It was another day, but this time, you were once again at college. It wasn't an unordinary thing, but you normally found yourself at the shop. You were in Sportos's class taking notes and trying to ignore Judal. He, like normally, wasn't taking notes or even paying attention. He was texting casually and bothering you. Professor Sportos, knew that Judal did this on the regular, but he didn't seem to mind or care because most of his students didn't pay attention. And to him, Judal was a smart students because his grades reflected that, but in reality, he just cheated. And he normally cheated off of you, but recently he started using your notes to make cheat sheets. If Judal didn't have money, then you would be worried about his future, but it was inevitable that he'd go in his family business just like the rest of the Rens. Judal probably wouldn't even attend classes if his parents didn't make him. You sighed and tried to ignore him as he shoved his phone in your face. "Hey, Kouha wants to know why you won't text him back?" he asked, showing you the message. You groaned.

"Because I'm in class," you complained. Your phone had been buzzing, but you didn't care who was texting you. Though Kouha had a class at that time too, but he was actually smart enough to not pay attention. You didn't know how, but he was even more intelligent than you. Judal rolled his eyes.

"So? Hurry up and text him so he'll stop bitching about it," He said. They were both inconsiderate. You shook your head.

"I'm busy," You said, then left it at that as you continued to take your notes down.

"Well tell him that and not me," Judal said. You ignored him though. Judal feeds off of attention. He'll probably die without it. Judal just looked at you. "Hey?" he said, noticing that you hadn't planned on responding anytime soon. He started to wave his hand in front of your face, but you ignored it. "[Name]?" You just wrote your notes. "[Name], stop ignoring me. I know you can't keep this up for long." There was no answer from you. Judal whacked the back of your head with his phone. You growled slightly, but paid no mind to it. "Stop ignoring me," Judal whined. Then he smirked. "Was it fun fucking Kouha last night? He told me all about it."

"I did NOT fuck him!" You said, almost yelling. Then you covered your mouth, eyes wide, because you realized that he had tricked you.

"Heh, I knew you couldn't bare to ignore me~," Judal teased. You rolled your eyes.

"You tricked me, so that was far from fair," You said. Judal laughed slightly.

"Sure," he said, "Oh, yeah, I forgot to ask you, why the hell didn't you invite me to your party?" You looked at Judal weirdly.

"I'm not having a party," you said. Judal shook his head.

"Titus said he's going over to your house this weekend," he said. The weird look on your face remained.

"So? That doesn't mean it's a party, we're just studying," You said. Judal shook his head.

"No, it's going to be a party, and I'm going," he said.

"But I'm not-"

"You are now. I expect party from you now, and if you don't throw one I'll do it for you," he said. You shook your head.

"I'm NOT having a party," you argued. Judal just smirked at that. There was mischief in his eyes, but you paid no mind to it.

"We'll see about that," he said. Professor Spartos then dismissed the class then left. You stood up and stretched a bit.

"I have Miss Yamu next," you said. Her students often called her that because her name was long and tedious to say. Judal shrugged.

"Why the hell are you telling me that?" he asked.

"I'm just saying it."

"Say it to yourself."

"I was trying to!" You just shook your head and decided to leave so that you could make it to your next class. Judal left as well, complaining about how the 'old hag' was in his class next. As you walked out into the hall you heard giggling. You saw Kouha walking out of his class with girls around him. That wasn't uncommon, Kouha attracted a lot of attention. He looked like he wanted to just get away from the people around him and seemed highly annoyed. When he saw you, however, he smiled your way and managed to slip away from girls. Some of them were holding magazines that he was on. The second Kouha got to you, he hugged you tightly. You hadn't really heard from him all morning.

"Why didn't you text me back?" he questioned as he let you go. A cute and curious look was on his face.

"I was in class," you explained, but the curious look remained.

"So?" Kouha said. You just sighed and shook your head and you both started walking. Kouha's next class was on the way to you next one. "Anyway, why didn't you tell me you were having a party?" he asked. You looked at him in disbelief. You knew who's fault that was.

"I'm not!" you defended. When the hell did Judal tell Kouha that anyway. Kouha shook his head.

"Judal said you were having a party this weekend," he said. You sighed.

"I just invited Titus over so that we could study. That's it," you said. Kouha pouted at that.

"You never invited me over to study," he said.

"We don't have any classes together!" you said. Why were all the Rens like this? They all had something about them. Well at least the ones you met. Even Hakuryuu seemed to be funny in the head.

"So, I'm your boyfriend and we barely spend any time alone," Kouha complained. You nodded.

"Yes, we do," you said. Honestly, you LOVED the fact that Kouha was like that with you. He always seemed to crave for your attention and that was actually amazing. Kouha shook his head.

"Not as much as I want," he said, "It's not my fault I care about you~." You shook your head slightly at that.

"Fine, fine. You can come over this weekend," you said. The both of you had stopped since you were outside of Kouha's next class. Kouha smiled at what you said before kissing you quickly, sliding his tongue in your mouth.

"Great!" he said, before going inside. You sighed, somehow already exhausted before you continued to walk until you got to your class. The weekend would sure be interesting. That is if Judal continued to tell people about your party.

After class, you decided to go to Starbucks with Titus. You told him about your day and how tiresome it was. He just laughed slightly. The two of you were in line waiting. You had work that evening, so the day would probably continue it's slow moving stressfulness. You knew that Alibaba probably just opened up the shop a few hours ago. The shop's hours were kind of weird, but you just stuck with your schedule. The line lessened and you were finally in the front. "Welcome to Starbucks how may I help you?"

"K-Kougyoku?!" you said in disbeilf. Why the hell was she working there? It didn't make sense at all! Kougyoku was a Ren. Titus also looked confused. Kougyoku smiled at you.

"Hey [Name], Titus!" she greeted. You were still shocked.

"W-Why are you working here?" you asked her, deciding to get right to the point. The smile never left her face.

"Because working's fun!" Kougyoku said, "I learned that when you let me work at the porn shop." Only a Ren could work just for pleasure alone. You shook your head.

"Won't your brothers be upset if they know that you're working?" You asked. Kougyoku gave a curt nod. It was as if she already contemplated it, but decided that she didn't care.

"Yes, but they won't know that," she said, then she gave a begging face, "PLEASE don't tell Kouha!" You sighed, but nodded. You honestly didn't care either way. It wasn't as if you were upset that she had a job, so there was no reason to tell on her.

"Whatever. I won't," You said. Kougyoku let out a happy squeal then practically attacked you over the counter in a hug.

"Thank you! Thank you!" she said, happily, "Oh, by the way, I'm going to your party." You groaned and cursed Judal mentally. You and Titus then ordered before getting your drinks when you were called, then sat down at a table. Hakuryuu walked in and Kougyoku ducked. Another worker went over and took his order. That made you realize that they had a system for it. Once Hakuryuu had his stuff, he went over and told you that he was attending your party before leaving. You groaned and Titus laughed. So after your Starbucks adventure, you and Titus split ways and you went to 'Little shop of Whores'. You opened the door and saw blonde hair poking up from behind the counter. You went over and tugged Alibaba up.

"H-Hey?!" he said, "That hurt." You shook your head.

"Why the hell were you hiding?" you asked. Alibaba was rubbing his head since it hurt.

"Like you even need to ask that question," he mused. You sighed. Alright, this was ENOUGH! Alibaba was a guy and he was around the age of twenty. He HAD to be thinking about sex at least some of the time, so working here should be like paradise. You slammed your hands on the counter, causing Alibaba to jump slightly.

"That's it! I'm going to help you get over your squeamishness!" you vowed. Alibaba looked a bit scared.

"I'm fine," he said, but you knew that it wasn't true. You grabbed a big orange dildo off of a near-by shelf.

"No, I'm going to help you, now hold this," you said. You handed him the dildo, but as you brought it near him he turned away with a blush as if protecting himself from danger. You pulled it back and he stood up regular. Then you brought it near him and he did the same thing. Sighing, you threw it at him and walked away, ignoring the cry that came from him. "Follow me," you said. You didn't care if he agreed or not.

You manged to get Alibaba to tag along and you had him hold the dildo as he walked, but he was holding it by two-fingers and had his arm stretched out. You turned around and clasped his fingers around it and pushed his arm to him. Alibaba became stiff, but he still followed. You soon stopped in front of the dirty magazine section. You picked one up.

"Now, I'll show you a picture and I want you to tell me what's going on in full detail," you said, "Got it?" Alibaba nodded reluctantly.

"I-I'll try," he said. You opened the magazine and showed Alibaba a picture. You knew that you had to be patient. Alibaba wasn't even looking at it, so you cleared your throat forcing him to do so.

"T-There's a girl and she's putting something in her thingy...," Alibaba said. You knew that would happen. You hit him with a fleshlight.

"O-Ow!" he whined.

"Do it right!" Alibaba then sighed but nodded. He was flustered and he looked a bit shaky. The dildo was still being clutched in his hand.

"A woman is putting a vibrator in her-her vagina," he said, a little shamed. He took the first step.

"Good, now be more specific on the next one. Talk about colors, positions, all of that," you explained. Alibaba gave a little nob as you flipped the page.

"A guy is putting a big blue dildo inside of a woman's v-vagina...She's in doggy-style and it looks like she's moaning," Alibaba said. His voice sounded monotonous and he looked stiff. You gave a smile.

"That's great!" you said. You were so proud of him. You put the magazine up and motioned for Alibaba to follow. He did, stiffly. You went over to the back and where some of the male adult toys were. You pulled out a blow-up doll and blew it up. Alibaba looked uncomfortable. You got down and pulled Alibaba down, setting the doll on the floor, with the legs facing Alibaba. "Now, fuck it with the dildo," you said. Alibaba's eyes widened.

"W-What? No!" he said, clearly uncomfortable. You sighed.

"I know it's weird, but it will help you," you said. Alibaba gave a slow and reluctant nod. You held the doll's legs up and Alibaba slowly put the dildo in. He looked so uncomfortable, but after awhile, he seemed to become less stiff.

"T-This isn't so bad," he said, moving the dildo faster. You smiled at him and nodded.

"It isn't!" you agreed, happy to see that he was a bit less squeamish. Alibaba smiled back at you. It seemed as if he was happy that you had helped him, but then, you heard someone clear their throat. You looked up to see Sinbad, and you and Alibaba both blushed and stopped what you were doing.

"Is there something that you two want to tell me?" your boss questioned. Sinbad had just walked over to see you holding up a blow-up doll's legs while Alibaba fucked it with a dildo and you both were looking at each other smiling weirdly. Sinbad backed up slightly. He looked a bit uncomfortable.

"T-This isn't what it seems. Honest!" you said, in defense.

"I don't think I want to know," Sinbad said. You sighed.

"I was just trying to help Alibaba become less squeamish," you explained. Sinbad looked at you for a second, then saw that you were telling the truth. He gave a nod.

"Yeah, that makes more sense," he said, "For a second there I was worried." Alibaba and you both stood up.

"Y-Yeah...," you said, nervously. That was embarrassing. Alibaba then fainted because of overheating.

"He's a lost case...," Sinbad commented.

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