another person.

"Excuse me," you heard. The voice was female. You turned around to see a girl with long pinkish-red hair. She was wearing dark blue skinny jeans that went down into black boots and a light pink sweater that hugged her body.

"Can I help you?" you asked in your nice 'assisting a costumer' voice. She looked nervous, but most people shopping in a porn shop usually did. Her face contained a blush, that could outmatch Alibaba's.

"I'm l-looking for the dvd s-section," she said, not keeping her gaze up. You pointed up to a sign that was above the next isle that read 'DVDS'. Her blush darkened and she quickly nodded. "Thank you," she said as she walked off at a fast pace. Alibaba would have fun dealing with her when she checked out.

The day went on, and although you did have business, it was slow. You were back on register duty, and a women with light blue looking hair walked in. She was blushing, but she had confidence to her walk. She passed by Alibaba, who was given the easy task of arranging signs. She went in the back where the vibrating toys were, and disappeared from view. She returned with two items and made her way to the cash register, but then she stopped, walked back a few steps, picked out a random card and continued on with her journey. It wasn't uncommon for someone to randomly pick up a card as if they were buying the item for someone else. You started ringing up her things, but then the bell rang again. This time it was a young man with white hair and dark skin. The woman looked at him with frightened eyes. He also looked at her surprised.

"Yamraiha?" he said, then smirked, "So is that," he pointed to her items, "the date you said you had tonight?" The women, now known as Yamraiha scowled.

"For you information, I'm getting this for a friend," she said ,holding up the card.

"Yeah, sure you are," the man said. Yamraiha's face was red.

"Why are you here?" she questioned. The man shrugged, his face was now holding a blush.

"O-Oh, yeah," he stuttered, "I thought this was...Starbucks." Yamraiha rolled her eyes.

"Yeah," she said ,while paying for her items.

Needless to say, you were relieved when they had left and so was Alibaba. The next thing that happened, however, was a regular occurrence. Your boss had walked in, looking as happy as ever. He had left early the previous day, because he had a date, and because of this, you knew that he would be late today.

"Good morning, [Name], Alibaba," he greeted. You sighed.

"It's two o'clock, Mr. Sinbad," you said. He smiled in your direction, and walked over to you ,going behind the cash register. He put an arm around your waist and whispered to you in a serious tone.

"How many times do I have to tell you to call me 'daddy'?" he said. You rolled your eyes.

"How many times do I have to tell you that you're just one phone call away from a law suit?" You said. Sinbad laughed a bit.

"You need to loosen up," he said, letting you go, "I can do that for you." Something like this wasn't unusual. Sinbad walked away from behind the cash register still looking happy. He was something that you could put up with. It was because he was mostly joking. Mostly.

As the day went on it got later and business became slower. Alibaba was now behind the cash register again, and you were back to stocking. You had no idea why Sinbad ordered so much stuff, but the store hadn't gone out of business yet, so whatever he did was working. There were a few customers in the store at that time. Mostly old perverts, who looked as if they hadn't romanced a women in years, but the customer you were looking at was very interesting, very interesting indeed.

Now, since it was cold outside, every customer that you encountered was dressed for it, but not this one. She was wearing shorts, but they weren't really short. She was also wearing a thin looking pinkish red jacket that matched her hair, which was short in the back and appeared long in the front, but what was more interesting, was that she looked too young to be in there. An ID check might help, so you walked over to her.

"Damn, Kougyoku," she mumbled into a phone, "It was your idea to do this for the project. I can't believe you chose the wrong dvd." When you got to her, you tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned around, you noticed that she might be a he. "Hold on," he/she said into the phone. "Yes?" she/he asked.

"I'm sorry, but I need to check your I.D.," you said. The person sighed, and had the look as if this always happened. He/she easily pulled out his/her wallet and showed you a driver's license. You looked over the contents. It read 'Kouha Ren' 'M' ,so it's a he, and it also read '18'.

"It's real," he said, annoyed.

"Alright, thank you," You said ,starting to walk away hoping you didn't offend him.

"Where the hell are you, Kouha?" you heard. A man with long black hair and red eyes appeared. Kouha hung up his phone.

"Right here," Kouha said, "Did you find the dvd?" he asked. The other guy shook his head.

"I don't think it's here," he said. Kouha groaned.

"Dammit," he said. You wanted to help, so you walked back over to where they were.

"Excuse me, but I couldn't help but overhear you, do you need any help?" you asked.

"Yes, we're looking for a dvd that's a porn parody of an actual movie," Kouha said, "It's for a project." That sounded familiar. A project on comparing a parody to the actual thing. Ah! That was it.

"Are you talking about the project for Professor Ja'far's class?" you asked. Kouha smiled.

"Yes!" he said, "How did you know?" You giggled a bit. Asking was a bit of a long shot, but most people here in college went to the university that you were going to, it was the biggest one around, and Professor Ja'far was famous for his projects.

"I had him last year," you said, "He's really hard."

"Hell, he needs to get hard, maybe that'll help him take the stick out of his ass," the other guy said. You giggled again.

"I think we have some more dvds in the back," you said, "Come on." In the end, you were able to help them, and you learned that the other guy's name was Judal. Kouha for some reason felt the need to exchange numbers with you. He said, since you passed Ja'far's class you might be able to help him. That excuse was thrown out the window when he had texted you a rather...'interesting' text message that night, but Kouha was cute enough to not get a number block.

"Almost closing time," Alibaba sighed. He seemed tired, but so were you. You leaned against the register and sighed.

"Did Sinbad leave?" you asked. Alibaba nodded.

"Yes, he left early because he said he had another date," he said. That was another regular occurrence, and most likely, he'd be late again the next day. You nodded and looked at a digital clock on the wall.

"I think it wouldn't be bad to call it an early day," you said. Alibaba nodded, getting the 'Closed' sign from behind the register.

"I agree," he said. Once everything was closed and the store was locked, you finally went home.

And that ended your day at 'Little Shop of Whores'.

If you hadn't guessed it, the name came from the movie 'Little Shop of Horrers'. I didn't make it up though, I'm not that creative.

I don't know if I should turn this into a little series or not.